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  1. _Thanagor_

    Bismarck Secondary Build in 0.10.8

    Fire prevention on German BBs, extra heal on US premium BBs.
  2. _Thanagor_

    I miss dead eye

    As I said a long time ago, the problem was never deadeye itself. Deadeye has great synergy with concealment and sniper-ish playstyle. Any other build doesn't have such synergy, at least not within a possible skill point allocation. With deadeye, you would still have some extra points to invest in survival, but if you wanted a full brawling build, you would need to sacrifice on survival completely, which was ridiculous.
  3. _Thanagor_

    Dealing with CV Rocket Nerf

    Play Kaga, Indomitable, Immelmann. They weren't weak before the rocket nerf, now they are strong, at least relatively.
  4. _Thanagor_

    What is the best tier X carrier?

    Now, Midway. Next patch, Immelmann.
  5. _Thanagor_

    Where is my Battle of the Beasts captain?

    Any idea when we will get him?
  6. _Thanagor_

    Tiger 59 AA Query

    The raw AA damage output is weak yes, but 6.9km range is no joke. Combined with smoke, it safely covers a large area. If the CV decides to charge into the AA zone, Tiger 59 can pop DFAA and make the CV pay a great price.
  7. _Thanagor_

    CV's in Ranked Battles

    Be the CV so your team will never have a crappy CV. Problem solved.
  8. _Thanagor_

    Where is my Battle of the Beasts captain?

    Can confirm my clan mate got him. I too exceeded the personal progress and got nothing.
  9. _Thanagor_

    Where is my Battle of the Beasts captain?

    Did that. He is not there :(
  10. _Thanagor_

    Where is my Battle of the Beasts captain?

    My personal progress reached the maximum. I known he is specialized for Hermelin, but I still can't find him.
  11. Chose Feuerputz last week. Last night I thought we could not make it so I went offline. This morning my clanmate who also chose Feuerputz told me that we made it to the captain and he received him in the captain reserve. I logged in and nothing. What happened?
  12. Then you don't get immunity against Max Immelmann
  13. Maybe with all main guns and torpedo tubes removed.
  14. Not as strong as Midway, but definitely the most fun Tier 10 ship so far.
  15. _Thanagor_

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    Anyone using mod Minimap by Autospy?