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  1. I have a good chuckle on the rare occasion that happens to me too, unfortunately I’m not good enough for it to happen a lot
  2. 1. Killing a ship just as they smoke up, then using their smoke to farm their team, rare but oh so satisfying. 2. Blind firing at the start of the game & scoring hits. Again rare but even more funny when the hackusations start. 3. Weird death antics like ships bouncing into the air or spinning around when sunk. Had one climb up the side of an island. 4. Burning most of a red team in my Smolensk cause they don’t know how to counter. Still happens occasionally even after the nerf.
  3. Stenzo01

    Punish people for poor play in ranked

    I’ll start by saying I’m an average player at best, partly due to my age, partly due to playing on a laptop, partly due to playing while I’m watching TV & partly due to playing when I’m exhausted, as a way to wind down. So don’t bother quoting my stats at me. Having said all that, I’ve seen the OP in quite a few matches in silver & gold, having qualified in the same weeks. Suffice to say that I have him on my blacklist, and it’s not for swearing! He joins only a dozen or so players on that list, so it’s not like I blacklist every sub-par player. Maybe OP you should take a good look in the mirror.
  4. Stenzo01

    The camo of asashio is terrifying

    Yeah I get that, like lotus seed pods give me the Heebies, look like parasite eggs planted in someone’s skin.
  5. Stenzo01

    Mod Station Minimap Red Circles

    That you should have laid off the hooch earlier
  6. 20k plus for me! Thank you for the tip!
  7. Not only can they TK you they can even do it without an enemy in sight. I had a bot dd torp me well after the enemy ship had sunk, with no other reds on that side of the map!
  8. Saw another guy in a Daring doing this in multiple games yesterday on my team and red teams. Would shoot a couple of times (mostly at me for calling him out each match), then head off to the back of the map spamming "well done" to everyone then stay there for the rest of the game. Total tosser.
  9. Stenzo01

    So I Needed Some Flags....

    A decent haul from the NA server, 90 flags. This ship is the ultimate flag farmer!
  10. Stenzo01

    So I Needed Some Flags....

    Yes I’ve had some great flag farming in mikasa, most matches 2or more types of flags, sometimes 4-5 types & multiples thereof. For some reason I have more success with this on the Asian server than the NA one.
  11. Stenzo01

    So I Needed Some Flags....

    Funny thing is, for some reason WG does actually give out multiples for secondary flags earns in one match. So I did get 60 of them for that match. Doesn’t happen for other awards like kraken though.
  12. & the bots happily obliged!
  13. Stenzo01

    Ramming in a brawl - confused

    I had exactly this from the other side, in an Odin against a Mass on twin brothers. Met in the middle, I torped him twice, had the lead on hp (about 2/3 for me 1/3 for him) but both died when he rammed me. Interesting thing was I had the ramming flag mounted for just this reason, but maybe he did too? I lost, for the simple reason that as I had the faster boat he was able to cap the outer 2 rings after me. It was my first match on that map, so next time I made sure I went slower to take those 2 caps (killed the hipper on the 2nd in anyway so it didn’t matter anyway).
  14. Damn I was told it was on the left, was wondering why there was no light switch.