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  1. Hukom

    Grind to 2.4M

    It is not true. Server is up and running, and I see the captains that I assigned to FdG and Roon yesterday completed their retraining without any cost.
  2. Server is up and running, and the first thing I checked were the two captains I assigned to FdG and Roon yesterday using the Free of Charge option, and without playing a single game. My fears did not materialize as I see they have completed their retraining without any cost whatsoever.
  3. Hukom

    Grind to 2.4M

    Oh I forgot about Narai. Time to bring my Fiji and her 19 pointer for more EXCP! 😄 That's great! Having one commander at 21 points can expedite things. Better to wait for a while before promoting any commander to 21. Started grinding from 21,000 to 2.4M early last month. It was a quite a grind. Now I need to go out exercise! 😄 Ovechkin would be a good choice. You'll be able to bring them back all of them to highest rank sooner than you can imagine. It is going to be a steep climb... (graph from a post on the EU forum) Now I haven't really delved into the specifics of the rework, but I saw this comment at the EU forum. It will surely be an interesting Update. Today, build Harugumo with 19 pts captain : 1 pts : PM* / 2 pts : AR + LS / 3 pts : SE + BFT / 4 pts : IFHE + CE Tomorrow, same build : 1 pts : Maintenance Specialist (PM) / 2 pts : Propulsive (LS) / 3 pts : AR + Enduring (SE) + Threshing (IFHE) / 4 pts : Fearless (BFT) + CE = 20 pts
  4. Hukom

    Grind to 2.4M

    Change will come again tomorrow, and what is probably the most frustrating aspect of this is the cost to bring one commander from 19 points to 21 points. I don't have a deep bench of 19 point captains, so to have at least 1 or 2 promoted to 21 points when Update 0.10.0 arrives, I've been playing battles using my 19-point commander to stockpile commander XP ever since the cost of promoting to 21 points—an astronomical 1,200,000 XP for every captain—was announced way back. After what seemed like a second job already, I finally reached 2,411,000. The battles were equally fun and frustrating (AFKs, DDs who hide behind battleships, etc.), but this one, this battle that breached the 2.4M mark, was the highlight of that grind. I can now relax, and perhaps go back to the stress-free fun that is Co-op. Hope you enjoy it! Stay safe!
  5. Hukom

    WG giving out free level 10s now?

    Good thing I've hidden my stats. I'm a Co-op main, and I potato that much, too often, at all tiers.
  6. While grinding for 1.2M ECXP before Update 0.10.0 arrives, I have this was one fun random battle with Jean Bart. Some salty battle messages from the red team aside, I made some juicy citadel hits, sunk 3 enemy ships, and managed to top the team scoreboard! I hope we can all get at least one 21-point commander the moment the rework goes live. Happy weekend!
  7. Hukom

    Our Victory is in...

    Alone? I threw the game? Watch it again. And it is not in my nature to run away. 😂
  8. When I got sunk, I heard the announcer's voice that our victory was in sight. I left the computer to get something, confident the team will win. When I got back, much to my surprise, Defeat was on the screen! What the f*&k! Hahaha! Nevertheless, this was one fun match, and I think I could have made a better contribution to my team if only I rammed that Iowa. 😂
  9. So, BBs stay in the back and cruisers yolo in and tank? Shouldn't these skills have been reversed for the ship types in question? In my experience, that has been happening for quite some time already. I've seen Thunderers, Minnesotas, GKs—basically powerful battleships—all huddled inside one grid square, behind an island. What they do is to try to take shots at the enemy team that's setting up some nasty cross fires. In 3 minutes or so, my teammates are sunk. Me, almost always on a cruiser, would have no other choice but to avoid getting caught in that cross fire. DDs? Many of them even asked for Intelligence Data. Marvelous! Worst of all, I then see in-game chat messages from one of the BBs, saying the team is potato this, potato that. Perhaps this rework will force all of us to rethink how we play our favorite ships in this game. Perhaps it might even force those who are afraid of getting the paint jobs on their premium ships scratched to leave PVP battles entirely. Lastly, I think those who will quickly adapt to the changes will be able maximize these reworked skills to their benefit.
  10. Hukom

    No CVs, no DDs

    With the Commander Rework just around the corner, I took the Massachusetts once again to Ranked Battle to enjoy her secondary guns before Wargaming implement changes. Now the Match Maker made this an all battleship and cruiser match—and it was so much fun! No endless waves of planes from aircraft carriers. No sneaking destroyers hiding in smoke when detected. Just all-out positioning, shooting and tanking for the team. It was amazing we all stayed alive. Managed to top the team scoreboard too!
  11. Hukom


    I got fed up with the bot-bashing in Co-op so I decided to bring Big Mamie to Ranked Battle. She's so much fun to be with, and her presence alone gives the red team pause. We did some good teamwork, managed to top the scoreboard for this battle, but it makes me a bit sad knowing the coming Commander Skill rework will most probably affect her. Why must the fun be nerfed?
  12. I've seen many times a team composed of players with less than 47% WR defeat a team composed of players with more than 50% WR. And not just on the NA server. I think what can help would be more tutorials that would help remind and refresh new or struggling players on the complicated mechanics of the game.
  13. Hukom

    North Carolina

    No. I don't have a Strasbourg, so I'm stuck waiting for the missions to become available. I thought of getting her, but I have concerns on her stats. NC really can. 👍 Yup. And I don't feel the need to buy her. Agree. 👍
  14. Hukom

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    Three premiums I thoroughly enjoyed in 2020: Ägir Champagne P. Bagration Took them to many Co-op and Random Battles and I enjoyed them immensely. Particularly with the Ägir, I got a First Blood and Double Strike in one match when I rushed in and torped an Alaska and a Georgia at the same time. I'm a Co-op main, and I haven't done it before. It was so much fun that I can still recall in vivid detail how it happened. 😄
  15. Hukom

    Do any ships actually scare you...

    I'm not afraid of ships. They all have a weakness anyone can exploit. It is just a matter of knowing it and then exploiting it to one's advantage. Nor am I afraid of ships helmed by unicums. On the contrary, I relish meeting them in battle because it is one of the few ways that I get to learn how to play good. Each time I return to port after crossing swords with purple players, I copy the replay file and review it as soon as I can before the next patch arrives. What I abhor are simply those who go to PVP without giving the team the necessary respect. Aside from bad play, AFKs, I've been seeing a lot of players with their ships having no camouflage. Another pet peeve are those who go to battle without the Juliet Charlie signal flag. They get sunk early in the game.