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  1. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Legendary mods

    The missions encouraged players to grind T10 matches to get the upgrades, the RB point system encourages players to reset lines and grind all the other tiers to get the upgrades. So in a sense it helps populate the lower tiers while decongesting T10. Whether that is worth it or not depends on who you ask. Another way to think about it is that you can buy the upgrades with free exp now (700k-900k if you reset a line with double RB bonus), so that's nice.
  2. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Playing team based games is just too painful

    I don't think OP means pushing mid early game, I think he means not having any presence mid, IE no spotting or any ships who could shoot mid if a push comes through. Doing so leaves a huge hole in your lines that a smart enemy can easily use to out flank you, split your forces up, and get to your backline.
  3. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Huang He is best cruiser

    I'm a little confused by this, the Huang He is one of the, if not the, most accurate ship in the game. The only ships I know of that compare dispersion wise is Russian heavy cruisers at close range, Yubari, German alt DD line, and the Zao. I can't really think of any other ship more accurate than the Huang He.
  4. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Marlborough on Sale at the Armory - Wat da?

    Are you talking about the Ablemarle? That's a different ship than the malborough, unless its not showing up in my armory for sale...
  5. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Ever have one of those games...

    Just remember, someone has to die first. Just because you usually do not die first does not mean that you can't die first.
  6. JimmyTheRealPirate

    'Best Battle' missions?

    Are you using t5 or t6 ships? I think they only work with those tiers.
  7. JimmyTheRealPirate

    More stupid play this weekend than past two years

    I've noticed very poor play over the last 2 or 3 weeks. My guess is that more people have time on their hands due to holiday/vacations and decide to play more. Not your regulars, but players who only play once or twice a week now play every day.
  8. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Can a CV take out another CV at the start of a match?

    Serov is particularly nasty for taking out enemy CVs IMO. The upgraded rockets can citadel the t6 american and japanese CV. Had a few 24k+ strikes with her on some CVs. Of course the biggest issue with sniping CVs early is that you have to kill the enemy CV, just damaging it is not nearly enough. Otherwise you waste a quarter of the match just flying across the map with nothing real to show for it.
  9. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Late to The Party...

    Did you check your doubloon count? It might have completed and was automatically deleted. Also check your notifications in the bottom right corner of the screen when in port, it might tell you if you received the doubloons or not.
  10. JimmyTheRealPirate

    West Virginia vs Arizona: Which is better?

    Personally I'm more into Repulse and Mutsu.
  11. JimmyTheRealPirate

    petro ruins the game for me

    If you can counter a Stalingrad, you can counter a Petro. Long range HE spammers, especially ones with 50+mm pen eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Let not forget it turns like a battle ship, so torping isn't super difficult either. Petro is good, but it is far from un-counterable.
  12. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Who have you seen in game

    Thanks! You had a great game as well and I'm glad you were on my team. Sometime I will have to get the Bearn to try it out, looks like fun.
  13. JimmyTheRealPirate


    If the only thing you care about is win rate, then it would have been a lot easier to make a spoof account, get the Clemson or some other seal clubber boat and just farm wins that way...
  14. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Shikishima or Austin??

    Not sure if you are into British BBs, but it might be worth waiting until the Incomparable comes out before deciding.
  15. JimmyTheRealPirate

    So, about Leone...

    Haven't played her, but my guess is island camping and using your orbital bombardment shells to hit... I don't know, American BBs? Since that's just about the only thing you can hit at range with that shell travel time... or you could ambush DDs and use your fairly nice alpha strike potential with your 8 guns to deal nice damage.