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  1. JimmyTheRealPirate

    How often do CV's finish top?

    Rarely are CVs top in EXP. Not all ship types get the same amount of exp for the same activities, I.E. CVs I believe get a large amount of base exp for capping, but reduced exp for spotting and damage. Compared to a DD that only gets moderate exp for capping and damage. It also depends on the types of ships you go after, 5k damage knocked off your average DD will award more exp than 5k off a BB. Considering that CVs are mainly BB/Large cruiser killers and rarely go after light cruisers and DDs, it would make sense that they do not get as much exp for damage.
  2. JimmyTheRealPirate

    DD role

    I'm not arguing that players shouldn't support their DDs (honestly WoWs is a team based game, when possible players should be supporting their allies whenever possible no matter the ship type), but how would you suggest ships like BBs support their DDs? They can't exactly follow their DDs into the cap, or even get within 10-ish KM of the cap without eating a wall of torps or getting constant HE spammed by cruisers. The best thing they can do is sit farther back or behind an island and shoot what the DDs spots, something that is kind of hard to do when your DD is busy humping the map edge only spotting unshootable ships behind islands or BBs far in the back that nobody cares about.
  3. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Early Christmaas Stuff

    What is your definition of "free"? I would not call spending weeks/months saving up the free exp for the Agir as "free". That is a very big time investment, and as the saying goes "time is money". Considering many players make enough money to buy the Agir for dubs in like 1-3 hours of work I would say that is a much more economical way to get the ship (personally I don't think its worth 1m free exp or money, but that is a lesson I learned to late). ... also he explained in the OP why he did it (so he could use his coupon).
  4. You do realize this thread is from 6 months ago... right? If you wanted to talk about how you like the columbo (which I agree is a fairly decent ship) you should start a new thread about it. Also this thread is kind of irrelevant now since swapping between ammo types on Italian BBs was buffed, making them much more flexible.
  5. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Pommern Build question

    Honestly I would build her for main guns in the current meta and try to surprise blap broadsides. To many ships all the way in the back and to much HE spam to make secondaries worth while. If you want to make a good secondary ship, it would be better to get the t9 German alt line BB instead. With that in mind, the GK is basically a better Pomm. With all the super (t11) ship spam going on, it would probably be better to pick a ship that can at least semi stand up to them.
  6. JimmyTheRealPirate

    What Ship to Get Next?

    No coal BBs are like the DM, if you want that you would probably want the Russian BB silver ship line. It doesn't have the DPM of the DM, quit the opposite, but it kind of has the similar play style of picking an island and camping it till either you die or everyone else is dead. As far as DDs go, you will probably want the Forest Sherman. It has fast firing guns and a sort of slow methodical campy gameplay like the DM (but with smoke instead of islands). The Khaba and Marc are good if you like the run and gun gameplay, but you will need to be running while gunning to get the most out of them so not really like a DM.
  7. JimmyTheRealPirate

    replacement for Furious

    Lol, that's what I thought as well. @OP Furious isn't a "bad" skill, its a skill you use to make the best of a bad situation. As a BB you should be on fire at least once a match, if you have not caught on fire then either you are very lucky or you are sitting to far back (which is bad in its self). The furious skill was designed to reward more aggressive play.
  8. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Best all-around Nation's T10 line?

    I'd say the French or the Germans. With the exception of the Elbing, the German t10s are just to well rounded.
  9. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Edgar...smoke or radar

    You'll have to remember that a lot of videos you see are hand picked by the player based on how well they did. Many games where you radar and destroy a DD you tend to do well in, better than if you had smoke and just farmed some BB in the back. Which one is better depends entirely on the ship line ups and the situation you find yourself in. Smoke tends to be a safer choice since you can user smoke on any ship types. Radar only really helps against DDs and a few light cruisers, otherwise it does little.
  10. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Malted Milkshake

    Is there suppose to be some joke here that I am missing? You took a level 3 commander, on a special ship, into a t10 match, and yet you are the one who was inconvenienced by poor team mates?
  11. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Sub tokens for credits

    So, sub tokens. When 0.11.10 drops our remaining sub tokens will be converted to credits at a rate of 1:3,000 according to this article (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-01110-japanese-light-cruisers/). However, in game you can manually exchange those tokens for credits at a rate of 10:15,000 (1,500 credits per token). Am I missing something? Why is there such a large difference? I seem to remember that in the past when the tokens were auto exchanged it would do so at the same rate as you can manually exchange them in the game.
  12. JimmyTheRealPirate

    psa: free equipment dismounts...

    I probably missed it in the news post, but it looks like commander reskilling is free as well.
  13. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Sub launched torpedo magazine detonation

    Detonations are random, but their chances of happening go up depending on where you aim. Getting hit under the turret greatly increases the chance of detonating. The fact that subs have accurate single fire torps combined with their...silly (for lack of forum appropriate words)... ability to get point blank to any ship to launch their torps greatly increase their ability to detonate other ships.
  14. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Torpedo chuckers that take no damage own this game.

    His title is literally (copy and pasted here) Torpedo chuckers that take no damage own this game. and the content of his OP is "Yes, you guess it, you made this into World of Destroyercraft. Thanks." How can you possibly read that as any other way than him complaining about destroyers (hence "Destroyercraft") spamming torps (torpedo chuckers) without putting themselves in danager (that take no damage)???
  15. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Torpedo chuckers that take no damage own this game.

    Ah, gotta love these forums. Someone complains about DDs who can indiscriminately launch torps without putting themselves in danger. Forum users: "LOL git gud.", "Just dodge!", "It must be your fault." Someone complains about CVs because they can indiscriminately launch planes without putting their ship in danger. Forum users: "OMG you preach the gospel!", "CVs OP!", "There's nothing I can do against them!" The hypocrisy is so ripe, I can taste it.