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  1. except wot gone downhill since 2016 , and haven't made any improvement to the gameplay quality, maps are still 1x1km at best, gold ammo still a problem, arty still a problem, ebr line still a problem, spotting still a problem
  2. Dunno, i love Zieten, she has her charm, she's like roon, but bigger, and in t8 with 27mm bow and 60mm ice breaker, very capable of bouncing shells and overmatching everything that the 380's can't on the other hand, Rupprecht is even more fun, highly suggest using Günther for this line (IFHE also good)
  3. ApolloF1177

    Alternative to DCP for homing torpedo lock

    Because its too reasonable, like hydro detecting submarine at maximum depth and not letting a class have a free jail out card if you are dumb enough to overextend, like we already have with one, imagine , you give up logic when you play this game
  4. ApolloF1177

    Early acess german battleships "accuracy"

    Well compared to her because it isn't really a cruiser, it has real battleship guns unlike other "large" cruisers , and i think this would be the first cruiser you could call battlecruiser, even WG call these new battleships as battlecruisers, and so are their description and their real backgrounds as well, so, i do not see the reason with such low gun amount why they get such horrible accuracy, on paper sure it looks better, in practice its bad. I'm playing the t8 non stop, only 6 guns, and can't really get the hang of the guns, sure don't give them siegfried accuracy im not saying that, but missing ships you otherwise hit with every other battleships because it has shell volume, its kind of a let down. These ships aren't as durable, they have limited damage control, one less repair party, they have the first world war hull lines that makes them more likely to eat full pen even if you angle, 27mm bow(with ice breaker, but still the bow and the aft is vulnerable to 406's and above )and you have to deal with unreliable guns with little to no consistency to survive or deal damage (what looks like secondaries do better sometimes ) . Can't really wrap my head around the logic. So we traded off a lot of things for what? At best, average main gun accuracy with low gun count, dunno georgia and thunderer they have dual gun setup and they are accurate or the very best their shells don't go all over the place , i know, i played them, excessively. This is my thoughts on it so far, maybe the t9 or t10 will be better at hitting ships consistently I am really curious about what could you add to it, if you like to of course @Ev1n_NA
  5. Don't be fooled by Wgs definition of "better accuracy than other battleships" , its just as bad if not the same as every other, missing broadside battleships under10km is a bit , i don't know, annoying? Maybe its just the nature of the Dual cannon layout , but on siegfried its works, sure it does funky stuff there too, but currently this is borderline bismarck accuracy before patch. This is my experience so far. I'd like to hear more who have experience with the new ships, good or bad doesn't matter, just like to see if its me who feels this way.
  6. ApolloF1177

    Shipmate's going Ashore.

    convenient, and, what company, or it is a state sekrit
  7. ApolloF1177

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Well, actually Siegfried was the only one who had actual long range secondaries , but i get what you saying, because that was the reason why many of us grinded for the ship, now since the commander "rework" she lost one of her weapon system that actually contributed to her damage output, and now with these new skills that we have right now, she can't even activate the german special commander traits. You won't going to hit 140 main battery shells with only 6 380 gun, and you won't activate the secondary trait with 8km range that has the accuracy of a musket. option one: Either change the ship base attribute on secondaries option two: Give cruiser tree secondary related skills option three: Make a new classifications to these ships, or move them to the battleship section(this is the most laziest choice) option four: Give Siegfried and maybe ägir specialized module in upgrade slot two where it increases their range and accuracy to the level of what you could achieve with previous skills before the rework. these are my thoughts about it, when i heard the new commander rework i was worried exactly because of this reason , friends at ST said, don't worry they said there are exceptions, well, i do not see exceptions, so i would and many others im sure, will appreciate if a ship that was sold as having secondaries that are on battleship level, would be on battleship level , like before the so called "rework", for me seems like rework is synonym for ruining things that work 545 battle in the ship, 500 of them was before the rework, i barely had the will to play with her because of the reason above. Commander Rework just give many ships the sads big time @Sub_Octavian @Mademoisail
  8. ApolloF1177

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    Okay, so to address a few points Armor: What is that 27mm plating, but okay, lets say thats fine, since sieg and ägir(despite the missing armor section on the bow) doing fine with it, if the "battleships" have 32mm or 40mm deck it will be actually workable Consumables:hydro? ok its german, i would have been surprised if it gets something unique i suppose limited damage control, with what hp, 70k for the T10? Hell no, either change it to unlimited type of damage control or increase the hp on every ship in the line It is kind of acceptable for the russians to have that type of DC because they have crapton of armor and HP to it, but this? how is this justified? Guns: few and reload feels too long, accuracy seems okay(ish) 200m avg shell dispersion and 1,7 sigma at high tier ships, i guess its works if its actually accurate , not like a shotgun I do hope that the super testers are rumbling in the discord server of yours and not just the usual , "yes yes we hear you and don't care" I'd like to have some of that merchandise what the devs smoking while doing these kind of decisions, maybe Lukashenko their supplier