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  1. VesseI

    Azuma - A comprehensive ship guide

    Thank you for coming out with a review. These are my suggestions, and I hope they would be useful for you when you release your next review. Nothing major, really. Just a few minor ones. 1) Font size. I am mobile most of the time, and for some reason the text rendered by Chrome on my mobile device is too small for comfort. If I may suggest, please consider using size 16 text (same text size I am using right now). When I'm home, the default text size here in the forum appears quite small to my eyes (probably due to the resolution of my monitor) that I frequently use size 16 when posting and such. 2) Please consider enhancing the sentences to a more conversational tone. While I do appreciate the straight to the point tone of your review, I feel it can get even better if the sentences flow naturally (without becoming too wordy) in paragraphs. And continue to dot the i's and cross the t's. 3) I particularly like the "Other Useful Tips" section of the review. If I may suggest something to improve it, please consider adding screenshots of the ship from actual battles to better illustrate them. Screenshots on firing angles, where the ship was at a particular point in time in the middle of a Random Battle, etc. Now this might be unnecessary for an audience of experienced/veteran players, but to my mind, your review can and will serve the needs of new or inexperienced players, especially those who will purchase the Azuma from the Premium Shop after reading your review here in the Forum. 4) Please consider adding a larger-sized text on the armor layout graphic. The inset graphics (from the game UI?) appear too small. On a related note, I like the font style you used on the opening graphic. 5) I have a 21-pointer for PVP and another 21-pointer for PVE; both have different skill sets, and I've played the Azuma once without the concealment skill used. If I may suggest, include a section where your readers can see and read what captain skills are best for Co-op. I mean, a lighthouse build can make the Azuma an even stronger ship in Co-op, with the right captain skills applied. Just for fun, if possible, include a Random Battle gameplay video of the ship using a lighthouse build. Your Azuma review is very timely, given the recent announcement that some FXP ships will become available for coal a few months from now. I enjoy playing the Azuma so much that I got myself the AL Azuma when it came out and played it almost exclusively for a month. https://youtu.be/J-s6exG1IE0 https://youtu.be/9g4Q3lZG0bI?t=223 https://youtu.be/f8WgPxLkBmk https://youtu.be/kMYGB4O_qIg https://youtu.be/0NZ2662D2Cw Below is the best part of your review, hands down: Keep making good reviews, and keep it like a woman's skirt: Long enough to cover the parts, and short enough to keep it interesting. 😄
  2. VesseI

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Claiming Festive Rewards by trying out in Operations rarely played ships. This was with the Vladivostok with just a 3-point captain. 😄
  3. VesseI

    Baltimore in Operations

    Blasting each Operation to oblivion with Baltimore's amazing AP! Yes. Both are very, very solid cruisers in Operations. The free perma camo/econ bonus that was given a few years ago I linked to Cleveland and Baltimore, and it has helped in expediting the ECXP needed to bring the captains up. With the red boosters made possible by the econ rework last year, I was able to promote Cleveland's captain to 21 points. I'm tempted to use ECXP to instantly bring Baltimore's captain to 21 points, but I find his 18 points more than sufficient for any Operation. Yes, it will grow quickly, especially if you consistently land 1st on the score board and use boosters.
  4. VesseI

    Baltimore in Operations

    Such a beautiful and capable ship, not just in PVP, but also in Operations. I enjoy the Baltimore so much that I assigned her a separate commander for PVE—currently at 17 points, with the Heavy HE, Heavy AP, and Top Grade Gunner skill set.
  5. VesseI

    The Aegis Thread

    It seems this is an ongoing issue. Over at the EU forum, the same bug has been reported. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/167379-aegis/ Noted on the replay file request.
  6. My 'ship pull of a lifetime' for 2022 was the Nikolai that arrived via a super container last September. It is a ship that has consistently managed to sustain my curiosity and interest, especially after I read LWM's review. I remember how much effort Wargaming pushed FOMO in 2021 when they announced that the Nikolai, along with other rare Tier V ships, will be removed from the 2022 list. Knowing how expensive Wargaming's prices are, I thought I would never be able to have one since I chose not to have a big budget for crates, and I intentionally get ships that I want outright instead of gambling on containers, even if they are only available via gambling. Turns out, Santa was watching my port, and decided it was due for some early cheer: A rare ship. Absolutely free. Patience is truly a virtue. This year, I maintained what meager budget I have for Santa crates. I took a long hard look at my options, and decided that the best way to maximize resources would be to use my birthday coupon, get doubloons, and then use discount coupons to get ships that meet the criteria, while maintaining the discipline needed to patiently wait for the right time to spend. I play Random Operations a lot, so I got myself the Bayard. The remaining doubloons I used on getting this update's premium battle pass, and then some Mega Crates and Big Crates. I believe I used up all my luck this year when I got the Nikolai, but it turned out I was wrong. Last month, I got the Gremyaschy, Flint, Kamikaze R, the doubloons-only Tier IX BB, the Verdi, and best of all, the Kutuzov after I completed all the battle pass levels. From the Dockyard, a free Santa crate gave me the Belfast '43 (another ship I will definitely use for Operations, along with the Belfast I got in 2021). Then a free Santa crate from the armory gave me the Anhalt—another premium for Operations! 2022 was a good year. I did not overspend, and then I got more ships than I could have ever imagined! There are a lot of things I want to try out in 2023. Des Moines and Henri with their Unique Upgrades. Zieten with full secondary build in Random Operations. Flint. Kutuzov. Brisbane, when she comes out. The list goes on. May we all have a busy and meaningful 2023 ahead of us!
  7. VesseI

