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  1. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Definitely Completely Random

    We’ll, you’re more than halfway there so finish it up. In other news, you may want to abstain from future crates, but who I am I to preach?
  2. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Feisty DD Captain

    He had to fight like hell from the start. Not just for his boat, but potentially the game. Your CV was never in any real danger by the sounds of it, and it was just at the end of the match did anyone get guns on you. Having been the DD in that position many times, it’s a frustrating match and a really un-fun way to win. It’s a hate-win and you really just want that hate-kill at the end. Matches like this are what get me chat banned.
  3. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Missions w/ Win in random requirements...

    Do it in coop. Press play, press W. Come back in ten minutes collect your win and repeat.
  4. Pirate_Named_Sue

    COOP Has Become 'World of Torpedoes' Now

    Where have you been for the last year? coops broke, it’s been broke. If you’re not playing in a super fast ship, don’t bother. **loads Colorado**
  5. Pirate_Named_Sue

    most versatile DD line?

    If you want an all around line, I’d suggest the American or as others have mentioned, British. The American line is competitive all the way up and I don’t feel there was a weak ship at its tier. Fletcher at T9 is my favorite to play. I play it more balanced to the torp side, but it’s guns are very capable as well. Conceal is also very strong at 5.8kl. Live. Spot. Cap. Kill. In that order.
  6. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Received Warmly. Poll

    Oh hey! Another concept for WG to dumb down a good game with. 🤣
  7. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Khabarovsk for FXP Worth It?

    I ground it out just for the heck of it. Tashkent turned out to be a blast, but limited in some DD roles. With flags, I easily was getting 10k XP and another 10k FXP per match, ground up to kahb in no time and had a lot of fun doing it. Can’t comment on the Khab yet, but a free T10 coal ship is fine by me.
  8. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Mod cheat..

    Congratulations! It’s hard to be called a cheat in PVP let alone PVE. We’ll done!
  9. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Marlborough NEED BUFF

    Exactly. It’s gotta be the easiest ship in the game to play. Throttle juke between 1/4 and 1/2 and spray and pray. It’s not gonna carry many matches but not every ship in the game is meant to. My first game in it I scored a dozen fires. and stay away from Yamatos and the like 🤣.
  10. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Marlborough NEED BUFF

    The only buff it REALLY needs is to drop that cit. shooting 16 shells from 20+ k, you don’t need even need to aim. It’s gonna hit, and it’s gonna be on fire.
  11. Pirate_Named_Sue

    what pommern have that the new BB line does not?

    Pommern has never been a great ship. Pommern has always been a FUN ship. Nothing has changed. The other perks have already been mentioned. I’d take a Pom over a Thunderer any day just for the fun factor. Yes, I know this conversation is not about Pom vs Thunderer. Just using her as an example of a high yield yet boring as hell to play ship.
  12. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Not a Blowout!

    And on a weekend?! Very niiiiiiice.
  13. Pirate_Named_Sue

    LOW Damage Kraken record??

    Wow. Good game. Congrats on the record? Probably? 🤣
  14. Pirate_Named_Sue

    I'm done putting up with invisible DDs

    Construction crit for the OP. play more. Grind a BB line (I’d suggest USA or German) to T6 or T7. Start another line for another ship class. Do that a few times until you have a handle of the game. Your stats are very poor but also reflective of a beginner. This is not a game that you can load into and blap away. There is a lot of strategy involved a whole lot of patience, and then some blapping. Destroyers have (in my opinion) the highest skill requirement and also the highest ceiling of any ship class in the game. They are very difficult ships to learn, but once learned can be incredibly powerful. Battleships are some of the simplest in terms of strategy, and the ceiling is quite a bit lower too however. It’s very difficult to impossible carry in a BB. Cruisers are a bit of both depending on the line. I highly encourage you to play all three classes as you get to know the ship’s strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to combat each class by playing them. This game takes a lot of patience. Good luck with it. Seeing your a Starcraft veteran, you should have the patience to put some time in. I was pretty bad at the game for my first 500 or so matches and only recently to I believe myself to be a competent player. It’s a tough game, but that’s what keeps us coming back.
  15. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Some guy throwing Ranked Games

    If I’m ever unfortunate enough to play with this unfortunate angry amphibian again, I’ll be sure to send you the reply directly. 🤣