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  1. Gigia

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    How about a XVI th century world of warships?? Galleons, frigates, and so.... the portuguese, the spanish, the corsairs XD 100 cannons to each side maybe for april's fools day :P my wish is less salt and lots of sugar in 2023 oceans, bless you all
  2. Gigia

    New Battle Type: Torpedo Frenzy

    The real joke is, the game is so broken and we come out with this, HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL, APRIL FOOLS? ...and may, june, july....
  3. Gigia

    Community Calendar: November 2021

    no, just WG "news" . They enjoy being overcomplicated and overcluttered and lacking any useful info... you new to this or what??
  4. Gigia

    Most defense ribbons

    yes, I wish cruisers did that more often :) specially when you put your life on the line to get a cap, just to lose it the minute after.
  5. Gigia

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Yes. You even get them duplicated if you already have the ships. I dont think they take port slots, as if you dont have any slots free, I´m sure you still get them BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO. WG style...
  6. Gigia

    What Does This Symbol Resemble?

    Seagull poo on a tartan skirt, after you tried wipe it with a paper napkin. I hate it when that happens.
  7. at least someone did agree with you yourself, that was lol lol lol
  8. Lol lol lol lol Are you new to the game?? official petition, thanks for the laugh, really. I even have tears in my eyes. dude... you know what wg does to ships whenever they please? are you upset you cant hit anything anymore? get over it, and get a real ship. have you tried world of warplanes? you will hit ships there for sure, lol lol lol...
  9. Gigia

    Best credit maker ship?

    Krondstad i do good money. Salem is suposed to do as good, but i get deleted soon, so yes, any ship you do well is the answer here.
  10. hey, thank god for it is not Dragon Ball battleships hello kitty cruisers and doraemon destroyers... it used to be the usual.
  11. Gigia

    New German Destroyers Review

    Just what we need Destroyers that dont cap and inflict damage from distance.... (map edge) as if we didnt have enough smoke campers already. why dont you remove capture points and let people hug islands for 20 minutes?? they deserve that.
  12. dude, there is a world out there aswell. remember?
  13. all the efforts go to cash grabs, the game is not getting better. commander skills became useless or just more expensive, every time something is changed, is to make it more complicated and confusing... so, well done. did it again. BTW i think its the last chance to get somers and some other ships. i think the game needs more islands to hide and more fire spam. funny how the more years you go back, the better the game was. CONSISTENTLY, for almost 5 years now.
  14. i know a 7 year old that loves manga ... maybe i can fool him to play a couple games... NO THANKS
  15. Maybe you can help build that wall of yours....