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  1. I got T5,6,7, and the T10 radar monster, which let me earn the T10 perma camo. I'm happy.
  2. MeglaGnome

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    BB: Sinop. Or Gneis for the torp yolo's, but last T7 sprint I found Sinop just better. CA/CL: Belfast, but I don't have one. Fiji is different but just as good. I might do some battles with Lazo for the lols. Atlanta is very skill dependant. You need to be really practised in her. Haida, Sims. If you don't have them, Gadja Mada is very good too, (can gunfight other DD's and delete heavy ships with those sneaky sneaky deep water torps)
  3. When I first started out I would spend doubloons to retrain a captain once he was 14 points or more. Once I got enough 19 pointers I could grind elite commander XP, so I started using that to pay for re-training. Once I got a couple of T9 premium ships I had enough credits to pay 200k to halve the retraining time, saving some elite commander XP. These days I have 100's of thousands of elite commander XP in the bank, sometimes over 1 million, so when a new special commander comes out I can punt him up to a 16 pointer at will. It gets easier the more tools you earn.
  4. MeglaGnome


    Ok that is funny. April fools joke indeed. Its only a day or 2. Adapt, improvise, overcome.
  5. MeglaGnome

    Most Planes shot down?

    In Randoms: DD : Friesland : 72 planes CA : Buffalo : 82 planes BB : Lion (? really? I know, right?) : 62 planes
  6. MeglaGnome

    Done with ranked - can't take anymore

    I see your issue there... wrong cruiser choices. *whispers..... s m o l * But in all seriousness. Stick with 1 choice and really really get in the zone with that one ship. At least 10 games straight.
  7. Best : Anshan Worst : Fubuki
  8. MeglaGnome

    Finally done with unique upgrades

    I have 10 UUs earned, with 8 missions unlocked and in progress (I don't do CV's so those 2 will not be obtained). Steady progress should get me all 18 UU's in about 3-4 months.
  9. MeglaGnome

    The great compromise of 2020 (WG and the research bureau)

    I'll agree that the original NTC was terrible, and player trust in WG is at an all time low... but, the "regrind" is actaully quite a lot of fun. I find T10 meta can get quite stale, and dropping back into T6-8 is refreshing. It takes about as long ( in matches) to regrind a line as it does to complete one of the current UU 5 stage mega missions, so as long as the pricing of the UUs in the research bureau is 10-15k points (one to 1.5 line resets) thats OK. I've really enjoyed rediscovering some old lines, and spent no cash and only a moderate amount of FXP. I 'm working on having dedicated captains for every T6-9 IJN DD, so I can just regrind them at will with no hassles moving and retraining captains, and I already have several perma camos for that line. Its a myth that RB is _just_ a WG cash grab. Some / many of the participants are actually populating the mid tiers and grinding themselves interesting new premium ships for free just by playing the game. Having said that I am aiming to grind all the old 5 stage UU missions before the end of the year... just in case some of them get tuned up.
  10. MeglaGnome

    The best ships for Ranked

    A fair point, fixed now. In terms of sips, I prefer the tears of my enemies, distilled in the furnace of their burning ship.
  11. My recommendations for Ranked ship selection: Best Cruiser : Smolensk Best DD : Smolensk Best BB : Smolensk Best CV : well done you are as unpopular as the Smolensk players..... but Smolensk has really good AA even if not built for it. Nod to Flambass... if you saw the video last season... you'll remember.
  12. MeglaGnome

    What LM/UU's to focus first before they go to RB?

    Of the missions that you are a long way from finishing I'd recommend: Zao, Moskva, Des Moins. You've nearly finished the GK, and it is worth it on a meme 2ndry build (but not a tank build IMO). Note that the 2ndries are slated to get a significant buff in the IFHE rework, as the 128mm rifles will pen 32mm without IFHE (currently you need to spec IFHE, which I do). The Groz is also playable, and the Henri used to be popular in Clan Battles before they smashed the ship with the nerf club. The Montie is good in CV battles because the loss of spotting is less of a down, and you do get a BB very resistant to DOTS, and a better rudder shift in the mix as well. I personally plan to grind out all of them before the end of the year.... just in case they end up good.
  13. MeglaGnome

    Euro Destroyers Part 1 - PTS directive preview

    I decided to attempt this and did it on my first attempt. Was pleasantly surprised.
  14. I got 21 fires in one match in a T9 DD. Hint : No torpedos. Cruiser torp hits : 1 x Hindie yolo in co-op : done.
  15. MeglaGnome

    I have a question for you DD players.

    DD play is high risk and needs really good situational awareness and decision making. The single biggest mistake is over aggression, and running into CAPs when it is not safe. Work out how to make % plays, rather than gamble. 1. Where are the planes? Coming for you? Abort and bail. Don't know? Go slow until you do know. 2. Where are the Radars? Don't know? Then only try to CAP by backing in with a hard cover escape route. Radars on your CAP? Spot them and call target. Go wide if you have to. 3. Whats your backup like? Is their's likely to be better? Abort. 4. Can I win a gunfight or force the red DD to smoke 1v1. Does this apply to every DD on the red team ? Don't know? Assume worst case. I've got 67.5% winrate on Gearing by sailing like this. I'm not trying to get a high caliber every game, I'm trying to survive 20 minutes in every game. Many wins I get just by being the only DD left on the map.