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  1. krishwashere

    Kuznetsov vs Moskva

    Hi folks, this is going to seem like a bit of weird question but I've got enough coal now that it is something to consider. So I've seen a lot of reviews on Kuznetsov recently and I have fought enough battles against him to know how useful he is, but my question is is it worth getting him before Moskva, just so that I can grind up his points in the meantime? I doubt Moskva is a ship thats going to go soon and with that I feel confident grinding up the goal in a decent amount of time.
  2. krishwashere

    ZF-6 Worth it?

    Hi Folks, So just for a bit of background, I've been debating getting the ZF-6 for a little bit now wand I'm at a bit of a cross road. On one side I think that the ship is pretty interesting and have just about enough credits to get the basic starter pack. But on the other side I question how often will I actually play it? I got Anchorage and Hizen but have been somewhat disappointed in their playstyle, but I do enjoy gunboat dds. Any thoughts on whether I should purchase it?
  3. Hi folks, hope everyone is doing alright! In the past few days I have found that my mouse pointer has been vanishing from my game. And before anything else is said, I do know to press control normally to show the mouse pointer. Right now no matter what I do the mouse pointer does not show up unless I change tab and then come back to wargaming. Its a real hassle especially when in a game or using manual secondaries. Does anyone know a fix for it or has anyone dealt with it before?
  4. Hi everyone, I know it might be a bit weird, but I have been grinding XP to try and unlock a new ship. I am about 50k XP away from either the Yamato or the Worcester. Both ships have very different gameplay but I like both. Which one is better to try and get wins?