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  1. wolfman757

    Why is smoke so useless

    That last battle did it I'm uninstalling this [edited] up piece of crapgame, it WAS fun but I'm sick and [edited]tired of being [edited]team killed so [edited] every damn team killer
  2. wolfman757

    Why is smoke so useless

    It was a fun game, but with all the cowards, run away's, and groupmate shooters and killers the fun is gone, its like this , a bad day at work is better than a random battle, and sittig trying to hide in smoke while you cant move is like using strobe lights at night trying to be found
  3. wolfman757

    Why is smoke so useless

    sorry I don't do replays, for 2 reasons (1) I don't bother keeping them, if I kept every replay that I saw something stupid or bad I'd had I'd have enough for a premier feature film (2) all a replay does is give somebody the motive to condemn the person that posted it instead of helping
  4. wolfman757

    Why is smoke so useless

    Lert I'll tell you this for free, I didn't fire my guns in the smoke I was trying to heal the repair party enough to take my Destroyer and its 2 hit points left to the real end of the map where the cowards were hiding at so maybe just maybe one of THEM would fire a shot and somebody besides me, the range was 12km Doesnt matter much anymore anyway one more battle like the one I just left early and I'm uninstalling it anyway
  5. wolfman757

    one more

    One more damn battle like the one I just left early from and I will uninstall this stupid team killing game, I'm about sick and tired of the hiding behind islands team killing, cowards that run away and people that beg for help then abandon you it'll be a shame to have to uninstall this game I like the ships and the graphics, but some of the outright [edited] ruin it
  6. Except for the enemy of course, it seems to me like if I pop smoke even if I move I get hammered to death, if I don't use smoke of lay it and leave I live longer SMOKE IS USELESS TO ME
  7. wolfman757

    Test ships?

    oh ok, well I'm not in a clan anymore so they can take them off my list of ships any time now
  8. wolfman757

    Test ships?

    Ok I logged in and I have 3 test ships, one Russian, one American and one Japan, commanders assigned, but I cant enter any battle with them, WTH?
  9. wolfman757

    Friendly fire

    Trade ya, I just got a two game penalty for killing an ally, .........a moron that ran between me and the battleship I was taking apart before it sank him he rushed around from the the side of the battleship just to get in my line of fire after popping smoke so that nobody could see him LOL Have no pity I'm used to being pink, in fact tonight and yesterday is the longest I've NOT been pink in as long as I can remember, so it really doesn't bother me anymore.
  10. That's where i am .....coop....did 5 random battles in two ship, got 3 losing groups of cattle in one ship two in the other ship, I'll d another random battle when either i'm in a clan again and the division goes in one, or hell freezes over and King Neptune starts drinking Duck thru coffee
  11. wolfman757

    Not a single freaking kill :)

  12. wolfman757

    Not a single freaking kill :)

    well, for those of you who use the word team.....yea I was on a good group, there are no teams in Random battles unless two from a clan are on the same side
  13. wolfman757

    Not a single freaking kill :)

    Oh btw I was in a tin can :)
  14. 50k damage, 8 torpedo hits 5 citadels, and I'm not pink :)
  15. wolfman757

    Chat ban rules

    I Ive been chat banned so many times cant tell you if I can use chat right now or not cause most of the time I have it off