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  1. But do you get rewarded those on live server? Doesn't actually say anywhere I can see that it will. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-092/ All the live server rewards appear to be clearly stated with
  2. Once you finally get a 19 point captain easier just to play him the use the Elite Commander XP you earned to retain the captain you want.
  3. John_Crace

    Win rate

    Or perhaps he did instead of playing WoWs. ;)
  4. John_Crace

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    I think you're probably right. He didn't know the full story. I suspect he just blindly spent his money and from there he seems to be angry because the reality didn't match his fantasy. After all these years he still hasn't learnt that you can't afford to trust WG that much. I have been patiently seeding these forums for a couple of years now trying to warn users that WG practices are unlikely to change if people keep blindly throwing money at them like that. I view it that people like the OP are enabling WG to ignore community concerns.
  5. John_Crace

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    Not at all. I wrote my response because I believe that you're blaming them for things they haven't done wrong. I disagree with WG on many levels but I don't believe the points you've raised are issues. The fact you got suckered into the PR event just shows you either don't read or comprehend. I still get lots of free stuff from WG. Also some people do read chat in battle. Yes it doesn't happen very often but it does happen. You're writing it off in no way helps. Camo and signals do help.
  6. John_Crace

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    Clearly any tips trying to help you improve are beneath you. What were they thinking?
  7. John_Crace

    best graphics configuration?

    A clan mate recently put me on to the ability to enable image sharpening in nvidia 3d settings. Check it out. I've just enabled mine at default and it looks better to me.
  8. John_Crace

    How to Lose You Player Base 101

    Post game statistics are rarely available.
  9. John_Crace

    What is going on

    Some botes are harder to carry in. Breaking free from a losing streak can be hard due to being demoralized. Running some of you captains without concealment is only going to make it harder. Especially in a DD.
  10. John_Crace

    I have a question for you DD players.

    Because if you can't read the minimap in a CV game then why would you be able to read it in a game without CV?
  11. John_Crace

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    @Kizarvexis What will happen to my 127mm guns?
  12. John_Crace

    Port Slot

    But that's still around 250 doubloons worth though right?
  13. John_Crace

    Randoms have officially become Co-Op

    Only so much you can do in 5 minutes
  14. Wait till you play in a bad team in a DD that can't stealth torp.