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  1. nerfinvisibileships

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    people already have skills. numchucks skills and bow hunting skills. what they lack is teamwork. some of the best games i've had were when a random cruiser, who obviously didn't check my stats, supported me from the start of battle. we rekt everything in our path. it hasn't happened in a while. i used to occasionally support a randumb cruiser but i gave that up because they tend to hide behind an island or otherwise run away and hand the match to the red team usually i get no support and can't find anyone to support. until your tutorial teaches some basic ship roles and cross class tactics, it won't help. people know how to spam torps and HE. that's not the problem.
  2. nerfinvisibileships

    I shoot back

    that's not the lie you said before if he sailed between you and the red, how did he shoot you does not compute
  3. nerfinvisibileships

    I shoot back

    maybe don't turn in front of battleships
  4. nerfinvisibileships

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    yeah skill is great. skill leads to island camping, smoke camping, HE spamming, concealment build and the meta we have today. the game needs teamwork but teamwork isn't rewarded. people would rather farm damage off any spotted battleship than win. this entire game is the bg feature of WoW. i'd like to see an open world version.
  5. nerfinvisibileships

    Ocean Map - Rodeo Roundup

    they're looking for an island to hump
  6. nerfinvisibileships

    More and more the few punish the many

    what is meann whining about now
  7. nerfinvisibileships

    fines for "damaging allies"

    simple solution, friendly ramming does full damage. it would soon be a distant memory.
  8. nerfinvisibileships

    PSA - Win A Perth (Battle) - Opt In

    yes, yes, wg spammed all 3 of my accounts with the perth promotion popup. i saw the word "chance" and x'd them.
  9. nerfinvisibileships

    Obnoxious unremovable Dockyard blinker asking for money

    i'm super triggered. i hate the notifications so much. i've ignored them for so long i'm used to red squares all over my screen now. also haven't been watching the dasha videos because she talks russian at the same time as the english translation voiceover, can't understand it and too annoying. i don't think i have the 'finish now' option unlocked for payto rico. maybe but i doubt it. i completely ignored the event and only did a few diectives by accident while playing the game. in any case, i bet the annoying sparkly and or flashing payto rico icon goes away if you log out. i hope this helps.
  10. nerfinvisibileships

    Up to 200m free credits on the horizon

    in what universe is 1,050 dubs "free"?
  11. nerfinvisibileships

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    random loot is random
  12. so battleships don't have to worry about cowardly assaho's now? great. business as usual, carry on.
  13. nerfinvisibileships

    Need advice for Nelson

    i thought the front guns were the only guns
  14. nerfinvisibileships

    Two Best Tier VIII ships for ranked and why

    everyone else is wrong. Richelieu is the best tier 8 ship.
  15. nerfinvisibileships

    PSA: Upgrade sale

    spotting range is way longer than gun range anyway. that part of tasm was useless. don't need to gawk at models of ships when you can't reach them. minimap marker is fine. unless you really need to know which camo they're using? 3 km assured detection was already the only benefit, well it did add some torp detection. so they're basically nerfing it to just torp detection. it'll be easy to leave that upgrade slot empty in the future.