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  1. tjaluk

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    i think team dmg needs to be increased back to the old model. reflected dmg should be 2:1
  2. tjaluk

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    i like the camo, but hate the plastic toylike figures on the ship
  3. tjaluk

    Reached 12,000 matches, time for another AMA

    why is he yelling all the time
  4. tjaluk

    It was time to come back

    happy to hear, best wishes mate. o7
  5. tjaluk

    Best BB's for Brawl mode?

    the one you can make work is the best one
  6. tjaluk

    shipgirl discussion thread

    just think 'pervy wierdo's i don't want near my family' . that should cover it
  7. tjaluk

    Seems a bit naughty

    because $$$. as you advance you will learn there are many hidden wallet grabs in the game. like the signals for dubs that used to turn itself on all the time
  8. because it is a game, and if you are allowed to play, why should others be stopped from playing cause you don't think they should be allowed to have fun.
  9. tjaluk

    Italian Token Code

    thank you , but i think they spelt PREMIEREBACON wrong
  10. i will be buying 3 cases of wine today, that will see me through ranked
  11. tjaluk

    Should i buy FDR?

    get it, crucify everyone. forget karma and skill. have fun. i wish i had
  12. tjaluk

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    how do i know which side of the ship he stores his port. does he even drink port? not enough time, just dodge mate
  13. tjaluk

    The odd chat spammer...

    i had a benson (his highest tier, 2 games in it) tk a teammate, then go to the back line, cause he was not top tier. he had just over 1000 games. all usn DD. a total pr of 0 cant remember his wr, but it was very low