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  1. I have never completed the dockyards…too much time and effort required, shrug
  2. H0bbes78

    Japanese Cruiser- Tone or Atago?

    Atago all the way, twice on Sunday…she was my first premium ship and she’s never let me down when I take her out.
  3. H0bbes78

    Here come the jets.

    They bring jet's in I want SAMs on my cruisers
  4. Sigh, more camos, no free ships for me…😔😔
  5. I struggle with Napoli and getting it into position to use the secondaries in Randoms.
  6. H0bbes78

    Santa Containers

    Well I feel stupid…thx for the info, moderators you can close this thread please thanks.
  7. H0bbes78

    Santa Containers

    So I’m running 10.11. Aren’t the Santa containers supposed to be available?? If so, where are they because I don’t see them in the Armory or the Premium shop.
  8. H0bbes78

    Your favorite T10 in the current meta

    I love taking my Goliath into matches and dunking on Petros…been playing my Plymouth a lot too…being able to surprise DDs with my radar and low concealment has been awesome. Two downsides…1) it’s fragile as hell, think a Belfast at tier X, and 2)it’s limited to AP only, which is fine until everyone goes bow in to you, then your DPM drops, have to choose your targets wisely.
  9. I can play just fine in Randoms with my ping around 150-200..but as soon as I go to Co-Op it goes from -35-3500 and is unplayable...I had four penalties in a row and was stuck in Co-Op until I figured out that if I just put my ship to go straight in and got killed by the bots it would count as activity so I eventually got out but it was a miserable two hours or so.
  10. H0bbes78

    Top performing tech tree ships 4th quarter

    I love my Goliath. Going up that line was definitely rough but I don’t regret it. You definitely cannot show your sides...ever. But you can bow tank quite well in it if needed, just make sure you manage the superheat accordingly. I use the range mod vs the reload mod to give myself some extra cushion when dunking on Petros or others. The shells do parachute in so make sure you give a longer then usual lead time, but when they hit, they hurt. Taking 10k off Yammys with HE is quite enjoyable...😃
  11. H0bbes78

    Albamarle strategy?

    I love my Goliath. It sucked to play through to get it but it is a beast for me. Get the range mod and dump fire on the reds. I like to think of it as a mini Thunderer that’s able to take off 5-10k whilst using HE. Stay at range of BBs and don’t ever show your broadside.
  12. Where do you find the shield consumable for Valkyrie?
  13. What was that module you used at the end?
  14. H0bbes78

    Test ships spotted in the wild

    Agreed. They shouldn’t get to keep launching planes over and over. If they do, then every ship with the fighter consumable should be able to do the same, can’t have it both ways.