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  1. WM1957

    Co-op games ending early

    Perhaps, in that case, it maybe best to let the bots take the caps and bulld up points and then sink them all.
  2. WM1957

    Premium shop?

    What happened? Where did it go?
  3. I don’t remember anything about one. Did I miss something here? If:so, what are the details?
  4. I have all the ships in the offer and have almost 2 million in coal and over 5 million in FXP. I think I can take a pass on this offer.
  5. How about lots of attack squadrons of airplane, and 12-457mm guns with 22 second reloads? LOL.
  6. WM1957

    Too expensive for me

    Same here. All subs are enemies, some more than others.
  7. The tech tree is showing 12 months till the next multiplier.
  8. WM1957

    Research Bureau tech tree reset

    I am not running any mods.
  9. WM1957

    Research Bureau tech tree reset

    I am on the regular NA server. I used the last multiplier 3 months ago to get Ohio.
  10. Just noticed the next 2x reset is in 12 months and not 3 months. thankfully I have the RB ships that I wanted and the others, except PE I am not interested in them to reset lines for them.
  11. WM1957

    Sun Yat-Sen

    When does it become available in the armory?
  12. WM1957

    American Super Battleship ideas

    So, something like an Ohio with 12 457mm guns?
  13. WM1957

    Dido or Canarias mission question

    It appears to be back and I already have them both.
  14. How about an American super battleship from the Vermont line? Such a Battleship could have faster speed, perhaps 28 to 29 kn more accurate guns and a faster reload and faster, turret, traverse and better armor. And to make it look more pleasing to the eye, only two stacks. Any ideas?
  15. WM1957

    360 days of premium is on sale now

    I brought 2 years, 2 years ago and at the beginning of this Santa boxes event I had 720 day. Then I got 2 more years from Santa boxes as well as all the rare ships that were offered that I didn’t already have.