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  1. RYANMK48

    Cruise missiles / UAV coming SOON(TM)

    I don’t think those are ASW rockets, more likely they were a first gen RB 08 anti-ship missiles. The Swedes actually make some pretty good missiles and ships.
  2. RYANMK48

    PTS Secondary test

    By any chance do you have any data for the same ships on the regular server? Also, do you have the GK unique mod or what mods are you using?
  3. RYANMK48

    Main Guns not firing

    I’ve seen this as well in my BBs. Generally when I’m turning and only have one turret locked on target. The reticule shows green but the guns won’t fire. I have to wait a second or two then they work.
  4. There is a small easy to miss note at the left hand bottom of the screen showing the premium container stating that it will not be available for purchase until Aug 14th
  5. RYANMK48

    The Server Burped

    Happened to me twice in the last two days. Never happened prior to this in nearly 5K battles, not sure why. Both times I was in a 3 person division but not sure if that had anything to do with it. Both other players in the division had no problems.
  6. RYANMK48

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    I too would love to understand if my flak is actually doing anything and the best way to deploy my AA other than hitting O and T and hoping for the best.
  7. RYANMK48

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    I would also be able to help if you need it. I’ve never really understood the mechanics of AA and my autistic brain would like to.
  8. RYANMK48

    Salt farming operation

    Nice job its too bad your team couldn’t take advantage. I’m surprised that with that many fires and floods you didn’t sink more though. How many ships did your team sink?
  9. Again as many commenters have said before don’t jump into the higher tiers thinking that having a really good ship will help you win. Many of the best premiums also have the highest skill floors. You may actually be hurting your learning and performance by going to the premiums. I spent the last 2000 games making up for my first 2000 games trying to go up the tier ladder too quickly. If you want to win and help your team stick to tiers 4-6 until you can effectively drive your ship. Then worry about premiums and getting to higher tiers. Unasked for advice but I hope it helps.
  10. As many have commented Covid-19 has resulted in a flood of new players many of whom don’t know much about the technical aspects of the ships they get let alone the tactics of the game. It took me well over 1000 games to figure out many of the basics (yes I’m pretty slow) and I wish someone had given me a lot of advice on how to “get gud”. I learned a lot on this forum but I’m asking the more experienced players for one or two thoughts that would help newer players. Here are my two: - Spend some time on the WOWS wiki learning about your ship. I constantly see newer players firing 6km range torpedoes at targets 10+ km away, or using 5km hydro near their spawn point or the worst is an Asashio or Pan Asian DD trying to torp another DD. - Spend some time on the wows-numbers or wowstats websites looking at your personal ratings. I’m not recommending anyone get obsessed about their stats, but it was an eye opener to me when I first saw my own stats and realized how unready I was for higher tiers. So I went back to tiers 4, 5 and 6 to get better and now I feel much more comfortable at tiers 7+. Too many new players watch a YouTube video and think if they have a Georgia or a Des Moines they will really kick butt. Unfortunately, for them this game is much more about player skill than the ship. A good player in a tier 5 Konigsberg can often burn down a bad player in a tier 7 Colorado, even though the Colorado is way way more powerful. I know its unlikely many new players will read this but I’m also hoping the more experienced players will try to chat with the newer ones and help them out (constructively). Any thoughts from other players or is this a waste of time?
  11. RYANMK48

    Should WG Rein In Players Like This?

    OP you already answered your own question; in one game this player apparently hurt your team by yoloing and in the next he helped your team by giving you an easy kill. Viola, instant balance. I won't repeat what others said because point made, that player has just as much right to play as you do regardless of skill. @Hapa_Fodder this however is a misunderstanding from my perspective. Skill based matchmaking isn’t just about have a place where only unicums can play, that is what clan battles at the higher levels ends up being. For me skill based MM is about making sure one side doesn't have all the best players vs the other. We should want a mix on the teams, that is how we all get better is by playing against people who are better than we are. However, if its too one sided then you get a 6 minute blowout game and I hate those whether I win or lose. Just by using a players win rate (or if you want to be more sophisticated their PR in a given class of ship) you would reduce the number of blowouts and improve the player experience.
  12. RYANMK48

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Thank you Ms Mouse, its a great review and your graphics keep raising the bar (they are quite visible and intuitive btw). As somebody already said if I can complete the new dockyard (assuming WG learned the lesson and its not another dumpster fire) 3500 dubs is a cheap price for even a mediocre tier 8 BB.
  13. RYANMK48

    Silly idea for NO plane regeneration.

    What are you talking about, I never said a work about “perict” planes. Read what I wrote and don’t confuse me with what someone else said.
  14. RYANMK48

    Silly idea for NO plane regeneration.

    Thanks for this information, I have never played CVs but only against them. I've always wondered about how effective is it to use all my AA consumables early in an effort with other team members to slow down a red CVs ability to cause damage over 20 minutes of a game. Or, is it better to hold off in case I need them late game. It sounds like its better to shoot down as may planes as possible as early as possible.
  15. RYANMK48

    What Would Cause Ship Self Destruction?

    I love cruisers and I hope you do as well. Hang in there, the game can be frustrating to start but it gets much more fun once you get the hang of it. If you hit a friendly with torps again, just say sorry in chat and move on. Like fecal matter it happens, as someone mentioned, situational awareness is critical to becoming good in this game. I’m working towards 4K games and its still hard, but its rewarding as you get better.