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  1. Fifi_Macaffee

    French Battleship Accuracy

    Yes, absolutely. You’ll get trolled a whole lot too. Sub 5k distance, 8 guns into broadside of a Monty aimed at the waterline and you walk away with 1200 damage or 3 cits. Depends on the roll of the die. I am about 25 games into my Alice and I want to say my high is at 135k atm. Meme build secondaries, because meme. The 100s are pretty useless. As others have mentioned a tank build will probably yield better yet lead fun results in the long term. I primarily use my secondaries for fires against BB and assist in the anti DD role. In Richie, I think my highest game was 175k with 4 kills. Richie is great but quite soft and melty from all angles. Don’t expect to tank like a Russian or take broadsides like a German. You will die. If either ship gets focused by more than a couple of red ships and you will see your HP dropping very fast. Very fun ships though, are they king of the meta right now? No way. Still, I very much enjoy them despite the headaches and significantly less damage farming than the Soviet line. GL, HH.
  2. Fifi_Macaffee

    French Battleship Accuracy

    I don’t have the numbers, but they definitely FEEL as bad as the Germans. Speaking of Richie and Alice.
  3. Fifi_Macaffee

    GK and FDG, 406mm or 420mm main guns?

    I run 406 on my freddy (survival build) and 420 on GK (meme secondaries). Seems to work out nice.
  4. Fifi_Macaffee


    I don’t have either and don’t plan on having either soon; but good god. Vermont is UGLY. Four funnels?! wth it’s not the titanic it’s supposed to be a 1940s jumbo battleship. Minnesota looks good at least. Jumbo Cali. Anyways. GL, HH in your thick girls.
  5. Fifi_Macaffee

    The tale of two cruisers

    Mainz is insanely fun if not limited ship. I’d love to have the 12 sec 12k radar in it! Tail was a nice grind. I enjoyed it more than Hipper simply for those gunZ. I just got to Riga yesterday. Roughy day. 1/5 wins and 50k average damage. It can only go up!! I did quite well with the German line if you are working that. Hindy and roon were a lot of fun after a lukewarm experience with hipper, horrible with Yorck and loved the V and VI cruisers.
  6. Fifi_Macaffee

    Dallas vs Pensacola

    Personally, I find Dallas to be a far more fun ship. Pepsi is just a pain in the [edited]. The armor sucks but it’s really the turret speed that kills me. Having to turn the fragile ship to aim guns. Ehhhh not fun and means you show too much broadside to shoot your guns or miss the shot. One on one, I’d choose Dallas everytime.
  7. Fifi_Macaffee

    Abandoning the field of battle.

    This is simply because CV are spawn of satan and must die. You have chosen satan, your DD must die as well.
  8. Fifi_Macaffee

    Florida: Buyers remorse...

    Buyers remorse you say? Join the club. Couldn’t resist the Cali ...
  9. Fifi_Macaffee

    Commander skill points 20 and 21

    I only have four 19 pointers and am just getting my economy self sufficient, I’ll be expecting the 750k per 21 point captain. I currently have 500k elite saved. If this launches in January I should Be fine by then with 3 or 4 of them. now if wg goes and does something screwey on top of the expected 21 pointer ... oye vey. I’ve been around for less than a year but the clear trend of their business model is to squeeze the piggy bank and push their customers just to the brink of throwing in the towel and walking away.
  10. Fifi_Macaffee

    Not again!

    I have a feeling this is going to backfire pretty badly if it continues. It’s a fun game, but it’s not that fun ...
  11. Wow, that’s sounds like a load of bull. I always feel like ramming is very crudely calculated. You barely touch and KABOOM both ships instantly explode. Pretty lame. I get that animating a ram just like animating damage, to go further than an instant KABOOM, would take a significant amount of effort. But uhhh. It’s lame. It feels like damage should slowly or rapidly decrease in the health pull based on speed and angles and duration of impact. Instead we are always treated to an instant KABOOM. You do rarely live of course, at a much diminished HP pool, but still. Probably my least favorite mechanic and one that leaves a similar but slightly tastier flavor than death by CV. I’m aware there’s no honor in video games, but it’s a cheap death that’s further cheapened by what seem like a lazy mechanic. Apologies if this comes off a bit scattered and not particularly well worded by I’m playing with my dog in the yard and wrote this quickly 🤷‍♂️😬
  12. It’s been said WG wants addicts. The objectives and grinds make that obvious. Recognize when it’s not fun anymore and pull the plug. It’s just pixel boats. GL. Health and family first always.
  13. Fifi_Macaffee

    Halsey w/Georgia or Dunkirk w/Thunderer?

    I have Georgia now and it is such a fun ship. Fast, flexible and hits really hard. It doesn’t take well, but it’s not super flimsy either. Brawling one on one with most BB are fine, but it really excellent at DD and cruisers with those secondaries. I am about 2/3 to thunderer which I am going to grab, but I don’t have a great relationship with brits. I have Warspite and Nelson, both are fine ships but a bit on the boring side for me.
  14. Fifi_Macaffee

    My new port queen

    She’s been fine in coop as the yolo potential has been mentioned. I am afraid of taking her into randoms where players have brains. Experience from playing opposite of her has left little to fear.
  15. Fifi_Macaffee

    .... What now?

    187 battles? Wow, speed racer! if you were to buy the credits it would be $40 or so. You’re going to want to do the perma camo since it’s your first tier 10, that’s another $20. this is why I pay for premium (still won’t help with that perma camo, drat). $10 a month and you will earn the credits to buy boats outright as you grind (give or take a minor amount) the grind will also be twice as fast without using any flags or camo. Of course, you can always add more flags and camo to the mix. If you play every day or so, it should work out nicely for you.