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  1. Why do Bot vs Bot CVs exist in coop? Obviously if there is a human player that queues in a CV then there would be a bot CV, but why this? I play coop to get these missions done quick not sit around and go to the back of the map for the bot CV doing donuts.
  2. Uh, for your FXP point, just do the math, chief. You said it yourself, getting 300 or more FXP a game was somewhat difficult several years ago. So, for T9 ship at 750k FXP and averaging 500 FXP (already a high count for back then) it'll take you 1,500 battles to get said FXP ship. Or 750 battles if you were averaging 1k FXP per game (very difficult). Now, lets say you average 5k (a low count for now standards with camos and flags) FXP per game today and you want to get a 2 million FXP ship, it'll take you 400 battles to get said FXP ship. You can even average out 20k FXP per game in clan battles or clan brawls (very easy to farm wins) in a session and walk out with 150k FXP earned in one session. So no, your point is wrong because it is CONSIDERABLY easier to farm FXP now and if prices of current FXP ships were to adjust to how they were when Missouri was first released, T9s should be at least 1.5 million FXP and T10s should be 3 million or higher. That's the point of the Research Bureau????? RB ships are unique and every player should not be able to have all the RB ships. You don't have to go for RB ships, but if you want an RB ship, you can do so. Think of a system if every ship offered in RB or Steel or Coal could just be bought for money (which is possible for RB since you can just convert FXP); that'd be disastrous as there would be almost no diversity with techtree, premium and special ships ingame. The whole point of RB is to make you decide if you want to go through the hassle of regrinding to get said RB ships. If you want to do, then go for it. If you don't want to do it, then don't do it.
  3. No, RB points need to be hard to get. There is a massive inflation of every other resources and every time they add a new resource/currency to use to get ships it becomes inflated (free xp, coal, steel) so they have to keep adding new ones. Keep RB points a pain to get so we don't get this constant inflation.
  4. Coal ship, yes. The Smolensk. Captain, no.
  5. I was interested in those 3 new commanders and specifically the one you can mount on Pan-Asian and IJN ships, and now I learn to even get the commanders I have to pay 888 doubloons for a 1/50 chance to get it? You'll have to theoretically be ready to spend 44,400 doubloons if you want to roll for that the Pan-Asian/IJN commander. That's 177 dollars worth of doubloons. A 20-40 USD bundle for the commander and maybe some camos would've been acceptable, but we get this instead? What???????
  6. Jeruk_

    Ideal Division Composition?

    A division of three? Thats really, really, really simple. One brings a DD, another brings a BB and the other brings a cruiser.
  7. Seriously WarGaming, just give us the option to pay for a Premium+ or some version of it so we can get preferential matchmaking. Something that ensures 66% of our matches in ships T8 and below aren't bottom tier. Tanks already has preferential matchmaking for the older premium tanks, bring that to this game.
  8. Jeruk_


    Why is there a 27 minute video talking about something that has been in this game since day 1 and will never go away?
  9. Jeruk_

    Legion of Honour Collection

    So all other collections eventually came to the premium shop/armory a year after they were released?
  10. The Legion of Honour Collection is the collection that you are rewarded with a 2nd type of camouflage on French ships. Currently all collections that provide 2nd type of camouflages to the nations that have them available can be bought through containers from either premium shop or armory or with the completion of the permanent Campaigns except for the Legion of Honour collection. This collection was only during update 8.7 to 8.8, so unless you were able to play during that period you are unable to complete this collection and are permanently locked out from getting the 2nd type of camouflage for French ships. I'm making this thread in hopes someone from Wargaming can answer if they have plans in the future for providing us in ways to complete this Collection so we can have a 2nd type of camouflage for French ships, as they have already provided the special French commander that was brought in that update to the armory.
  11. XVM is more useful in ranked. It can tell you right away if you're playing for the win or to save a star.
  12. Jeruk_

    When can we try a new ranked system?

    The only change that needs to happen to ranked is the removable of ALL irrevocable ranks.
  13. With the new of the removal of the Jean Bart in the armory for coal, it never mentioned if it was being removed from premium shop sale as well. Can anyone shine some light on this?
  14. Jeruk_

    just a game

  15. 0.000005 bitcoin has been deposited into your account, comrade thank you for your faithful service to Wargaming, Da