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  1. WM1957

    When will the sub rentals stop?

    I find that to be really annoying to receive rental ships when I already have the ships.
  2. WM1957

    Update time

    Will the upcoming update be on Wednesday or Thursday? It was normally on Wednesday but the last couple were on Thursday.
  3. How profitable would it be for the company to sell fully built scale models of all the ships of WOWS, preferably priced like their pixel ones? I have something like 350 ships and I would not be getting a scale model for each. There are some that I would like to have and there are probably others that would buy some of them also. Anyone think this could be a good idea?
  4. After the Royal Navy Battlecruiser line, what will we be looking forward to? There are not many tech lines left to develop if any. Perhaps a German or Japanese Light Cruiser split? Perhaps new Operations?
  5. WM1957

    Auction - Winning bids?

    I bid nothing for any of them and won nothing and yet I feel like a winner!
  6. …when the best gameplay will be in the lower tiers or in operations? Subs, Dutch air strikes, support carriers. Is this heading the wrong direction? When are tactical nuclear torpedoes and rockets coming to the game?
  7. WM1957

    Wrong team? Did requirements change?

    I’m in that same boat too. Kind of sucks, it it is for tech tree ships that will be available in 2 patches.
  8. But with the radar the USS Nimitz possessed, and scouts would be identified long before they came within visual range. F14 Tomcats overflying the Japanese task force in the morning could be enough to convince the commanders that they have been discovered and the secrecy lost. The Japanese in December 1941 we not so gung-ho suicide as in later in the war. Also, would not the loss of 2 Zero’s on patrol be noticed by the commanders in the task force and give them the idea that their presence may have been compromised?
  9. WM1957

    Friendly fire

    All subs are enemies, some more than others. 😆
  10. WM1957

    Friendly fire

    They found that given how close friendly and enemy subs were that it was very difficult to effectively use ASW against enemy submarines without causing damage or sinking from the submarines it may be in the area.
  11. Since super carriers and jet aircraft have been introduced into the game, would it be a good idea to add USS Nimitz to the game perhaps with a scenario Operation based on the final countdown movie? The final countdown movie question that I have is this. Since the officers of the USS Nimitz know where in win the Japanese task force will be on December 7 before the attack on Pearl Harbor at around sunrise, and since the Japanese task force relied on not being detected by the United States Navy on the approach, would the option of sending a dozen F-14 tomcat to make a fast overpass of the Japanese task force before they launched their aircraft for the attack? Since the F-14 tomcat‘s were so fast the Japanese antiaircraft artillery would not be able to track them. A dozen F-14 tomcat over flying the Japanese task force would let them know that their secret was gone. I would think then that Adam and then admiral Nahum would turn his fleet around and send it back to Japan. Any comments?
  12. WM1957

    What are the best BBs for Narai?

    Scharnhorst rocks Narai for me. I prefer to go after the red transports alone and the get over for the main battle. The 283’s firing HE takes them out fast as also secondaries and torpedoes.
  13. Very profitable!!! Well done!!!
  14. Hayate and Forest Sherman destroyers.
  15. You make it more pleasure from it but it is not healthy.