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  1. SidTheBlade

    Finally got subs... And......

    Here is the thing. It is not exactly the stuff of graphic gaming legend, to watch a small black circle under a red name tag. Submarines are a great idea, but where are they? What am I looking at? I hate to say it, but the class is exceptionally boring to watch in battle, from the surface.
  2. Then how can you explain CVs? The ultimate no risk play style. Perhaps the most hysterical delusion in WOWS is that CVs require skill. They are ridiculous, the way they have been given every possible advantage. Anyway, there is no point discussing the matter. CVs are just one of those things. The thing is, you can paint a round rock red, and call it an apple. Some people will not only buy it, and they will not only tell their friends it tastes sweet, they will start an apple appreciation club, with the painted rock as centre stage. People are funny, the way they deify a cause, any cause at all.
  3. There is something creepy, desperate, and more than a little sad, about demanding that people who don't want to play with you, be forced to play with you. When the demand is made in a hostile manner...... well, like I say. It's creepy. "You will play with me, or else my mother will force you to play with me." It seems like a very unhappy and lonely landscape. Still, there is always the option to do other things.
  4. SidTheBlade

    WOWS -Profanity filter

    Classifying another person's language as "profane" is never more than an exhibition of power and social caste. Curiously, in societies where many formally distinct social castes exist, such as India, specific terms that belong to a low caste will cause horror to the mothers of higher caste children who employ them. It is nothing to do with sexuality or scatology, it is rather a question of speaking as one to the manor born. If you were to the manor born, of course. Or, if you like to pretend that you were. A very good way to earn the derision and contempt of fighting men in the military is to imagine that you are their mother, and that you were all to the manor born. That sort of nonsense might fly in the knitting circle at middle class kindergarten, but an infantry conscript is there because he is there, and he will speak as his people speak. Or, so it seems to me. Myself, I try to speak in the way of my company, whomsoever that may be. As long as it gets the job done, they are useful words, or not.
  5. Phhhht. If this is true, then CVs are impotent. If it isn't, you are promoting manifest falsehoods that will inflame contempt for the CV class. Hapa, the problem with CVs is that they can't be hit back, not that they hit hard. The reason people hate rocket strikes, whereas they live with a citadel dev strike, is that you can't hit back at a CV. They are on the other side of the map. They are going to attack the whole game, and the only way you ever get to hurt one is if his team has already lost. Even then, most games end with CVs from both teams on full health. The issue has never been that CV's are "OP", that they hit too hard. It has always been that they are immune from risk, and so they constitute a griefer mechanic. Again, if CV's can't delete DDs, then they are broken because they are woefully under powered, and no fun. If they can, then they are fundamentally unfair grief machines, because they face no risk. It is a broken class, and a quintessentially poor piece of game design. There are only two valid opinions regarding CVs today. One is to acknowledge a failure of game design. The other is to say nothing. To be unable to recognise and accept failure is not somewhere anybody wants to be, for any length of time. Failure is real, for everyone, and needs to be accepted when it occurs. Good talk.
  6. SidTheBlade

    My impression about new submarines

    OP is fishing for super containers. It doesn't work like that, OP. WG don't respond well to flattery. They take it as a sign of weakness, and treat you even more nasty. Gotta man up, and speak truth to the War Gaming Committee for Orthodoxy in Human Machine Interactions. Or the WAG-Commie, as it is known.
  7. SidTheBlade

    They Do Exist!!

    Big time, Daddy-o. Big time. Another 20 of those, and you will have a camo for a tier 8 that sucks like a Dyson.
  8. SidTheBlade

    Amalfi vs Albemarle.

    The Disablemarle is a terrible ship, and the line is not much use. They had fire starting in return for massive citadels with no armour, and then fires got nerfed. They kept the massive citadels with no armour. Every BB is going to take a shot at you, every chance he gets, because your citadel is that juicy. You will be in range to eat penetration values, because your range is meh. British cruisers, both lines, are AP magnets, and can't cope with the high tier power creep. Ships like the Smol have overpen to save them, while ships like Alaska and the Puta Reekho are impossible to citadel. British cruisers own all the suck, and they are not worth your while. Want to set fires? Get IJN, or French, and kite at longer range.
  9. There should be a prevailing wind, and the CV should need to be sailing into the wind in order to launch and retrieve aircraft. Storms and cyclones, obviously, should ground aircraft completely.
  10. SidTheBlade

    Submarine feedback for WG

    The big mistake was imagining that DDs are not busy people with lots to think about already. My battles so far, because I haven't been graced with subs to play, have been cruising around in DDs, fighting the surface ships as per usual. Twice I happened to notice a sub nearby and pressed G to throw the depth charges. Truth be told, it wasn't important to me, either time. First time I was duelling another DD and his supporting cruiser bots, and the second time I was fighting 2 BBs and a DD. I don't understand how the scenario comes about when the DD has so much free space and options that fighting a Submarine becomes a thing. You are only going to find subs in caps, and DDs in caps are busier than long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs. It needs it's own game mode, with scenarios that give the players time and space to enjoy the new paradigm and its novel mechanics. It is the CV failure all over again. WG need to stuff everything into one sock, everything has to be in the one game mode. Gunboats can't just be gunboats, they have to share their space with aircraft, and now subs, while they try to be gunboats. Social distancing, WG!
  11. SidTheBlade


    Well, played a few games with subs. Boring! Seriously, it's not interesting. Perhaps it may improve.
  12. SidTheBlade


    Who has time for subs? I'm still grinding out Soviet tokens so I can buy me a flag.
  13. SidTheBlade

    Getting Depressed

    Russian BBs are not the OP monsters they are made out to be. The hysterical ethnic hatred towards Russians on the forums, and from quite a few CCs on the youtubes, is what it is. Hating Russia is the "good hate" of the modern age, according to certain people. The thing is, as you know now, you have weak sides, and can be set on fire very easily. You are not so nimble, and need to be careful about being out numbered. It is hard to disengage from a bad situation. You do need to close the range gap to do decent damage, however get too close and your weak sides will be easy to exploit, and you will come under fire from many enemy at once. A good strategy is to start each match by heading down the middle of the map with your nose pointed straight ahead. Wait to see how the enemy are moving, and where, before you choose a position to push towards. Keep your nose pointed towards the enemy whenever possible, and try to find an island that will give you cover on one flank. Approach to close range, using the island as cover. Don't try to use all your guns all the time, as this will expose your weak flank. The great benefit of higher tier Ruski BBs is that they have 6 guns pointing straight forward, so you don't lose all your firepower by keeping nose in. Good luck!
  14. SidTheBlade

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    You have found the wth shotgun of WOWS. Here is the thing: it is hot and cold. I've gotten a kraken with the Lyon, on one of those days when everything landed home. You can get brutal results, if the RNG gods smile on you. You can also fire 16 shells at a full broadside BB at 7km miss to both sides, in front and behind, and get literally nothing.
  15. SidTheBlade

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    Waited five minutes for a game once I got to rank 5. Meh. Might stop now, might keep going. Will probably keep going, as the two games I've had in the first league were very intense. All the "Sinops showing their broadside to Colorado" and "DD sits in smoke" nonsense is gone.