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  1. _Thanagor_

    WG's double-standard balancing policy

    So you are saying those ships that are no longer on the shelves are balanced? Remind me when was the last time Belfast, Musashi, or Kamikaze received a balance change?
  2. _Thanagor_

    2nd Easter Egg SC.. What did you get??

    A contract of 7 days' sweat labouring.
  3. _Thanagor_

    Chkalov please DO NOT mess it up

    This is true. But WG is applying a double-standard on nerfing premiums.
  4. So WG decides to significantly nerf Chkalov. This ship is pretty strong with the current specs---which is the reason why I bought it. But its OPness is nowhere near the OPness of Musashi, Belfast, Kamikaze, or the Enterprise before the rocket change. It seems to me that this is where WG's balancing policy is heading to: Old OP ships will remain OP, and WG benefits from selling them through Santa Crates; New OP premiums will be released so a lot of players will buy them, but the ships will be nerfed after the initial sales. GG.
  5. A lot of AP attack against ranger will indeed overpen. If ranger is giving Loewenhardt a perfect broadside, its 21mm citadel armor will not arm the rocket, which requires 25mm.
  6. Can we have MM like that?
  7. _Thanagor_

    Balanced and historical, either or neither?

    Not even MOBA. This game is an arcade at most. The gameplay can never be historically or realistically accurate, but at least we can appreciate the nice 3D modelling of both actual and paper ships. Have you ever wanted a remote control toy ship that can shoot its guns? To me, the game is just like that, but so much better.
  8. @Ahskance Can we have a confirmation that this has been passed to the developers? Or do you think this is a feature, not a bug?
  9. _Thanagor_

    Is Hornet really worth it?

    It's a historical ship and offers a somewhat unique playstyle. Is it powerful? Absolutely not.
  10. The skill that adds 25/350/450 hitpoints per tier to planes/destroyers/cruisers. How much does it add to a supership? I assume a supership is tier 11 so the multiplier is 11. Can anyone confirm?
  11. _Thanagor_

    Dallas Defensive AA vs Fighters

    DFAA is more valuable if you are providing AA support for a nearby friendly ship. Fighters are usually used for self-defense.
  12. _Thanagor_

    USS Hornet CV-8 On it's way

    Unfortunately, it seems to be on the weaker side of all the tier 8 CVs.
  13. _Thanagor_

    IF hidden menace were not broken...

    If it were not broken, every CV can benefit from it hugely. I would even consider it a mandatory skill on several CVs.
  14. _Thanagor_

    IF hidden menace were not broken...

    Good to know. I guess I will avoid using this skill on regular CVs for a very long time.
  15. I thought this would have been fixed in this update, but no. Submarines can still spot planes from underwater. If a submarine is determined to snipe a CV, there is little you can do because the fighters, as well as the planes taking off reveal your location, and the submarine doesn't have to emerge until it is right at your face.