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  1. The RB is all about free XP. If you have a lot, you can blow through lines very quickly, basically one match per tier. The thing about Free XP is that you can buy it with real world money. So, this is WGs way of selling the Unique Upgrades for cash, instead of giving them away to grinders.
  2. SidTheBlade

    What was your best salvo ever?

    For the most damage in one volley, I've hit a Yamato for 5 Cits and dev strike as he was turning behind an island with the Krem, but the most unusual game was in a Massachusetts. My first two volleys of the game both dev struck cruisers at long range, with multiple citadels each time. I was at 82k damage after two shots, with two kills, about one and half minutes into the game.
  3. I just wanna say my truth about the Mikoyan. This ship suuuuuuucks. I have stepped in better things than this ship, left behind by dogs. Carry on.
  4. The new dds that have been brought out spell out how the game designers think the DD should play the game. Very long range, very fast, very fast reloading, very low damage torps. No smoke, poor detectability, meh speed. Perfect for spamming loads torps from the rear of the fleet. If you like this style of DD play, these new dds are great. If you don't, DDs may not be for you. CVs can spot way better than you can, and a group pushing into a cap will always beat a DD with no support, whose flank is hidden behind islands and can't actually shoot at anything. So, let the group's do the capping, and the CV do the spotting, and you can..... spam your torps. Go crazy. It's the new way. Personally, I don't enjoy low damage torps, so I don't play high tier DDs much anymore.
  5. SidTheBlade

    A quick refresher on reporting

    If you are upset, be sure to make a big fuss. Contact the people who work for the company who provide the game service, and demand that something be done. Remember, you are the true arbiter of what is morally pure and righteous. These people are your private force of do gooders, and you are their leader. Instruct the staff at WG on how they must do good. They need you divinely inspired guidance. The world will not improve, if majestic people such as yourself do not hunt down and punish the wicked. You are this important. Your offence, your emotional outrage, is this important. Get everyone involved. Spend everyone's time on the issue. Leave no stone unturned, by other people, as you preach morality to the world. Be the guy. Be the guy who files a ticket with support, because he is upset about what other people said in an online game.
  6. We are Jack's squinting envy. Or, we would be if the Supercontainer gods had not given us 1500 steel recently. Nice haul, congrats.
  7. SidTheBlade

    Dockyard= Amazing Damage model potential!!!

    That's a slippery slope. CV mains would want to strafe them in the water.
  8. SidTheBlade

    CV Immunity

    I just played a match in my tier * DD, a Lighting, and came up against a tier 8 CV, a Graf Spree. My HE shells did absolutely no damage at all. Not 1 HP. My AP shells did absolutely no damage at all. Not 1 HP. It could sail as fast as me, and so torps were off the table. Consider what sort of ship design team did this. The CV has every conceivable advantage by every measure. It has infinite range. It has brilliant detection concealment. It has incredible secondaries. So, on top of all these ridiculously over powered features, they also make it utterly immune to damage from a ship of the same tier. It is not enough to make the ship a relentlessly powerful attack vehicle. It also has to be immune from gun damage. Keep in mind, this was not a case where the shells did low damage, or where they did no damage for a certain percentage of the time. In this case, every single shot, of both ammo types, did absolutely nothing at all. 100%, total immunity from harm, from a same tier ship that it can harass relentlessly.
  9. SidTheBlade

    Selling upgrades on ships you have sold?

    You are trying to demount an upgrade from a ship you don't have. What are you, a central banker?
  10. SidTheBlade

    MM needs adjustment

    I like the mini games. Should be more of them, IMO.
  11. SidTheBlade

    Token Expiry Question

    It is very meta, to give the folks Sub tokens that they can't use, and which are worth nothing.
  12. SidTheBlade

    2 bad so sad(in Chat)

    If you want to lose all your positive karma, Ranked will do that for you. Real quick.
  13. SidTheBlade

