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  1. HMASBarjargs

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.11

    big deal wargaming just the same old lousy rewards. not worth the time of day doing.
  2. HMASBarjargs

    Novorossiysk: Weekly Combat Missions

    hi well i was looking forward to getting the new teir 6 bb nov soon only to see that i am required to wait 4 weeks of farming to get a lousy teir 6 bb. are you peoples at wg serious? When am i going to be able to get my schlieffen wargaming. i have spent time grinding the new german bb line only to find the last ship is still locked. thanks for nothing once more wargaming.
  3. HMASBarjargs

    German Tokens in 10.10

    hi i have prince rupp and got the camo for shleffen. I been trading community tokens for german token but cannot do anymore because wg has put a limit on how many times community tokens can be exchanged. Therefore i assume that if i want the new teir 10 german battlecruser i have to either spend more money on dd or wait in hope for when ever wg puts schlieffen in normal tech tree. Thanks wg for spoiling the intro to new geraman warships in the game. Wargaming has learnt nothing from their past stuff ups.
  4. HMASBarjargs

    feedback on the game in 2021

    game is over for me currently dutch crusers same old lame rewards same old wg [edited] bye wargaming after 5 years od what was good game
  5. HMASBarjargs

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    worst patch/update since i been playing wargaming. grand battles that cannot be played 24 hours. Plus lame rewards as always. wake up wg peoples and at make an effort to encourage your customers to play for some good rewards instead of the rubbish rewards you been giving us for the last 2 years. Until that happens i will play warcarft. thanks wg commanders.
  6. HMASBarjargs

    Battle of the Beasts

    well done wargaming bosses. another grind event with lame rewards. gratz wargaming. i will be leaving the game soon thanks to events such as this gabbage.
  7. HMASBarjargs

    Submarine Day 2021

    just more [edited] from wargaming. like they say new dutch crusers branch. not hold your breath waithing for wargaming to do anything new. hell will freeze waiting for wargaming to make something new and good. Anyhow i have had enough of world of warships and wg rewards. so i bid farewell to game. Bye WARGAMING IDIOTS
  8. HMASBarjargs

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    hi all I just did the first 4 missions and result is- 2 x dragon, i x wyren . one italian container with 2500exp plus about 6 pretty ordinary signals. plus the credits which i really did not need. For me not worth the time grinding for such lame rewards but i played it in hope of maybe a nice surprise in the end container but no that would be to much ask for of wargaming. ty wg for nothing
  9. Hi world I had a terrible time with the so called great flamu tonight in twitch chat. All was fine taking in chat and i make content regarding when flamu say he hursts. he said yes i will the ignore the pain and i said ignore pain will make things worse. Them he turned on me like a feral pig using rude and abuse words. I suggest mr flamu needs some lessons in how to talk with peoples that he may not agree with him in chat views instead of been a pig . Flamu you need to learns manners I use to repect you flamu i make a mistake
  10. HMASBarjargs

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    hi all I am far from impressed with 0.9.10 No Vermont until next month Price of always couageous container in aussie money is like $6.73 Battle point rewards camo- 150.000. Please wg stop trying to rip off people and fix up what could be a really great game At least make the Maya avaiable ASAP BYE
  11. mr and mrs wg Why cannot my japanese navy unitd have the proper Rising sun flag? ITis currently used bt ijn navy to this very day. why o why wg people do you do these things?
  12. Hi Well just when i was enjoying and thinking i was getting thru the first part of Anchorage event i run into a brick wall where i have to get 700 f bb main hits. Honest to god wargame are you people trying to get rid of your long term customers? This is [edited] wargaming in Russia. I do not play dd so cannot do other f option to finish this and i stuffed if i am giving wg anymore money. Seems there is not much to look forward to anymore when WG gives new content. So i see no point playing anymore as i will only take so much torture/crap from wargaming bye wow
  13. HMASBarjargs

    Weekly Combat Missions: the End of World War II

    hi all well wargaming you have done it again. to mark the end of ww2 all the rewards you people can come with are some lousy camos and 400k credits. you insult me again wg but i should be use to your crap by now i guess. I cannot wait for the next world of warcraft exp so i will not have to play world of warships. thanks alot for nothing wargaming
  14. HMASBarjargs

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    Hi wargaming I have one word to say about this current summer token events. Hopless Just when i look forward to an event you clowns in russia come up with more crap. Event goes for a week. combat mission give you a lousy 15 tokens for the whole event i assume. This means to have more tokens for crates rewards i have to spend more f gold. This time wg you people take the cake for abuse of your loyal/long term customer. You can sick your game where the sun does not shine you russian ......