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  1. Moganite

    German CV First Impressions

    For me Its wait and see though i expect them to be awful versus DDs might have to spec them for secondaries to just have a snowballs chance in hell
  2. Had a look at at the image you provided your HP for your planes seems a bit low What skills are you using or is it a new captain? My skill build for the Ryujo is below and it is the same for all of the IJN carriers and works decently well on the USN CVs. You really need to get bot survival expert and Aircraft Armour ASAP as it will give all of your planes extra durability.
  3. Moganite

    365 planes downed!!

    This happened in one game our Massachusets soloed both CVs killing both of them
  4. Lets face it win streaks happen too. The stars happened to align and everyone played well in the teams I was in. Show us your win streaks
  5. My best is the old Langley at just over 60 % My best current is Campbeltown at 59.87 % Worst is Nicholas at 40.63 %
  6. Moganite

    Ship That Just Don't Feel Right

    For me its anything that is considered OP in particular if it's Russian
  7. Moganite

    A good game in a CV

    I might go play my midway then and I shall leave this here.
  8. Moganite

    please help CVs

    still spewing your bile i see. If you're a DD and you get dev struck by air dropped torps you deserve it. Stop sailing in straight lines. You also deserve it if your a DD that gets hit by any air dropped torps. You would be suprised by how many DDs get hit by air dropped torps. This Ohotnik was dev struck by air dropped torps
  9. Moganite

    CV tier Balance

    When it come to balance I would agree that at T4 it is tilted too far in favour of the CV. As to what could be done about it add deployable fighters to squadrons and increase the plane restoration time to somewhere near the T6 Cvs. As it stands the T4 CVs are virtually unable to be deplaned and I've tried everything. at the other end a modest 5 seconds or so less of regeneration time for the T8s and 10s wouldn't go amiss especially for Saipan and Implacable. Those 2 are particularly notorious for getting deplaned totally even with good plane conservation, they might need much shorter times for regen I would agree that having some ability to deal with flak avoid it dodge i would be a core competency. You would be below average if you couldn't dodge flak on the SEA server. How ever sometimes flak is simply undodgeable when especially when you you get it a wall of it that is so dense you could walk along the wall and not fall off. You've misplayed and selected your target and/or vector poorly if it happens. Sometimes you simply need a ship in the cap reset and as a CV you have to balance the consequences good and bad of your actions just like any other ship in the game. I transferred from the SEA server when the transfer was offered and I have found that the typical CV player on NA are weaker than the typical SEA CV player as evidence by the difference of 10 to 20 percent averages for damage, base XP, plane and ship kills. And this is for all tiers of ships I can't speak for how EU compares to SEA as I haven't played EU I would consider myself about average for the SEA server and somewhat competent I am still working on that and I think its going to be an ongoing process and a moving target to be become a good player. I would be inclined to take the numbers from any stat site with a grain of salt because most of the sites have a self selected sample. Not sure bout Maple syrup but i think that one might collect data from all visible accounts not just those that are looked up. Not sure it this replay is a particularly good example of a replay to illustrate what i think El2aZeR means https://replayswows.com/replay/79730#stats
  10. Moganite

    Nice Super Container

    I call them not so super containers