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  1. Nexus_03

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    Premium(Special) Yammy with unique upgrade.....mmmm
  2. Nexus_03

    California is worth it!

    Well done mate, great game.... just about every ship that is released is good when top tiered but can struggle when bottom tiered, so enjoy your ship and your success's.
  3. Nexus_03


    I don't understand why she has to be soooo slow, other ships are give a couple extra knots over historical speed... 'balance' almost demands her to be a bit faster surely.
  4. Nexus_03

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    377.... and waiting patently for the Orkan!
  5. Nexus_03

    DD Noob Using Guns

    they would also say the same thing had you not fired your guns to reset the cap ensuring a 3 pt win....
  6. Nexus_03

    Thoughts on Impero

    The Impero i saw in randoms last night also had smoke... used to break line of sight and slip into stealth... gun range in smoke must be huge
  7. Nexus_03

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    Worked for me thxs
  8. Nexus_03

    Smaland and stealth radar??

    T10 Smaland = 6.1 concealment with 7.5 km radar.... T9 Black = 5.8 Concealment with 7.5 km radar, worse guns and torps though..
  9. Nexus_03

    No Smaland reviews?

    I found it to be a good fun ship, just not worth 2m FXP... I wrecked a Fries last night, i just don't think he was ready for radar once he popped his smoke.... I also had like 11 torp strikes and only ended up with 70k damage...
  10. Nexus_03

    No Orkan in the Premium shop today?

    I think it was the free xp ship Smaland (2m FXP) today, no release date yet for the T8 Premium..
  11. Nexus_03

    Server overloaded when trying to enter a battle at 4:30 AM?

    same here, gave up!!!