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  1. Valkyrie_1968

    So, what ever happened to fixing the AI?

    For the most part, the bots aren't much better, running into islands, all going down middle of two brothers, etc. Until they decide you are the target of choice, then they become terminator bots and kill you quickly. So you never know which ones you will face.
  2. Valkyrie_1968

    Naval Battles need to change

    Need to rotate between base xp, damage and ribbons every week, I think damage and ribbons has been one time this year each. The steps between need to be more reasonable as well, the large steps won't drive us to play more random battles.
  3. Valkyrie_1968

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    Yes that is with premium account. Without premium the credit loss would be very bad.
  4. Valkyrie_1968

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    I do have the perma camo on GK. Correct on the special. I have perma camo on Yamma as well, but unless I'm on a mostly bot team, it is hard to make any credits, especially with how short most battles are.
  5. Valkyrie_1968

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    Thanks to the GK now being a "Premium" ship, I have been able to enjoy playing it more in PVE, without losing credits like it did before. My Yamma and Monty, well, not so much. I still play them but often lose credits, just have to work harder to lessen the loss. End up playing premium ships more to make up for the lost credits.
  6. Valkyrie_1968

    PVE AI Changes

    For the most part, the bots didn't seem different or very much improved at all. Yesterday, I think I ran into some very improved bots in my Salem, 7 of them shot me to pieces in just about a minute, 1.2 mil potential damage. Haven't seen them do that in quite a while. Gotta be a bit more mindful around them now I guess.
  7. Valkyrie_1968

    Bots shooting better in Coop?

    I haven't noticed much difference with the bot accuracy. Missed shots are a bit closer but still misses. They do seem to set fires a bit more, but bots have always been good at that.
  8. Valkyrie_1968

    Co-Op Update!

    Bots going all to one side is annoying. I was on left flank with another BB on Two Brothers. All but 3 of the bots went to the middle, the other 3 on the right. Never had a chance to shoot anything, even in a fast BB like Gascogne. 0 damage done, what fun.
  9. Valkyrie_1968

    What's your GPU ?

    I have a 3060ti, works great with the game, can run at high settings no problem.
  10. I had one today, booted me from the server, had to reconnect. Unfortunately no results screen to send in, so no idea on what it costs me. It did say the penalty was lifted for observing the rules of the games. I wasn't even pink and had no penalties.