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  1. _SterlingArcher_

    LestaKorabli? On the WoWS Twitch channel?

    You called it @FrodoFraggin
  2. _SterlingArcher_

    Its time to start diversifying MM

    The USSR wasn't invited to either the Washington or London Naval Treaty signings, therefore were not bound by them.
  3. _SterlingArcher_

    Its time to start diversifying MM

    I considered it, but ultimately, there is no real difference between the light/ultralight at t7and below (capability wise) and not enough ships between t8-10 (yet) to make that a worthwhile endeavor, IMO.
  4. _SterlingArcher_

    Its time to start diversifying MM

    Basing the decision on gun caliber is perfectly logical. Thats literally how the navies of the world decided what was light/heavy. Gun calber was the deciding factor, not tonnage.
  5. _SterlingArcher_

    Its time to start diversifying MM

    Player numbers (especially on NA) are pretty steady, except for the times i can normally play (coz NZ), despite the introduction of subs/superships.
  6. With the addition of the new french "cruisers", IMO, its time to start expanding the ship classes. There is now (more than) enough light/heavy/large cruisers in-game to split them in MM. With the amount of ships in-game these days, i just do not believe there is any more justication to pretend that a Jinan/Colbrrrrrrrrt is the same (MM wise) as a Stalingrad/Alaska. Personally, i would push for splitting Cruisers at up to 180mm for lights, up to 240 for heavies amd over 240 for large. Any comments/ideas/suggestions/criticisms are welcomed, including from @Ahskance and @Boggzy
  7. _SterlingArcher_

    Can we get the option to opt out of Arms Race?

    No. Beatings will continue untill morale improves.
  8. _SterlingArcher_

    Pay To Play For The Win...

    Way to completely miss the point. Did you even jother to read the topic, or just see pay2win and went full 'must defend WG'.
  9. _SterlingArcher_

    Bad player still

    I'm more than happy to help. Which includes, advising against taking advice from people who don't know what they are talking about.
  10. _SterlingArcher_

    Bad player still

    The mechanics of the game are deeply intertwined with how to play successfully m8. Maybe read up on them a bit.
  11. _SterlingArcher_

    Bad player still

    Feel free to pm me ingame, more than happy to help out someone who actually wants to learn. I'm not the greatest player ever, but i do okay. Best advice i can give you right now though?? Ignore everything Naval says. He is so hilariously wrong about so many mechanics, that following his advice is more likely to hurt than help.
  12. _SterlingArcher_

    Coal and Steel ship selection

    To be honest, i tend more towards looks than power these days, got enough OP botes. On saying that, Bourgogne is both, one of the most gorgeous ships in game, AND hella OP. Best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait till i can get mine at the end of this CB season
  13. _SterlingArcher_

    AA Spec Groningen

    Laughs in full AA wooster, mino, halland and DZP
  14. _SterlingArcher_

    Economic Overhaul in Roadmap for 2022 and Censorship

    Hardly. If WG really took olayer feedback into account, subs would have been chalked up to a disaster, and kiboshed. The fact that subs are still being forced down our throats, says otherwise.
  15. _SterlingArcher_

    Economic Overhaul in Roadmap for 2022 and Censorship

    You are confusing 'love of the art department', for 'it's the only competent part of the company, and has no involvement in the garbage way WG treats it's playerbase'.