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  1. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Game development - Who's in charge?

    Keep it F2P and casual while finding another game.
  2. Pirate_Named_Sue

    The Neptune is kinda OK

    I had a great time in Neptune, though this was pre super ship. That whole line was one of the best grinds in the game. If the Japanese dd line wasn’t so easy to reset, I could see myself resetting the Brit light cruisers multiple times.
  3. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Why Have Public Forums (Fora)?

    Actually; have one. It’s [edited]lovely. Now let’s stay on topic.
  4. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Why Have Public Forums (Fora)?

    They hooked me pretty good. I’m still itchy.
  5. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Why Have Public Forums (Fora)?

    There was a point where warships was more of a hobby to me than a game (thanks 2020) as a hobbyist I enjoy hearing my fellow hobbyists opinions as well as voicing my own. Three years later it’s more of a habit to check while on the toilet.
  6. Pirate_Named_Sue

    DevBlog 428 - New Super Ships – Closed Test 12.3

    Cooool WG giving me another reason to stay out of high tier randoms. 🤘
  7. Pirate_Named_Sue

    DevBlog 426 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.3

    Stoked on WV. Face palm on the other two.
  8. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Stats don’t lie

    A slightly more serious answer, of course not all, but in games where someone is flat out being a troll or just not a kind or person; my experience is that often times they have private stats. There is a pissed off four legged aquatic animal with a shell who can not be named thanks to forum rules, who is likely the best and most blatant example.
  9. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Stats don’t lie

    Only a sith deals in absolutes.
  10. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Stats don’t lie

    It happens all of the time in the forum and in game. Heck. I got a reply to my statement already that is pretty much that, and I am not going to bother replying to it. If you think the earth is flat, good on you. You’re not worth my time. The second part of your comment; I’ll happily bring up another players stats when they try and tell me how to play my game and tell me I don’t know what I am doing. More often than not, we get a 44%er or a private account. Private accounts are usually trolls or poor players. As for stat shaming individuals simply for the joy of stat shaming, no that’s not me. I am very guilty of being a salty player and at times taking the game more seriously than I should be.
  11. Pirate_Named_Sue

    A Look Through Time: U.S. Battleships

    Wow; that article is poorly written. Was it put through an auto translator or something?
  12. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Stats don’t lie

    StAtS ARnT rEEL!1 says the players with 44% w/r or private stats. 🤣 Yes, the stats are much more complex than w/r alone, but over a thousand games it helps to know who’s going to help and who’s going to hinder. No, I am not stat shaming if you have poor stats. Just own it and enjoy the game.
  13. Just turn up the AI a notch regardless of class. Any fast moving fast firing ship with a bonus of torpedos does fine in coop. Don’t load a New Mexico and expect to get more than a couple salvos off 🤣
  14. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Goal Reached! Bittersweet.

    You’re a beast. WD.
  15. Pirate_Named_Sue

    Hornet Tour

    That’s quite the hitch. Flying from SLC to Oakland can’t be terrible.