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  1. Bluemoon51

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    In fairness every time I have dealt with them they have been great, one of the best parts of the company.
  2. maybe CV players want to play in some games they aren't the most hated class in the game!
  3. Bluemoon51

    I'm Out...

    every game has a life span for every player, sorry to see anyone leave, myself I have played since Beta have WG made mistakes, sure, are there things that piss me off with what they do, hell YES! but it's worth remembering to us this is just a game to them it's their livelihood so they have a lot more invested in making it successful then any of us. Finally while if you don't get the enjoyment you once got from the game, leaving because they might introduce subs isn't a great reason, because right now they haven't it's just in one mode, I've played a few rounds myself the last couple of days to "test" how much they impact my game (my goal was to ignore them) in the five rounds I played they didn't once and three of the five I don't believe they impacted the result of the game.
  4. Bluemoon51

    What is ur fav ship?

    Hands down the Azuma for me....
  5. Bluemoon51

    Unacceptable MM ing

    I always thought the Bismark is really kind of middle of the road in terms of tier 8 BBs, you have to be a damn sight more careful around a Massachusetts
  6. Bluemoon51

    CVs have ruined DDs

    played a tier 8 game today(so players that have been around a bit)and our 2 DDs clan mates and in a division head off to the B cap..... the other teams carrier is happily flying its aircraft to the right of B must have been a goof 5km away from the closest, both have their AA on, one is deleted pretty quickly "how can DD's operate with Carriers all over the place" comes the cry........... Try turning your AA off, the irony was I was supporting behind them in a cruiser and he was going after me before they got spotted!
  7. Bluemoon51

    The first thing you'll see at the dockyard

    the art team have again done an amazing job, I would buy it as my screensaver, if they want to make some money off me!!!!
  8. Bluemoon51

    The first thing you'll see at the dockyard

    That is indeed true it will be interesting to see what happens to the other German BB....
  9. Bluemoon51

    The first thing you'll see at the dockyard

    The PR event you could complete a tier 7 for free relatively easily........(this event you are getting what a 66% discount assuming you have played through all phases)
  10. Bluemoon51

    The first thing you'll see at the dockyard

    I agree on that, but at the end of the day this is by all accounts a fairly weak tier 8 BB not a tier 10.......
  11. Bluemoon51

    The first thing you'll see at the dockyard

    LOL I feel a PR2 coming on and we aren't in the season of goodwill!
  12. Bluemoon51

    Abruzzio, Indi. Best picks for rank???

    Personally I don't play ranked but have never rated the Indianapolis (I seem to recall earning it in an event when it first came out)and I'm someone that mostly plays cruisers, the bottom-line is that the whole game is trial and error what works for you might not work for someone else..... the ship that works best for me is the Azuma(thats not a suggestion for this ranked event!) yet hardly anyone plays it and most people would say to pass on it.
  13. Bluemoon51

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    I would love a RN Super Heavy Cruiser please.......Love my Azuma!!!!!
  14. Bluemoon51

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    My guess is VJ day...............
  15. I'm going to defend WG up-to a point in terms of content, let me start by saying I don't enjoy the Russian lines and think that they shouldn't have been introduced as early as they did, or indeed to the level they have.... However.... they are a Russian company from a practical standpoint I'm sure it is easier and cheaper to source content for the game that's Russian, I am sure also that many of their staff are more passionate about bringing something soviet than something from say Italy(I'm sure there aren't many American's restoring classic 1960s Lada Cars for example!) even if historically it's actually borderline silly the content that is in the game for them already......just wait for Soviet CV's...................as for subs still on the fence about them, but I think they are going about their introduction prudently and there is every chance they won't reach the Random Game Mode..... I played WoWP early on myself had alot of fun but its been sad to see how the game stalled as quickly as it did... I think WG themselves will admit that they didn't handle that game well and it's a shame to see its state