    The Aegis Thread

    There is something definitely wrong with the bots in Aegis. The 1st wave spawns from a very unusual spot. This is the first time that I've seen them spawn at the center of the map. @Ahskance, can you confirm if this change is deliberate?
  8. VesseI

    The Grind

    They are not useless, yes, but if one gets them from purchased Santa crates I find their value to be utterly low, bordering on the useless, given the prices of these crates and the ease of making good credits in the game. LOL! HNY, LWM!
  9. VesseI

    Christmas Crate Ship Haul

    It is now the 1st week of January 2023, yet it still feels like the Holidays. Last night I finally finished the Battle Pass Levels and received the rewards from the Premium Pass (amazing value for just 2,500 doubloons). And while it was already past Christmas, Santa visited my port once again and gave me another 'rare' ship—one that is very welcome to my Operations fleet—the Kutuzov! 😁 Thank you, Santa for watching over me! 😁
  10. VesseI

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    • Random Operations for Tiers IX and X. • Space Battles • A premium Tier VI USN Cruiser. • A way for us to create lists that would contain our favorite ships. While at port, we click on that list, and it will show the ships on the carousel; making infinitely easy to manage things. For example, I'll create a list for Random Operations, and assign ships to it. Every time I open that list, it will show only the ships that I've selected. It would be similar to playlists that we create for our favorite songs. • A free camera mode while at port. There are lots of beautiful details (the current Santa City port IS BEAUTIFUL!), and I sure would like to see my ship from a different angle with all the details I want to see. Happy New Year!
  11. VesseI

    The Aegis Thread

    Aegis came up twice these past few days. Thought I might share the results here. New Orleans, Part 1. This was close. I tried to bait the two Nagatos that spawned north west, and one of them nearly made a devastating strike. 😄 I tried to reach the last wave, but it was too late, and the Operation cleared successfully. I expected our Mainz would score top, but I did not expect to land 2nd. Great team, this was. New Orleans, Part 2. This was a hard fought victory, one that was really close. I positioned my ship to hit the flanks of the 2nd wave. I'm still at full HP, and with a paltry 31,654 damage done to the 1st wave. Six minutes later, more than half of our team was already sunk. My New Orleans, while afloat, sits at a precariously low 5,700 HP. We decimated the 2nd wave but at great cost. A Myoko from the 3rd wave managed to survive and is now racing south, further reducing our chances for a victory. The target is out of range so I prepared for the arrival of the Nagato battleships from the north. I destroyed a Nagato (Senshi) and damaged another (Yuushi), but it scored a hit that sunk my already limping New Orleans. It was now up to our CV. 4:24 left, and the first Liberty reached the Exit Area, only to be promptly destroyed by a waiting Myoko! 3:40 left. The second Liberty ship to reach the Exit Area was destroyed just before it fully cleared the circle. Another score for the 3rd wave. This was getting really close for us. But all of a sudden, the game ruled in our favor! Operation completed! I think our Transport Ship 4 had enough forward momentum left that made it clear the area a millisecond before it got destroyed. LOL! 😄
  12. VesseI

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! All the best in 2023!
  13. VesseI

    To spend or not to spend...

    I agree. Congratulations @scott_3721. Your approach is sound, and if I may add, very wise. I did the same approach, although for just a very limited number of doubloons (my budget is small and inflexible, and I am sticking to it no matter what). Some I used for the Battle Pass, some went to outright purchase (Bayard), and some for a few mega and big crates (8 for each). Got Grem, Verdi, Flint, Kami R. I plan to use those 25 certificates at the end of the Battle Pass and convert them to get 5 mega crates. I know the chances are so low, but I hope Santa will read this and grant me a Kutuzov. 😄 This was what I did in 2020 and 2021. Doubloons saved went to permanent camo (or econ bonus, as it is right now) for ships that meet a certain criteria. I find it a much more effective use.
  14. VesseI

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Thank you for clarifying. I have already updated it to help reduce possible confusion that may arise from the use of figurative language. 😆 Happy New Year!
  15. VesseI

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Exactly. LWM's review is as nuanced and comprehensive as ever. It is up to the player to decide if it is a blessing or a curse. You know that. On the contrary, these are definitely NOT mixed messages. LWM covers as much nuance and ground as possible in her review; those who know perfectly understand the points she is making in her review. Those who don't would likely struggle. You can use any similarly armed Italian ship you have in your expensive fleet if you would like to understand LWM's points better. And not in Co-op, por favor, where situations are so artificial; do it in PVP. Developing a sense for when to switch to the more appropriate shell type is a good skill to develop. This. ^^ Exactly this.