    Opinions on the Neptune

    Neptune is a floating citadel. You can be deleted very easily with one volley from most ships at your tier. There is not much point angling, you will eat citadels if anything shoot AP at you. You cannot light fires, you have only AP ammo, and the ballistics on your guns are so bad that range upgrades are a waste of time. There is a lot of radar at your tier, and many ships have long range and very fast torps, so smoke is of questionable benefit. Certainly you want to be careful about sitting in it too long. On the plus side, it is a very sneaky ship. It has reasonable concealment, so games without CVs are interesting. Also, its torps are sneaky. They have good range, good angles, reasonably low detection, and they punch fairly hard. In many respects, the Neptune is like a very weak DD. Ironically, it takes far fewer volleys than a DD to be deleted, if you are detected and outside smoke. DDs tend not to be deleted in one volley. You can be, easily. Do not be surprised to be first to die in many battles, if a CV spots you and then several BBs open up in your general direction. Also, due to how incredibly squishy you are, expect everyone to shoot at you if they can see you. You are an AP magnet, because citadels are fun, and you give them to everyone who asks. Positioning, and being sneaky, are everything in the Neptune. If you can surprise someone, your torps, and high rate of fire with AP at short range, can be brutal.
  14. There is such a thing as trying to be clever for the sake of appearing to be clever. WG staff are, with all due respect, trying VERY hard to be very clever with UUs. Way too hard. Here is the thing. This is a game, and UUs are something people work towards, as a reward for effort in the game. The hint that UUs are a reward, a net benefit, is in the word "upgrade". Very often we hear the odd phrase that "unique upgrades are actually sidegrades". There it is. Trying too hard, to be too clever. So clever that only you know how to make a thing something it isn't, like a third rate magician at a country fair. An upgrade that is a sidegrade. That is not an upgrade. Therefore, it isn't a reward. It's just a change. The cleverness, the amazing and brilliant cleverness that we are all supposed to be impressed by, is the magicians trick where it is both things at once. WG staff are so clever, so very clever, that they can do magic. They can make something an upgrade, and not an upgrade, all at once. Brilliant! Amazing. Much, much cleverer than you or I. Kind of incredible, really. The sort of thing you look at and just worship with awe. The problem is, of course, that words have meanings, and magic isn't real. Not only does making the thing a "sidegrade" mean removing the incentive for getting it, it also begins to encroach on other parts of the game. Do you know what different nationalities are for, in WOWS? Sidegrading. Changing the style of play. Changing the way ships play to their strengths. So, it's been done. Indeed, there is quite a significant part of the game that already has "sidegrading" as the basis for its entire existence. The variety offered by "sidegrading" is already part of the game. Put simply, if "unique upgrades" were successful, as sidegrades, they would simply duplicate existing game features, and be of absolutely no interest, adding nothing of value to the game. On their own terms, therefore, those who conceptualise "sidegrades" as a reward fail. They fail to understand that this has already been done, with different national ship tech trees. An upgrade is an upgrade is an upgrade is an upgrade. It is the meaning of words. Of course it is a "no brainer" to want an upgrade. That is what "want" means. It means you desire something, because it is desirable. WG staff are so clever, and feel such a desperate need to be perceived as very clever, that they have begun to behave in ridiculous ways, that they try to pretend that the plain meaning of words are for other, lessor people. Everyone should want the unique upgrades, because they are good. They improve the ship, making it stronger. It is something to work towards, a reward for effort in the game. That's it. Simple. Not clever. Not magic. No need to worship the people behind the idea, and their dazzling intellectual brilliance. It's just work at a company, in the design department of a gaming company. Maybe these folks need to put down the mirror, and just do their jobs.
  15. SidTheBlade

    Submarines - The Final Verdict

    I hear you. Even so, imagine we have a factory making soda. We have cherry, cola and lemonade flavours. Everyone likes the lemonade, nobody likes the cola, or the cherry. So, because we NEED to sell that cherry and cola flavouring, because reasons, we mix them all into one bottle, and sell it to the customers, calling it lemonade. And they just have to live with it. Welcome to WOWS.