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    I didn't come here to whine or whinge. It may sound like it, but it's not a whinge or a whine. I just want to start a discussion. Stealth and smoke need a re-work and a serious nerf. Firing without direct line of sight should involve serious penalties to both your dispersion and your chance to hit a target. If you're firing over a dirty great mountain or some other cover, targets should be much harder to hit.
  2. Valanthius

    WG: just for your information

    Personally, I think Torpedo's need to be nerfed. I also think Destroyers and the concealment system needs to be re-worked. It's too easy to hide, either behind cover or in smoke and spam away with either IFHE or torpedo's. It's not the Smolensk's fault. It's not anyone but your fault for being a potato.