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  1. MeglaGnome

    Mid-tier premium advise

    I'd look at: T61 or Haida for DDs Molotov or Munchen for cruisers, Florida ? Waarspite? for BBs
  2. MeglaGnome

    Yūdachi? A worthless premium?

    Just play Shiratsuyu, you still get to say Poi! But you also land torp hits.
  3. MeglaGnome

    Rank Schedule Changed

    Its us, my clan. It's all our fault. Bunch of scruffy sheepherders from AUS / NZ You're welcome. BZ - out
  4. MeglaGnome

    Disturbing Trend

    I got it for free using 2 million FXP I ground in game. Its a strong ship if you have good situational awareness. Guns are amazing, radar for hunting other DD's means you own your CAP, and the torps are usable as something to do between gun fights. Very strong in competitive. Can gun down cruisers and BBs late game from surprisingly high health. But, if you had to spend $330 to get it.... that should have been a sign that maybe it wasn't for you.
  5. MeglaGnome

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    I think Flamu is on the money with his criticism, and so vocal because he cares about the game. He's also quite toxic in stream (not so much on YouTube) and I'd never let my video gamer neurodiverse child watch him (the ablism is really poisonous). My take is this : the WG staff who control the development roadmap are utterly locked into their narrative that the CV rework was great, and they cannot afford to let the WG CFO know any different. It's quite a common corporate dynamic. They have doubled down on the lie so many times now, that the truth surfacing is a career ending event they simply must prevent, for as long as possible. Until they either quit, get promoted away from Warships, or get found out, nothing will change. The future roadmap for Warships has been entirely captured by the guild of invisible cloth weavers, so you can bet that every single invisible "improvement" they produce has a rich and appealing colour palette, with a spreadsheet to prove it. Yet still, WG are in fact Butt Naked, and we all know it. EDIT : For the record I think CVs should be in the game, but they need another rework to get richer gameplay, counter play, and balance restored.
  6. Wait, Voldemort is a CV player??? That explains everything!
  7. Borgogne. Like Jb, but 50% more rifles and much more accurate.
  8. MeglaGnome

    Stalingrad ?

    Stalin can citadel most things broadside at 20km, and it has the dispersion to hit with multiple shells per salvo at 20km. It's a threat across the map. This is why you play Stalin. If you want to brawl, choose Petro.
  9. Tha'ts dismal. I run GK full 2ndry build and its my most played T10 BB, becuase its fun and effective. Now? ... its back to a tank build. Now where did I moor that Kremlin??
  10. MeglaGnome

    WG has my account in limbo. (kinda)

    The purpose of the refund offer is not to refund unhappy customers. It is to present an illusion of "reasonable remedy" in court, if anyone takes them there. If the refund process is so slow and bad that most people give up, it still offers a smokescreen in court, so it has succeeded. I'm not entertaining a refund (and enjoying my shiny new Belfast and Neustra) Best of luck, Megla
  11. MeglaGnome

    Destroyer alternatives to Shimakaze?

    Gearing, Sommers, Asasio (kinda). Yoshino (not a DD, but 20km torps).
  12. Hindie's UU is trash. Looks appealing on paper, but really not worth it in practice. You're not missing anything.
  13. The purpose of WGs offer of a refund is not to offer lots of refunds. It's to cover their stern if they get sued. It's the minimum viable solution they could come up with.