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  1. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Italian Battleships

    Careful. Rng is going to treat you to a 20 loss streak if you keep talking bad about wg ...
  2. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Recommended new CV builds

    Play a BB, CA, CL or DD instead.
  3. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    How has Vermont not been mentioned yet? Thing looks like it belongs on the set of water world.
  4. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Anything to like about new Commander Skill?

    (Super) cruisers do get hurt without the lack of fire protection. This was acknowledged by WG as an intentional nerf. I am absolutely not defending the rework; I’ve been dreading it since it was as announced. There are some positives to it still though and I’m trying to see them. It would be great if WG just left it alone, but they won’t ...
  5. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Anything to like about new Commander Skill?

    One commander per line I’ve moved them Up the line. I currently have 19 pointers on most of my tier X ships. Following the rework I will have two 21 pointers. One German, one American. I will be able to play my 21 pointers on their dedicated tech tree ship and then the premiums I have from that nation. Being able to have them set up for different classes will be a benefit. I’ll move them around, play the ships I enjoy and continue to generate ECXP to use on other captain skills or retraining. I have plenty of 10 point n under captains that I use on older tech tree ships I like to take out once in a while. Unsure what I’m going to do with them at the moment.
  6. Pirate_Named_Sue

    How best to dodge and avoid these CV attacks?

    You can choose to the dodge the carrier as best as possible or you can angle for the other 11 ships on the map. You can’t do both particularly well. If you’re in a GK or similar, just pray there is an easier target. 🤣😭
  7. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Anything to like about new Commander Skill?

    I like having more options for builds. The additional skills is great. I like that I will be able to have a build for each type of ship on a captain. For the nations that I own a lot of premiums for, it will be a nice benefit. I don’t feel there is a need for 21 points. They can add the improvements without restructuring the 19 point system. I really hate the cost. 1.2 million addition XP is malarkey. There is no reason for this at all. Even at 21 points it seems some of the generic commander builds will be needed. okay, okay. The reason is cash. Spread sheet says; even if this chases some players away, it’s going to make more cash. 😭
  8. Pirate_Named_Sue

    ST 0.10.0, addition of Jurua

    Y’all let someone’s kid design this one?
  9. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Commander Skills Update

    lol, happy thoughts, happy trees and clouds ... I'll (probably) be taking a break post re-work or right after. I will have to reinstall using bootcamp, its a good chance to turn it off for a bit. Turn based beer and pretzel wargaming is sounding really nice again. I largely agree with you, I will probably transition into a lot more coop in the future to deal with the other gripes that are off topic.
  10. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Commander Skills Update

    This whole malarkey with WG is stressful and frustrating. Between this (especially this), losing mac support (this sucks too, I know, minority here), dealing with CV, dockyard events, grind after grind after grind its really taking its toll. I managed to save enough ECXP for two 21 pointers. Might be time to take time away from this and come back later. I am not supposed to be stressed about my stress reliever ...
  11. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    Kind of? I’m just playing normal and seeing where we land. So far I’m up to date and onto task four for the Strasbourg. Stras seems like a pretty heavy amount of grinding for 8(?) days of play. I already have Dunq so as with Hizen; we’ll just see where we land. I’m more concerned with the upcoming rework and disappearance of Mac support.
  12. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Are You a TorpBlocker? Don't Be That Guy!

    ALOT could be changed to make co-op better. Lol, dreams ...
  13. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Are You a TorpBlocker? Don't Be That Guy!

    If you are speaking regarding randoms or ranked play, I completely agree. The fast non DD ship joining you has far worse detection and is probably yolo’n or a crapplayer. The more torps you are able to send off in a happy direction is better for the team. the table is turned though in coop. I have no problem [edited]-blocking a greedy DD in that arena. I’ve spent many games watching DD’s bounce from ai hull to ai hull, slinging their torps and eating up the limited amount of XP.
  14. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Tier VIII CV mayhem

    First you complain, next you complain but transition into playing coop, then you get bored of coop and quit. I am in the complain on the forum and get chat banned in game every other week but transitioning into more coop and less randoms phase ... As many before me have said; just wait till there are subs. 😢😬
  15. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Thunderer -or- Marceau ???

    Are you a coal ship earner every 3 months or every 6 months? If you are on the faster side of coal earning, I’d go Thunderer; then grab Marc in a few months. If you are on the slower side, maybe go Marc now since you are a DD main. Both ships have been true pains in the [edited] to play against, but I only have the experience of playing with Thunderer, and it is as good as it is hyped.