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  1. Are they both the same except that Tirpitz has torpedoes? Which one is better?
  2. WM1957

    Graff Spee

    KMS Graff Spee is a very good ship when played right. I like to use it in support of a BB and to kill cruisers. The torpedoes are really good against battleships. One thing I do is to not lead the charge in the beginning as too often it has bad results. But paired up with a BB, it provides excellent support. When supporting a friendly BB against an enemy BB, I prefer to shoot HE and set the enemy BB on fire and then switch to AP. Most of the time the enemy BB is firing at the friendly BB giving you a free shot at them. It also makes it easier for the friendly BB to take out the enemy BB. If the enemy BB gets too close, you can give the enemy BB a torpedo sandwich for lunch!
  3. WM1957

    Video Card Recommendation

    Are you running a Mars rover on the side! LOL!
  4. WM1957

    Video Card Recommendation

    Which video cards do you recommend, and are not extremely expensive?
  5. WM1957

    No Complaints...

    Are they afraid their precious ship will suffer a scratch? If they don't think they can take out a DD, how are they with something major like taking out the trash or flushing a toilet, or washing their hands? Corona Virus makes that relevant.
  6. WM1957

    No Complaints...

    ... except for green bots that, when the announcement that' Enemy forces have been sighted, immediately capsize and sink in fear... LOL!
  7. WM1957

    WOW crashing

    All computers are now running the client from Wargaming and are loading and playing the game. The issue was with the client from the Microsoft Store, not a memory leak.
  8. WM1957

    Critical error has occured

    Are you running the client from the Microsoft Store or the Client from Wargaming? I had the same problem on all three of my computers and they were running the client from the Microsoft Store. I uninstalled the one on my laptop and downloaded the client from Wargaming and now it runs fine.
  9. WM1957

    WOW crashing

    I think I found the issue. My three computers were running the client from the Microsoft Store. When I deleted it from my laptop and downloaded the client from Wargaming, it run perfectly.
  10. WM1957

    WOW crashing

    I go into the device manager and check all drivers for updates.
  11. WM1957

    WOW crashing

    All my computers are up to date. I check weekly for driver updates and system updates.
  12. WM1957

    WOW crashing

    Since the update,, it has been crashing on all my computers, each with different configurations. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. When I took Mechanical Drafting in High School in the early 1970's in Andover, MA, we were taught to date our documents that way (28 Feb 2020).
  14. WM1957

    Light Cruisers

    Which are the best Light Cruisers (in Tiers, Tech Tree and Premium) and why?
  15. WM1957

    Coal ship Gap!

    Exactly what I had in mind! Now can Wargaming get the women to cooperate??? LOL!!!