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  1. Hukom

    Marlborough Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Feels real good to complete all tasks for the week with plenty of time to spare. The cruiser and destroyer missions were quick and fun. There were 7-8 battles where a Minotaur or a Neptune would happen to be at the right place and at the right time for my Salem to get citadel hits and destroyed ribbons. For the DD mission, Kleber, Kagero, Harugumo were handy. I used to divide mission requirements on a daily basis. 10000 XP today, another 10000 XP tomorrow, and so on and so forth. But I found it to be an unnecessary burden, and at times downright stressful as it makes playing feel like work, with all the metrics I track on a regular basis. Now that #7 is done, I'm looking at promoting a few commanders to 21 points, as well as getting to know more of this Belfast that I got from a single Mega container. There are a few ships that I'd like to revisit, such as the Izmail (looks real nice with that new permanent camo), or play for the first time, like the Dreadnought.
  2. Hukom

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Be careful there, for your bias against LWM has revealed itself yet again.
  3. Hukom

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Co-op is a BRAIN DEAD mode no matter how many times you varnish it. Virtually any ship can be made to shine there, no reviews needed, no specifics needed. At the end of the day, it is still co-op. Why bother about gun angles, citadel placement, dispersion, etc., when the bots in co-op have even worse accuracy than Marlborough? I play co-op more than I play randoms, and I appreciate how that review made it more than sufficiently clear that the ship can be challenging to play outside of PVE. Another thing. It is hugely unfair to accuse a ship review of having a 'glaring omission' because the review is primarily based on how a ship performs in PVP. Doing so is a sweeping generalization. LWM is dismissive of us co-op/PVE players, even if it is absolutely true, cannot even begin to dent the fact that her meticulously written review reveal a ship that is very challenging to play outside of co-op.
  4. They listen. They do. They just listen.
  5. Hukom

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Fire angles are terrible, 47 for A & B Turrets, and 42 for X and Y Turrets. Sigma is at 1.4 Citadel is so high. Has worse heal than any other RN BBs in the game. I did not know stating the facts is demonstrative of this 'disdain' you are talking about. 🤣 You paid for it, that was your choice. You don't have any regrets about it; and so do other players who chose not to pay for it.
  6. Hukom

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    Ahhh... And he is one ANGRY player?
  7. Hukom

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    Looking at the ship from the doubloons perspective alone is dishonest, at the least.
  8. Hukom

    Premium Ship Review - Marlborough

    This lengthy, exhaustive, comprehensive, excellent review can be summed up in three words: Marlborough punishes players.
  9. Hukom

    Marlborough Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I chose Smolensk in PvP. 🤣
  10. With Weimars and Fijis ruling the boards. I like Aegis also.
  11. All Scenarios should be available 24/7. WG is limiting fun and engagement by rotating Operations weekly. The more players play their chosen Ops, the more positive the experience will be, and this potentially could result into more revenue.
  12. What an amazing haul! Congratulations! I understand you, although I can't say that I totally agree with being persistent in shaking the tree. When I want a specific ship, I get it directly from the Armory. Whaling multiple bundles to get that specific ship is in my opinion highly inefficient and totally dependent on miniscule chance. And if that ship is not available or is marketed as 'rare' and, or available only via Santa's Gifts, I do not pursue it. But, sometimes, certain circumstances can make that miniscule chance a non-issue. In my case, I have three (3) ships that I've been eyeing on (all Tier VIII, and all currently available in the Armory). I also have some Doubloons from the Birthday Coupon. Since I needed to replenish special flags to maximize the 200% XP bonus (on a Narai week!) I went for the largest bundle offered. I have been a good naughty boy all year long (LOL!), so Santa gave me not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Japanese ships! Plus, a box containing 2,500 Doubloons. I have a very small fleet of premiums, so these Tier 6, 7, and 8 ships are welcome, and I got some very nice signal flags! What a generous Santa! Must be that Hoe Hoe Hoe that I did. Hahaha! Link: https://youtu.be/XznazPzzr-Q One of the 3 ships that I've been wanting to get, Tone, arrived. The hybrid IJN Heavy Cruiser has been on my wish list ever since it was released, and I've been planning on getting her using the one-time discount coupon Wargaming provides every December. With Santa's gift, I can now use the coupon to get another ship. What's holding me back is that there are just SO MANY ships, and SO LITTLE TIME to enjoy them all. On top of that, I haven't converted around 56,000 RPs in the armory to get Siegfried, and I am also nearing the completion of another regrind. I wish you all a safe, happy, prosperous, and orgasmic 2022!
  13. Hukom

    Preussen's Guns

    Thanks! Yes, GK's firing angles are a pain. Coupled with GK's relatively very sluggish maneuverability, the experience can at times be truly frustrating in Co-op. From what I've seen on the Fitting Tool, I'm wondering now how different or similar Preussen's firing angles will be compared to other BBs that I have, like Republique. Kremlin, well, there really is no Soviet Bias, right?
  14. Hukom

    Preussen's Guns

    How about Preussen's firing angles?
  15. Hukom

    München for Narai?

    I find München with Günther Lütjens to be a fine light cruiser for Narai.