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  1. Butterfield_8

    Puerto Rico Build

    So... After spending $40 on 8x Santa's Big Gift and $35 on the Gorizia Bundle (without which it is impossible to complete the Puerto Rico Build) and $23 on a 8x Santa's Big Gift ($98 total), plus 30 days of game play and in-game resources I come away with nothing to show for the effort unless I spend an additional $60 (15,000 Doubloons) to complete the build? This amounts to $158.00 for a single ship if it were bought outright. I may continue to play the game because I enjoy it, but I certainly will not be spending anymore money on this game and I will share my experience with others.
  2. Butterfield_8

    Building the puerto rico

    So... Here I sit with 34.5 Phases completed and 47,577,096 points and no ship to show for it. What do I get for my investment in time, effort and money? Completing many of the Gorizia challenges to gain more tokens was next to impossible unless you camp out on WOWS 24/7. Very disappointed, especially after the issues I had trying to get moved to the NA server from the EU.