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  1. MeglaGnome

    What premium would you pick?

    Gremyashchy. Given that I have pretty much all of the other unobtainables....
  2. MeglaGnome

    Nelson Auction. What did you bid?

    I picked my nose.... does that count.
  3. MeglaGnome

    Starting games as IJN DDs

    Reverse into the first cap, with an escape route that ducks behind cover if possible.
  4. MeglaGnome

    Rogue Wave + Benham

    I really must play my Benham some more, but I get so distracted....by.... Borg, Neustra, Stalin, Alaska, JB, Musashi, Thunderer, Ohio, Belfast, Kamikaze, Kutuzov, Kron, Smol, Slava, Smaland, Ragnar, Druid, Vampire 2, PR, Friesland, Sommers, Georgia, Missouri What is a gnome to do......?
  5. MeglaGnome

    Effects when you take a hard hit.

    WASD harder?
  6. I think I completed this one by accident, just playing the game. Not sure what the issue is, unless co-op only player now expect to get everything in the game super easy? Some rewards are not for everyone. That why they are a reward?
  7. MeglaGnome

    Everyone is trying to get 10 citadels in a random game

    I got 26 cits yesterday in my Ragnar. In Randoms.
  8. 15 free big gifts: Ise, some camos and other stuff..... oh, and Missouri. Is it good?
  9. MeglaGnome

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Azuma : 68% win rate, must be doing something right. Those guns hit damn hard, at range, reliably, and when you're top Tier you can pump so much damage into T7-8 BBs, you collapse the flank all on your own.
  10. MeglaGnome

    Subs coming to Randoms next patch. RIP fun

    I guess I'll avoid T10 then......
  11. MeglaGnome

    Research Bureau – multiple resets for Free XP

    I reset the Harugumo line every 3 months for the x2 RP bonus, then immediately FXP and reset the line twice more, for a total of x4 RP on each ship (costs about 1.5M FXP). Then I FXP to the T5, then I grind through them with daily wins and flags, taking 3 months to do so. I enjoy the ships in the line a lot (apart from stock hatsu, I always FXP to the 10km torps), but I don't really like the Harugumo much, so don't miss it. I've got dedicated 19-21 point commanders for all the ships, and perma camo's for T6,8,9. Works for me.
  12. MeglaGnome

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    I agree with you that the CC program was designed as a marketing and engagement program..... and also, WG seem to have gotten so lazy about actual testing and QA, that they've relied more and more on CC's and Super testers who want to become CC's, and now.... they are naked. They used their free CC program for a purpose is wasn't designed for, letting the real QA capability wither and die, and now... it seems none of their Dev or Test team actually play the game. No UAT to speak of.
  13. MeglaGnome

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    Because all the unpaid QA people (CC's LWM etc) have quit in disgust at their treatment?
  14. MeglaGnome

    What makes Hatsuharu good?

    Best feature of the Hastu is... the Shiratsuyu.
  15. MeglaGnome

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    No, he's not. But he has shared incorrect information before, as recently as this past July. Shonai does seem to be a good guy, but he swims in toxic waters, and is not often the source of WG proclamations, he's just the mouthpiece. I hope he's OK, and that he has a plan B if he needs it.