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  1. Perhaps It is because they are freaking morons, or blithering idiots.
  2. WM1957


    How good is this Battleship? I play mostly Co-op.
  3. I would like an unused big time jackpot winning Powerball or MegaMillions ticket.
  4. I find MP to be fun in coop battles.
  5. WM1957

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    Perhaps we will see another Alaska prototype that mounts 15 203mm guns that fire SAP with a good rate of fire.
  6. WM1957

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    I’m thankful that I have Alaska.
  7. WM1957

    Who likes the Pommern?

    I love Pommern! One of my favorite battleships. It can brawl with anyone.
  8. WM1957


    I’m with the Orthodox Church. We celebrate Pascha (Easter) on May 2.
  9. My speculation is that since Napoli is T10, it will be available only for coal like Yoshino since it is a super cruiser like Yoshino. Constellation maybe available for coal and from the Premium Shop since it is T8.
  10. WM1957

    PSA: Yamamoto Campaign Now Co-op Doable! (PVE Thread)

    I didn’t know they could be repeated. Very interesting.
  11. WM1957

    T10 U.S.S. Austin: a new Smolensk?

    What do you bet that this ship will be one of those ships everybody is going to point out and shoot to kill it immediately.
  12. WM1957

    No Joy

    I play co-op also. If anything the bots are definitely brave. They will come after you. Might not be so smart but you find yourself outnumbered by them, you’re in for a fight.
  13. I finished that mission in 5 battles with the IJN Harugumo gunboat destroyer.
  14. My current plan is to acquire up through T7 of the Italian Battleships by working through the missions. I will still be substantially short on tokens for T8. I will not be purchasing tokens for T8 and T9 as I have more than enough FXP to acquire these ships and waste 6,000 tokens on ugly camouflages that I will not be using. If something happens and I cannot complete the missions for the T7 battleship, so be it. I have more than enough FXP.
  15. WM1957

    CODE (Expired)

    Complete the missions you get credits for each stage, and when you finish 200 Italian tokens. Not worth it.