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  1. Hello, I've been trying to submit a ticket for customer support for almost a week. I keep receiving a red bar across my screen with the message "unable to process your request, try again later." Is this just happening to me or is this for anyone else? Any solutions other than just waiting? Thank you.
  2. GrundelFungus

    How to Watch Replays From Previous Patches

    Where can I find it?
  3. Hello, I have a replay from 10.1 that will not load/play in 10.5. Does anyone know a solution for this? Thank you.
  4. GrundelFungus

    Premium Captains?

    If this were the case, then you would only need that 1 premium commander for the entire nation tech tree. If I understand you correctly, a "premium captain" could helm any ship within their nation. So, I wouldn't need any other captain (except maybe the legendary and special captains) at all. It would kind of defeat the purpose of having captains. Though, this is kind of what is done on the console version WoWS Legends. Those captains though, are oriented to a certain class of ship and have vastly different skill sets that are leveled up in a totally different ranking system.
  5. My search for this subject as a serious discussion has come up empty, apologies if this a recently repeated topic. WG and staff, the amount of "bots" in random and ranked matches is excruciating. Match starts, a ship just yolo's and is the first dead within 2-3 minutes. I know it's a bot, my team knows it's a bot, the enemy team knows it's a bot. If I see a player/bot I recognize, I've now started trying to talk to "it" with zero replies. What (if any) process is there to curb this?
  6. I dread ever having to try to find someone in the in-game player finder. Type in their name, a couple of letters at a time and if I'm lucky, they'll pop up. BUT right as I'm about to add to contacts or invite to division, their name disappears. Rinse and repeat 4 or 5 times and I can finally find them. This aspect really needs to be fixed. PLEASE.
  7. The current time frame for Ranked battles limits those who don't play in NA time zone. I'm overseas and play in the NA server. To play Ranked battles, I have from 0100 - 1600...the time I'm usually asleep or at work. Even before, it was 0000 - 1700. I somewhat could manage. Suggesting the time frame be adjusted or removed entirely...not sure why it's even in place.
  8. GrundelFungus


    I would like to be a pirate!
  9. GrundelFungus

    Can't Login to WoWs Numbers

    Yes, I even verified that the third party permission is good to go. The only thing I can think of is that I recently setup 2 factor authentication...then this started happening.
  10. When I try to login to https://na.wows-numbers.com/, I am routed to the WoWs main page to authorize third party permissions, etc. I "agree" and then can only see "error" appear instead of logging into the site. This has persisted for over a week. I've deleted all cookies, did not solve the issue. Does anyone have any other ideas? I've emailed their support but have not yet received a reply.