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  1. Gigia

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

  2. Gigia

    Armada: Belfast 1943

    Anybody hiding in smoke, away from DDs and not doing anything for the team should get deleted in one salvo. Unfortunately, not even dds give a crap about capture anymore....what for? Cruisers spamming HE from A1 or A10.... depending on what side you re on..... and BBs sniping from behind an island... or reversing the whole match. Unless you have a German one, in that case you yolo into cap as soon as you can. then people discussing on chat about MM or ship specs.... while we lose 12 ships to 1 familiar??? as long as there are people willing to pay ridiculous real money for overpriced virtual ""goods"" they will do the same to us. ... A game for kids, freaks, and asian sci-fi lovers. world of vodka for breakfast, this is.
  3. Gigia

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    15 torps, and what do I get, another game over and I aint there yet, Saint Peter don't you call me cause I can't come... I´m grinding useless stuff and bored to the core. (full time)
  4. Gigia

    Armada: Belfast 1943

    moving it up one tier.... and overprice it. Nice move. People were desperate to get this ship, but for tier 7 ranked or clan battles. ... if ever again. Moving it up a tier might make it more profitable for you, but it becomes nothing special to have a radar on tier 8. The only advantage she had. besides, with the MM mess you have, you´re likely to play against tier 9 and 10 ships most of the time. Also, with the amount of money you ask for her, I could go into a toy shop or a computer shop and I can get a ton of REAL stuff, or buy presents for 5 people. ...also you fail to realize that the price is over a week of salary in many countries, you should know that, given your location. happy selling season.
  5. This is just not fair at all. They change things every patch or two and after 150 ships, these things get really annoying. I would need to spend a week or two working on it. It's getting harder than a degree in Geography. Cant be updating everything on my mind constantly. I found out radar range changes when trying to radar a DD that was just 100 meters off radar range. Great. You do a great job at keeping people confused, menus cluttered, and stuff redundant or obsolete. Hire a couple of Japanese executives and fire those alcoholics making decisions. PLEASE.
  6. Mykoyan, Okt. Revolutsia, Siroco.... maybe more, cant remember just now.
  7. Everybody has tons of xp that can be converted to free xp just by adding tons of cash on top. Line was crossed years ago, buddy.
  8. So... you offer a Kansas in early access, and her camo. But to complete the missions to get her, you HAVE TO buy Florida or own Kansas itself.... are you taking the piss, right?? Stop doing this, even if there are still fools throwing money at you. The non stupid players feel like you are laughing at us with disrespect.
  9. Gigia

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    Players that have played for years, can´t keep up with all these changes. It's like we need to study every month or two to relearn all specs, skills ranges, etc. Now commander skills. With a hundred or two of ships in port...... It s a hell of a job. Please stop it. I am giving up. But again, it seems like that is exactly what you are after. Older players to leave and new victims to arrive. I said victims because when a game is a full-time job, a constant grind and a constant source of frustration and stuff to relearn.... you don´t enjoy the game any more, you just suffer it. BEEN SUFFERING THIS CRAZY ADDICTION LONG ENOUGH. Thank god at least I don´t spend money on this _ _ _ _.
  10. you get a mission the get the price... it´s getting better and simpler every time. i think they have a huge painting on their HQ walls: если не усложняете, не делайте этого That´s why we need an interpreter for mission directives and stuff. I gave up long ago (on studying Russian language too) As needlessly complicated as beautiful.
  11. they are Hasbrew brand, you gotta pay that. wait and see the price when the lego camos arrive
  12. Gigia

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    Another overcomplicated and overpriced event. The menus and directives still not confusing enough, I think some people actually understood them. Maybe rework them to make more submenus and clutter a bit more the interface... that will definitely blow our heads. Lovely how you listen to us.
  13. Gigia

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    Was that Mr Bean and Dr house?? I guess they have a past.
  14. wow!! ...you IT people :)