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  1. They are quite happy that a BB can 1 shot a ship. And DD can torps a ship out of the game in a single strike but heaven forbid AA one shots some planes...
  2. I'm on night shift, I'll hit you up with it tomo or at least by Saturday. There is a good way to drop a Halland with Midway DB's. And it was early and late game, pretty much whenever I thought he was going to push middle. If he lost AA mounts. It was due to me. I didn't matter what he was trying. I neutered him full stop. Same with their Des Moines and their Marceau. I just made their efforts redundant.
  3. I did 20k to a Halland last night for minimal losses. And if none of those "AA" ships are in a teams line up? You're admitting it's just a free dinner for the CV. Very "balanced".
  4. Nope, there is a definite trend. Sorry, you can't see that.
  5. Simple, CV's are the easy class they get wins and results in. They don't want a level playing field. It's been obvious for a while when you look up player stats.
  6. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    Very High Win Rate Question

    Everything has already been said. Years of learning to get good yeilds rewards. Simple as that.
  7. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    Er.. Is AA actually broken?

    Both top 2 ships on each team were Halland and MvR. 2 Hyper specialised ships. Anything else that ISN'T specialised, suffers. I know, I play Halland a lot. Even then, sometimes it's not even close to enough. So, I understand why so many bemoan the lack of balance, you literally have to be super unicum to negate most of it, and when super unicums point that out? We don't count, as we are to good to have opinions. GJ WG and the player base.
  8. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    Ermmmm. Again. I'm going to have to step in and say, you, are, wrong.
  9. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    Well that was quick just over 5 minutes into game and battle was lost

    I had three 20 min games earlier out of 4. See, I also can present anecdotal evidence with no meaning or validity.
  10. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    It was an actual grind with no camo, few flags and starting with a 3 point captain. And I managed that. Again. T4 CV's are broken.
  11. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    82k. I'm also Vasili_One_Bonk_Only. However as you were not to know that it's ok. Now, back to my point. Averaging 82k in Hosho is stupid.
  12. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    The fact I can average 82k in a Hosho should be indication enough that CV's at T4 are broken and 2 per side is utterly stupid. If you can't see that...
  13. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    My results in T4 CV would like to have a word with you.
  14. Pay_Your_Torpedo_Tax

    The Fun Police

    Polls on aspects of a computer game are hardly going to be "scientific". They are just polls after all. Any way, WG did a poll, it was embarrassing for them. They have not done a poll on CV's since. Wonder why.....