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  1. We were behind in points all throughout the battle. I lost count the number of times the announcer's voice proclaimed "the enemy has taken the lead" and "the enemy is about to win". Link: https://youtu.be/qqOuGAhXHVE?t=224
  2. Frostbow

    2491 BXP loss

    Agree. That is one hell of a game, OP.
  3. Frostbow

    République with the Unique Upgrade

    How good is a secondary build with UU in Republique?
  4. I revisited Tier VII and decided to take Lyon out again. Still as lovely as ever. Link: https://youtu.be/mzQBk2Kg7wM
  5. Too risky given the map you cited.
  6. Frostbow

    Escape from Killer Whale!

    Well, there's always a next time. What you described is a fact of life in many online multiplayer games. It gets more pronounced when it is a weekend.
  7. Frostbow

    Ultimate Frontier

    I know. I've played both 155 Mogami and Shimanto numerous times in various Operations. They have their strengths and weaknesses. I lean towards 155 Mogami more as I find her artillery (despite the slow turret traverse) more comfortable than Shimanto's. Also, I prefer or find guns more reliable to use than carrying out torpedo attacks in Operations.
  8. Frostbow

    Please Create More PVE Content

    I'm all in for Operations that include Tiers IX and X. I want to bring a Schlieffen or a Harugumo, or even a Colbert in a Random Operation. However, it has to be a Random Operation. The randomness can at least serve to delay the inevitable boring state (if one plays the same mode over and over again). There is a bath tub event coming. That might break the boring state of the game. Personally, I don't like it. I would rather play Space Battles and Dirigible Derby, or that Halloween mode called Raid of the Filth (with the amazing ships like Rust Nightfall and Maverick!).
  9. I run Brisk in my Schlieffen. It has been particularly very effective in both Co-op and Random Battles. I also use it on my St. Vincent and Conqueror. If my battleship is spotted by planes, there's not much I can do about it. But as soon as the enemy planes are gone, and I am no longer spotted/detected, Brisk gives the benefit of +10% speed that can be used for a variety of options. If you do not like running Brisk on your battleships, you are free to do so. Just because you "literally cannot see" the skill's value does not give you the license to deride people who run it.
  10. Frostbow


    I understand how it can be a difficult challenge to rack up PD numbers in Co-op matches that end in 5-6 minutes. Team line-ups have a lot to do with it. These two examples I shared are outliers. With the Republique, I fired my guns once, then engaged engine boost. I also refrained from shooting back (this was harder than I thought LOL) so that they will not sink quickly. With the Moskva, I also did the same thing. There was a bot Druid that particularly liked shooting at my Moskva. LOL. But in the next Co-op battle I had with the Moskva—and this was just crazy—literally none of the bots fired their guns on me. And I was in a flank facing a Worcester, Colbert, and another high DPM ship! The bots must have figured out I had a lot of PD in the previous battles, so they decided to slow down my progress by not giving me any potential damage. LOL!
  11. -18% main battery reload time in exchange for -24% main battery firing range feels a bit too much in some situations. However, in this PVP game played in the Mountain Range map, it felt balanced. Link: https://youtu.be/3enIHTDePbY
  12. Frostbow

    These Bots...

    And they also generally know if their behavior is scrutinized in the forums. I made this more than 2,500,000 Potential Damage in Co-op using the Republique after I posted the one 2.2M PD with the Moskva:
  13. Frostbow


    I think it was 21,000,000. I completed the Potential Damage mission mostly in PVP, but I also had some nice games in PVE. 2,593,550 Potential Damage with the Republique and 2,236,200 Potential Damage with the Moskva, all in Co-op. Plus a few Co-op battles with more or less 1,000,000 Potential Damage scores with the Schlieffen, and it was done.
  14. Frostbow

    Escape from Killer Whale!

    LOL! Yup, I did. +1 for our Cleveland! Thanks! Tons of fun it was!