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  1. _SterlingArcher_

    China as a word

    I didn't think Americans knew enough about the world to recognize that other countries exist?
  2. _SterlingArcher_

    Smolensk is bad

    Imagine unironically thinking Smolly is bad 😂😂 Can you pass me some of whatever you are smoking?
  3. _SterlingArcher_

    mighty mo credits

    I have had the Mighty Mo since it realeased, Years ago. It hasn't been stealth nerfed.
  4. _SterlingArcher_

    mighty mo credits

    Wow, haven't had a Missouri conspiracy thread for a while
  5. _SterlingArcher_

    Destroyer Players In CO-OP

    Bots will see any torps launched at them while you are locked on to them. Just before you fire your torps, hit X to switch to a different target. Bot won't see them.
  6. _SterlingArcher_

    Deep water torpedo question

    No..... Orks are patently ridiculous. Thats kinda their whole schtick.
  7. _SterlingArcher_

    Ugliest ship in wows.

    Stock Izumo, or Zieten. They both just hella yucky
  8. _SterlingArcher_

    neat armory feature unaware of

    Its new, as of patch day. Great addition, though
  9. _SterlingArcher_

    USS Missouri

    There is..... but it'll cost, on average, $1000USD
  10. _SterlingArcher_

    Unpopular opinion......with Wedgie.

    PDX says hi.
  11. _SterlingArcher_

    WG A Compromise On Subs Leaving

    Subs were a mistake. Hopefully WG has seen this. May the 2 patch break, be longer. Much, MUCH longer.
  12. _SterlingArcher_

    Khabarovsk for FXP Worth It?

    There's still a whole month before they are replaced. Do a bit of grinding, save as much free xp as possible.
  13. I mean..... its an absolutely terrible ship. We knew that from the beginning. You really should never have aspired to go past the Repulse, like a large majority of the rest of us.
  14. _SterlingArcher_

    Can I leapfrog the tech tree

  15. _SterlingArcher_

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    I didn't say it untill after he started calling jingles a pedo and a rapist in chat. So, what i took fron that interaction, was clowns=bannable offense, rapists and [edited]=perfectly acceptable. WG CS is an absolute joke.