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  1. The problem is this is a niche game. There are many reasons to stay. Sadly though there are also many apparent faults that seem fixable. Bugs, lack of proper testing or bad testing criteria, apparent disrespect for players. Despite what you may think many of us do actually want the game to succeed and improve. We want to play with happy players who don't feel shafted. You can look at it as a complaint but I think you may find it just a form of frustrated constructive criticism.
  2. John_Crace

    7.2km smoke concealment?

    FYI to see the smoke firing concealment value of your ship you can press H in game.
  3. John_Crace

    Shocked? Not Really... Disappointed? Very...

    And people wonder why they are ignored by WG
  4. I'm sure it's just as random as random battles. Yes BGC last.
  5. You've obviously somehow missed the entire world economy. Credit cards, mortgages, loans, etc....
  6. After all this time it's the first time I've ever finished a second battle, while the first was still playing, and from a point where you can't lose a rank. What's so priceless about that? How many times has it happened to you?
  7. There are multiple "safe" ranks. So yeah not for rank 1. But for the other safe ranks.
  8. In the normal run of things I understand that it works out that way. I just never had a confirmation of this specific example before. What is interesting in this is that you could be 1 star from a safe place... lose a game... then go on and win and make it to the safe place despite the fact you were participating in a losing battle previously.
  9. Wow. It's almost like that's exactly what I said in my first post. Should I put it in large bold letters so you can understand that?
  10. I wasn't in a hurry. I would have waited had I known. This is just a message to let anyone else like me who thought some starts were safe that they're not
  11. I mean you'd feel pretty pissed if the first game was a win that should have ranked you out but then the second one was a loss and you didn't. Wouldn't you? Remember there are safe places were you can't lose a start. Well I thought that. Apparently it's not true
  12. @_SterlingArcher_ Surely it should be based on the game start time though?
  13. So I was qualifying for gold. First game and I got trounced by the enemy dd. So sure I should lose a star but it's first game so there's no stars to lose. Second game and we trounce the enemy. I win a star. Get back to port and find first game still in progress. Then the loss comes in and WG takes that star. I restarted the client and it's definitely been taken. So if you have a safe position and you are in a losing match don't risk your star because WG will steal it from you.