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  1. MichiganEagle

    Have you taken a break yet?

    On a week break right now, and not really missing the game. Maybe I'm done, we'll see.
  2. MichiganEagle

    What's your best moment of sheer hilarity?

    When I was playing a particularly BAD game after just starting out WoWs, and our CV player said I should quit and uninstall the game. I asked him what the chances were that I would have a higher XP than him after the game? He said, "no chance" in all lowercase letters - probably for extra emphasis or something. The game ended, and up came the totals. I finished with 4 XP higher than him. I laugh my butt off every time thinking about it.
  3. MichiganEagle

    Something to go with your Pink Name

    Still moves faster than a US BB.
  4. MichiganEagle

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My first 6-kill game ever! Random or Coop. Was trying for the Dragon flag directive (50k damage with Graf Spee). Knew I could get it, but the very first time out...this happened:
  5. MichiganEagle


    Yes. At least it will load occasionally now.
  6. FWIW - the Dockyard would not open for me the first two days either, and after doing precisely nothing to fix it.... it is working for the first time today. Go figure.
  7. Precisely why I got her. Haven't played her in over a week.
  8. There are. Myself among them. Waiting/hoping for an overnight patch because I'm not tech-savvy enough nor do I have the time to mess around and try and fix it myself.
  9. MichiganEagle

    Dockyard, Decisions, Decisions

    My armory behaves like that. It takes forever, but eventually loads. The Dockyard finally showed up - but that was all. No tabs, no missions, no directives, no places to add tokens I've accumulated. I'm hoping for an overnight patch, because I'm not tech savvy enough to waste an hour or more fiddling with the posted solution elsewhere that may or may not work according to other posters.
  10. MichiganEagle

    Dockyard, Decisions, Decisions

    People can actually access the Dockyard? Hasn't worked for me yet.
  11. There was no patch for this overnight?
  12. MichiganEagle

    Does French BBs actually have any weakness?

    Under the front second turret near the water line. Aim there, you should.
  13. I'm on Steam and also experienced Dockyard problems. Will this get its own early morning update some time soon, or do I really have to take the steps described in OP?
  14. Because Italy's navy was nothing compared to the Glorious Soviet fleet.
  15. ^^^ Both these posts cleared it up for me.