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  1. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Oklahoma my new port queen. Grind well wasted LOL

    It’s only sad because it’s a really nice looking ship with great camo that the artists spent some time on. 😢
  2. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Double CV games

    Single cv games ... fine. Okay. Whatever ... it won’t be fun but okay. Double CV is just awful. I generally yolo and get it over with quick. If you make it to the end, like you said; you’re just going to die by CV no matter what. I’ll say it again, single CV games are tolerable. CV are only over powered for the one ship at a time they can pick on, and in games with 3 or 4 DDs they can be really useful in (hopefully) spotting and anti DD duty. Double CV games are misery.
  3. Pirate_Named_Sue

    i want to buy 1st premium ship

    You can score all of these for “free” if you have the time and patience to play. I have Alaska and Georgia, love them both. Pom is an excellent brawler and would be an excellent boat as well. I haven't heard as much positive news on Agir. A ship That is not available for free, but fits with these and is a blast to play; the Massachusetts. If you have a 25% off coupon laying around it’s $40. I’ve played the snot out of mine and have not a cent of buyers remorse from it. If you don’t have the time to earn one of your listed ships, my preference is Georgia. GL, HH.
  4. I use this build but swap visibility for FP. The find the fire prevention much more useful. This would be a great build for mass and Ga and not for Monty, but I think you’d still be fine with it. Better to be optimal for 2/3 🤣
  5. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Crossover 20 ?

    Apple has unfortunately been moving farther and farther from releasing products for working professionals in the creative industry for a long time now. It’s too bad because I very much prefer their OS and working on their older machines. They are just so simple and function so well. First they made their hardware very difficult too mod, and now they OS seems to becoming more and more difficult to work with. I don’t blame WG from moving away from their complexities given the small number of players that use them. Luckily in my own situation boot camp is still an option.
  6. This is all great advise. I struggled with Alsace in the beginning but by the time I finished it, it was my second highest scoring and best kill to death rate BB next to Sov. It’s not an easy or simple ship to play, But it can be very rewarding.
  7. Pirate_Named_Sue

    OK Oklahoma!

    It’s a good boat for drinking and driving. So slow and hard to [edited] up 😂 no expectations when either team sees it either.
  8. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Thank you WGing?

    LOL. I just played my first battle with her. Why the [edited] did they put 40 second reload in a ship with x10 14" guns?! 32 second, 35 second even, but man. The 40 second really robs it and in the same way it does in California. I do like my secondary ships though, and 8k range might be useful (and fun) for DDs and cruisers in randoms. That is of course, if and when I go there ... they seem to be pretty accurate and deal enough damage (10k out of a total of 35k damage done in coop). Its cool though, thanks for the free ship all the same, the camo is pretty sweet to look at.
  9. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Skill rework

    I see it as another cash grab, You’re going to need to spend more doubloons to rebuild captains or move them to different lines. You could Easily re-build the skills under the current 19 point parameters but by making it 21 point we are adding another 750k estimated xp to the already long grind. 21 points might be enough to break the elite captain XP economy. I enjoy grinding a line, while playing one or two 19 pointers to assist my line grind captain. By tier 8 or 9, he’s a 19 pointer and I am able to start the process over again. It’s easy enough and I ACTUALLY enjoy it. I don’t know if this will be plausible with 21 pointers. Even if I have a couple of them ready to go at the start. Will just have to wait and see, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll just have to realize a maxed out captain is a luxury I don’t actually need and 12-14 is all I’ll have in the future. I am playing just about every day right now for an hour or so, but when the world (and specifically my job) come back together, I’ll be a far more casual player. I refuse to be an addict endlessly grinding out objectives just because WG says so.
  10. Pirate_Named_Sue

    First game in Oklahoma

    Nice game. Very high score for a tier V match! secondary build or tank?
  11. Pirate_Named_Sue


    YES. Wonderful ship. Thanks for the update. I’ve been paranoid about Thunderer. Only 10k coal short now, so no worries here. 😍
  12. Pirate_Named_Sue

    If you could have your own mode...

    Asymmetrical battles were kinda cool. It would be even more fun to take that farther. I want hordes of TIV and V vs my X. 🤣
  13. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Oh my god the DOUBLE CV GAMES

    LOL LOL LOL LOL. Nice bait. I’ll take it! seriously though, these games are rare enough (atm at higher tier) I can just yolo, die fast and move on to a better match with little to no repercussion. I’d rather die fast by getting focused by guns than be CV prey. [edited] double CV games.
  14. Pirate_Named_Sue

    French BB Line Falls Apart at the Alsace

    I just got repub last night, one battle in her so far; so no comment there 🤣 I started Alsace with a meme secondary build. Went through about 25 battles that way. It was fun, but my record was terrible and I burned. A lot. I swapped it out to a less fun but way more optimal tank build. I try and play from 12-15km on a flank and always disengage and slowly fall back if I feel I’m going to get swamped. HE kills it so fast. Anyways, I had enough success to boost my average damage from 60k to 75k and just barely got robbed of the 50% or better win rate but terrible team after terrible team. Yes, when I am scoring 100k + damage and multiple kills, it was the team, not me. I enjoyed Alsace, though it was not the flexible, fight from any distance ship I hoped it would be. It ended up being a mid - long range ship and I used HE much more than I should admit. I played it much like Richy. I did not enjoy the French line until I got to Richy, I should add. GL!
  15. Pirate_Named_Sue

    US Battleships 2 - eh?

    Oklahoma looks like fun. I’ll throw my secondary captain in there, play a game or two and she’ll become a port queen 🤪 I’m not trying to grind the containers, just getting them if I happen to. I wouldn’t pay $10 for the ship, so no way I’m doing their batshit crazy priced containers.