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  1. Forget retraining the captain. Just let it happen as you play. Sure you miss out on some perks for a while but when learning a new ship it pays to play cautious anyways. And like someone else mentioned I forgot to say get premium time. It's really worth it. But sadly now's not the time. I only ever buy it at xmas when it's half price. But then again I haven't actually had to buy it for 2 years. WG gifts enough to keep it constantly full :) PS. I play for free. Last 2 times I did purchase premium was with doubloons earned playing.
  2. Use any bonus camo/flags you have to help you to the hull upgrades. Then if you don't have many go basic camo to grind out the rest of the way to the next ship. Only get required upgrades to save xp. For example you can skip gun range upgrade for dds. Transfer your captain up the line as you go. Only play the ship till you get first win bonus each day.
  3. John_Crace

    WoWs Promo codes

    All 18 worked for me. Total rewards 0
  4. John_Crace

    Legendary screenshot wanted

    I don't know about the screenshot. What I have noticed though is a stupid disparity in damage if you hit a ship that is reversing. You should both receive an almost equal amount of force (if the ships both weight similar). But it seems to me with WG that the ship going forward takes way more damage.
  5. John_Crace

    The salt is strong with this one

    I know how he feels though. I went for a massage today and the masseuse wouldn't stop touching me. So needing some space I took the dog for a walk, but it kept following me. Poor guy just wanted to play a nice game of pew pew battleships, why'd y'all have to go and spoil it by firing at his boat?
  6. I'm not sure what the whole line is like but I know in Emilio I can run in to torp range, fire, and get back out of detectable range all within the smoke screen. No yolo required.
  7. John_Crace


    What do you mean by "do"? I use it
  8. John_Crace

    My Elbing stats

    Sometimes you just get a cursed ship
  9. John_Crace

    Got my first chat ban

    But 3 lefts do
  10. John_Crace

    Got my first chat ban

    Lol, nice timing. And as I read in the youtube comments, something like.... 99 out of 100 people won't slap you for telling a joke, but there's always 1 Will.
  11. John_Crace

    Got my first chat ban

    Just got my first chat ban. Nice of WG to just ban me without any input into the situation. Sure I will react if someone slanders or abuses me etc, and yes I will get abusive if they keep on with false accusations, but I never start anything false or disrespectful. So basically now I've been slandered and punished and the culprit has been rewarded. Nice one WG. You make it so easy for me not to spend any money on this game despite the fact I want to. I hope you realize the world you are creating for yourselves WG. It's not a very nice place. /rant
  12. John_Crace

    When to Shoot the Wounded??

    And don't forget to spend about 50% of the game looking at the minimap.
  13. John_Crace

    When to Shoot the Wounded??

    General rule of thumb is always shoot the wounded. Especially the ship with the lowest number of xp left. Dead ships don't fire back and you gain an advantage in the amount of guns firing. Id much rather have 3 ships with 1/3 health than 1 ship with full health.
  14. John_Crace

    1 HP

    Ships with 1hp can still fire a full salvo. That's why people who worry about kill steal make no sense
  15. I asked because I never seem to get neg karma playing either cv or sub