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  1. Bluemoon51

    Lexington-class Battlecruiser Premium

    Given the historical significance of the class (the only true Battlecruisers the USN laid-down), I'm sure they will enter the game at some point....In the long run I believe WG will introduce BC's as their own class(yes and I know what has been said on that topic by WG...however as someone who has been following and playing the game since before Beta testing they have said alot of things that have been proven incorrect/changed their minds/untrue such as the introduction of RN ships in their timeline, Subs, Russian BB's, KM CVs etc)
  2. Bluemoon51

    NA players not located in NA

    I live in the UK I moved over from the EU server last Dec, really glad I did it is much more enjoyable here. Although I live in the UK I lived for a good chunk of my life in NH/MA and still have most of my family over there.
  3. Bluemoon51

    Can we discuss? Winning vs Kills?

    The only stat that matters is wins, speaking for myself if a ship is likely to die anyway I won't fire a final salvo if there is some other target available, likely that has a small impact on my kill rate, but at the end of the day every salvo of overkill is a salvo wasted as I see it
  4. For me. even going back to my days playing WoTs I normally stay to the end because you can learn a lot by watching other players, more often than not the better players are the ones in the game at the end!
  5. I think you are missing my point, to me the issue is that a large part of the game is dependent on CV's being in the game, air-power threat, especially at higher tiers there is really little point going for an AA build because the majority of the time you are not going to see a CV in the game, thus you can go all day without even seeing an aircraft and in turn what does that do to balancing? for example USN ships by and large have great AA and other navies are balanced by getting something else, but where does that leave higher tiered USN ships with nothing to counter. I'm not anti carrier, I just question the current balancing when planes are dependent on a relatively small player base.
  6. What I would like to see is to take CV's out of direct gameplay have their role to provide team support and have AI handle anti surface ship combat(think of it as off map forces), you could have land targets on most of the maps for attacking and fleet air defense as the 2 main roles for onmap carriers. It would also make AA builds practical as there would be aircraft in all games
  7. Bluemoon51

    Bad winrate 40%

    Another point worth mentioning, how many battles are you playing in stock ships? that has a major impact on the level of the ship a stock ship is normally weaker than an upgraded ship the tier below
  8. Skill based matchmaking would have no impact whatsoever on the amount of blowouts, this goes back to WW1 and dogfights if you have an even number in that case planes there is a 50-50 chance with everything being even for each side for a kill but for every kill scored the side with the most remaining planes bumps up their chance accordingly, so the most common result in an "even" battle is actually a blowout
  9. Bluemoon51

    Bad winrate 40%

    Personally I think anything below tier 5 is a waste of time stick at 5-6 and focus on one maybe 2 ships(of the same class)play 200-300 games before even thinking about moving up, If you are killed early stay and watch what others do, once you feel really comfortable buy something else but keep something as your "safe place" move up and if you aren't feeling it go back to the ship you have learnt yo get your timing back.
  10. Bluemoon51

    Opt Out 2 Carrier Random Battles

    What tier are you playing that you are running into 2 CV games? I mostly play 8-9-10 and I don't remember the last time I faced 2 CVs
  11. Simply because BB's can one shot all other classes of ships, it's not their accuracy par se, but the damage they can do with a level of accuracy together. My point is that this is a game and to speed up fleet actions things aren't historical, because no one wants 8hrs to fight a naval battle
  12. Personally I think its pretty good, she was my first Battleship back when she first came out, she wasn't great fun when it was just her and the Fuso but as time has gone on she seems to have aged better than many of the early premiums
  13. I'm fine with this, shall we have BB historical accuracy too? with battles lasting half a day?
  14. Bluemoon51

    HMS Hood any good?

    HMS Hood is a funny ship and I guess because she was the last true Battlecruiser built in real life quite well modeled she feels like a cruiser and is fast hits pretty hard. However the minute you try to turn her she is painful and a huge target, in truth she really doesn't fit the game well and her weaknesses are amplified especially when you get on some of the tight mid tier maps