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  1. MichiganEagle

    New Campaign Please

    Yes - more campaigns, please!
  2. Except I don't remember being on low health. Bots see a British Heavy Cruiser and seem to have the same reaction human players do: "Citadel City!"
  3. Then again, upon further reflection...I was on an all-bot team recently where I sunk 3 ships before my death. And the red team won by sinking all of our ships. Perhaps...perhaps...ONLY THE RED BOTS WERE IMPROVED DUN DUN DUNNNN
  4. I have noticed no difference. They still charge into islands. Several did this to me last night, and it was infuriating as heck because in one case I had gone around an island one way, hoping it would pop out there and get some shots on it. To no avail. Beached and sunk by other teammates. 2-3 days ago, I was in an Albemarle 15 km away from a red BB who was engaged with a green Alabama roughly 2 km away. As soon as I opened up, the red BB switched its attention to me.
  5. MichiganEagle

    Armory not loading for anybody?

    All the time lately. Moving my mouse cursor in a circle jolts it loose though.
  6. MichiganEagle

    That's it for me, screw this game

    OP so fed up, he even quit on the English language.
  7. MichiganEagle

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Ignore the toxic people - they simply aren't worth your time. It's not that hard to do. Consider the people who are genuinely trying to help you improve your game. It takes about a second to tell the two apart.
  8. MichiganEagle

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    Coop? Get used to getting one-shotted by Tier 9+ BBs from halfway across the map. You see the shots incoming and you cannot move right or left fast enough. All that has to happen is one shell hit you and there goes 80% of your health. Doesn't matter if you are 15 km away, either. As soon as you're targeted by 3 or more ships you are dead. I had a Coop game earlier today where a red BB had a green Alabama right in its face (like 2 km or so), but as soon as I opened up from 15 km...it started shooting at me.
  9. ^^^ Forgot this one: - Reinstalling the game was a BIG mistake But otherwise, GREAT list. 10/10 Would read again.
  10. Also, just wait awhile - WG will deliver. Like you suggested - they are due for another fiasco.
  11. It's like a WG Tech tree. First CVs. Then CV rework. Then HE Spammers. Then PR. Then Subs. Then Soviet Cruisers. Maybe not necessarily in order, but you get the idea.
  12. Against lower tier cruisers, I scored 10 citadels in a Coop game but yeah - that's about it. 9 million credits to get those extra Brit, er, are they Royal? tokens. It's my first Tier 8 ship. Cleveland or Baltimore are next, and they seem more promising.
  13. MichiganEagle

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    Trivia fact: The Allies sometimes referred to their Sherman tanks as "Ronson Lighters". Ronson Lighters apparently had a slogan that went something like, "Lights the first time - every time." You gotta admire sardonic wit. It gets you through some really tough times.
  14. MichiganEagle

    California HYPE

    Any mention if WG is messing around with releasing this for free XP purchase? I assume no. Not sure when they do and don't do that. What was it like when Alaska and the Tier 9 Japanese Cruiser came out?