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  1. uss_yorktown_captain

    Submarines 9.4?

    I was kinda disappointed in the fact we have to wait an additional two weeks as well
  2. uss_yorktown_captain

    Spoiler Alert: The 1st Sub "In the Game"...

    Hate to say but that looks a lot like a fletcher class DD....
  3. uss_yorktown_captain

    Lexington manual secondaries not firing

    I’ve been playing it in ranked sprit only, I sail straight in using fighters and torps and when the target is in range I drop a fighter over them to keep them spotted and when I go back to select my next squadron I click on them and then go back to planes, got to rank 8 in a few games only lost two out of maybe 20
  4. uss_yorktown_captain

    Lexington manual secondaries not firing

    Umm Graf Zepplin?
  5. uss_yorktown_captain

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @CAPTMUDDXX Merry Christmas Chap! o7 (Check your inbox...)
  6. uss_yorktown_captain

    CV Rework support Clan.

    I would love this as I’m a CV main! Please send me an invite. uss_yorktown_captain
  7. uss_yorktown_captain

    Wargamming - Why not Carrier Captains skills

    I think this would be a good idea. Ive got captains I feel that are wasted if i putted them on CV's because of their enhanced skills .