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  1. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Is the Stalingrad really that OP?

    Please don't necro old threads like this. Also, who thinks the Stalingrad is OP in todays meta? It wasn't really "that" OP when it came out, and the only reason it was a little over the top was because it was a strong CA at a time when there were not a lot of strong CAs. Now a days you have ships like the Venazia, hindy with its "old" dpm, and petro; all decent CAs.
  2. JimmyTheRealPirate

    How do you play a gunboat

    Pan Asians are not gunboats, they are hybrids. Meaning, in an average game, you'll be using both your guns and torps. This also means you could build for either guns or torps (similar to American DDs or German DDs). A gun boat would be something like the Russian main DD line. They have great guns, but mediocre to terrible torps (usually short range, not the best speed or reload; the main issue is their concealment is often greater than or barely lower than their torp range), most of the time you'll be using their guns and only using the torps as a last ditch effort.
  3. JimmyTheRealPirate

    How do you play a gunboat

    Err... what? Calling a DD a gun boat or a torp boat is just used to differentiate if they are better at doing damage with guns or torps, not that they only have guns or only have torps...
  4. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Petropavlovsk - balans Komrades!

    Maybe because the Petro is still a fairly new ship, and new ships always seem to be at the top since dedicated and skilled players tend to grind out those new ships much faster than the casual player base. Give it a few more months, maybe a year, and it'll reach its "normal" win rate.
  5. JimmyTheRealPirate

    FDR vs Midway?

    FDR plays very different from any current CV from what I understand, even the Midway. For example, it doesn't have the ability to drop fighters, its planes are slow (compared to other planes, still much faster than any ship in the game), it has a whopping 25 second waiting period between drops, etc. BUT it also has like 14 planes per flight, each with so much HP you basically ignore continuous AA DPS (Flack still hurts), and each attack (2 planes per run, for 7 attack runs per flight) has ridiculous damage potential (26 rockets per plane, 4 torps per plane, etc.). It looks fun, but don't get it because you want something that is similar to other CVs. Its a completely different beast.
  6. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Your thoughts on T10 Vermont?

    Lol, you kidding? no HE spammer will want to be within spitting distance of the Vermont. It gets decent sigma with great american dispersion, that combined with 12 guns, the high arcing shells to lob over islands, and the overmatch potential of the 457s will make this thing a dev strike beast against most cruisers/he spammers. I doubt half the DDs will be much better, as the Vermont should have a decent torp belt and turn on a dime.
  7. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Are Khab players extinct?

    The issue with Kahaba before is that there were not enough things that could counter her, she could out fight basically any other t10 ship. Thus she was nerfed. But now? there are so many thing that counter her, and so few things that she counters. I mean, look at how many ships can spam HE with 50+ MM pen. CVs are a bit to strong against DDs without smoke or super AA (sure Khaba can run smoke, but thats a waste of her potential), several gunboat DDs can out fight her, all DDs except Yueyang can out torp her, all DDs can out spot her, almost all DDs can out maneuver her, even the french DDs can out run her. To make things worse, even BBs out fight. She just can't do anything that something else doesn't do better.
  8. That would give her to many tools. Decent main guns, decent torps, and great secondaries is to much for one BB that also gets good AA and hyrdo. Her greatest strength is the fact that she is a jack of all trades, master of none.
  9. Since when did it become okay to compare ships from different tiers to complain about how the lower tier ship is *surprise surprise* worse than the higher tier ship? Compare Seig to Riga and you get a massively different result.
  10. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Is Neptune Better than Edinburgh?

    Neptune requires a lot more skill to master than Edinburgh, her shells are very floaty and she has an even higher citadel than Edinburgh. The trade off being she is able to pump out a ton of damage. If more damage is what you want, then a well played Neptune will not disappoint you.
  11. JimmyTheRealPirate

    American BBs made even worse

    I think people are greatly embellishing how "bad" the speed and reload of these new BB will be. I mean, other BBs are also fairly slow, IE NC and yammy are only a few knots faster. And the reload for the Minosota and Kansas is the same as the Iowa and NC, shell for shell (9 shells at 30 second reload compared to 12 shells at 40 second reload). That is still a higher rate of fire per rifle than the Russian BBs. You can't really compare the Vermont to the Montana due to the weighty salvo of the Vermont being the highest in the game. The only one that looks "bad" paper wise is the Kansas, but even then it still has 12 406 rifles at t8. The only BB that comes close to that that I know of is the Amagi, and even then it has two less rifles.
  12. How does the saying go? Something about not judging a fish based on how well it can climb?
  13. By that logic, smoke is useless because someone can just radar it, heal is useless because someone can just kill you in one or two torps, and AA doesn't matter since CVs are not in every match (excluding lower tiers). Besides, those ships might have good damage and smoke, but they lack the ability to reliably hit DDs at range, have super long turn radius's, and are fairly slow moving. Not to mention I believe french DDs out DPS them when their reload boost is active. Also, thank you. These forums would lose their charm if it wasn't for players who judge ships solely on the bits and pieces of ships that support their arguments, while completely ignoring everyone thing else about that ship.
  14. JimmyTheRealPirate

    Tier X coal ships to buy : Moksva/Salem/Marceau

    What do you mean the DM is a stronger, more soundly composed package? Other than Salem getting a better heal, and the DM getting a longer range radar, they are basically the same (with some minor things like DM having close range AA, etc.). As for the OP, I would say none. Unfortunately t10 games are kind of in the dumps right now, spending that coal on t9s not only makes you much more credits in the long run, but the t9 ships are top of the line, fantastic ships. BUT, if you must have one, then probably the moskva. Her longer range allows you to sit back with the rest of your team sniping at max range.
  15. You mean other than their good range, 50+Knt speed, good rudder shift, largest "DD" guns (not cruiser guns on a DD), best AP pen on DDs, and a reload booster that makes them the highest DD DPS while it is active? The french DDs have a lot going for them, just because they don't have traditional DD stats does not mean they need something more... The special damage saturation gimmik on French DDs is interesting, but I personally do not like it. It does little to nothing against a veteran player who knows how to counter it (shoot the non damaged parts), but is overly strong against someone who does not know about it.