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  1. dieselhead77

    A history of discontent, a historical inquiry

    It used to be, I used to play DD a lot before the rework. Now I play other ship classes mostly, all of those have the same amount of counter to CV's as DD's do, not very much......
  2. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    LOL, ok. Do you need a tissue or are you ok? That you are biased for CV's is obvious as well, also just as obvious is you have no idea what you are talking about as proven by more than one unicum CV player. Anti CV hysteria? Are you kidding me? What because someone is vocal about calling out a broken part of our game you think that's "hysteria"? LOL, ok.
  3. You should see what Vermont does with a sniper build, its downright disgusting and will be so bad for the game.
  4. Errm Ive watched PQ test this out and the secondary's are absolute garbage. Like they wouldnt hit the broadside of a barn with a shotgun kind of bad. GK is already total trash as it is, Thunderer literally eats it alive and there isnt a thing the GK can do. Let alone what CV's do to the thing. Also on top of that the sniper BB captain skills, good luck getting to within 15km of anything let alone 12.5km. Think I'll take arguably the best BB player in the game's opinion on this over yours.
  5. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    Think you missed my point........... I can come here and complain about their busted aft class all I want. It's none of your business why I come here. I come here for the same reason you come here spouting lies and garbage about CV's constantly.
  6. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    LOL, what makes you think it has anything to do with the people who play this game? WG has a long history of NOT listening to its testers. What clown ever thought 200kts vs 30kts was going to be a fair engagement? As you yourself have stated, this is a GAME, not real history, there needs to be counter play and balance in a game for it to be fair. I agree though, CV's cant be balanced VS surface ships, nice of you to finally admit they are in fact NOT balanced and they ARE in fact broken.
  7. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    So effectively youre saying you dont need to play cv to learn how to counter cv? Bit rich coming from you since Ive seen you post the exact opposite numerous times. Careful, youre letting your hypocrite show....
  8. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    Simple, dodging flak to get drops off doesn't mean the target you drop is the right one or for some reason guarantee wins. Im sure even you can grasp this concept. The CV isnt so much inherently OP in terms of damage, its the way it goes about getting its damage. This has been explained to you at length, maybe being an ex civil servant you need it in writing and in triplicate? Ah no, his stats are for "his eyes only", hes a "private" person. Everyone elses stats are fair game tho for him. Thats not being a flat out hypocrite tho, just sayin.....
  9. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    Whats amazing is you think only "unicums" can dodge flak and do "amazing" things in CV's when in fact Ive seen countless average (ie 50%wr) CV players do it countless times. Also amazing is you keep falling back on this theory of yours that only unicums can abuse CV's so it must be ok when thats just blatantly false. Like Ive told you before, just because you eat flak like tim tams doesnt mean average CV players do.
  10. So you ran into a bad CV player, big deal. Any average or better MVR player is dumpstering your "AA bote".....
  11. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    Average? Such a nice man you are xD
  12. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    What ship is more countered than a DD then? DD's lack effective counters? Really? Heard of radar, hydro, spotter plane, WASD and other DD's? The ONLY ship class in this game without any effective counters is CV, and that's by a country mile. Like its not even close. The whole problem with CV to surface ship interaction is you are trying to balance a ship doing 30-40knots against planes doing around 200knots with infinitely better maneuvering. That's without getting into all the other advantages CV's get over surface ships. That one thing is enough to guarantee CV to surface ship interaction will never and can never be fair unless you removed the dmg a CV does to a pittance.
  13. dieselhead77

    Lets, make a list why CVs are special.

    You do realize DD's are the single most countered ship in the game right? Even without a CV present? DD's also suffer the most for their mistakes, how much does a CV suffer for its mistakes? Loses a few regenerating planes? Big deal. Seriously dude, get a clue.
  14. dieselhead77

    Special captains being nerfed to the ground.

    They are in one spot, in the general discussion section of the forum, every single day. For 2 years now. Hapa has also stated he thinks CV-surface ship interaction is fine so where does that leave you?
  15. dieselhead77

    Special captains being nerfed to the ground.

    Nerfing an obviously OP CV isnt working on fixing CV's tbh. When was the last significant change they made that actually helped the interaction between surface and planes? You can easily see the main issues between the two yet nothing major has been done, instead CVs remain as the most coddled, handheld class in the game. Time will tell what kind of a balls up or not this will be, at this early stage its not looking great.