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  1. AdmiralTogo1928

    ID Help: What is this Russian protected cruiser?

    Looks more like a german cruiser. Dresden or Kolberg class. Its very similiar to this two:
  2. If you don't plan to see or read, you wouldn't have written or posted this. If you get frustrated take a break and come back when you are better unless you just posted this as a joke because well you never know. I hope I've helped.
  3. AdmiralTogo1928

    A suprising birthday gift...

  4. AdmiralTogo1928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    A match full of bots, with an almost impossible victory
  5. AdmiralTogo1928

    Missing Jurua

    The news article never said that the mission will award the ship, it comes assigned to this one. You can see for yourself here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0111-weekly-2/
  6. AdmiralTogo1928

    Most Lopsided Win Ever?

    The closest thing to that was a battle at Derby where we only lost one of our own, while the reds were wiped out.
  7. AdmiralTogo1928

    Blew 500k FXP to get Schlieffen

    200 thousand more than me but it is a very fun boat. I've only tried in Dirigible Derby and I've managed to sink 3 or 4 ships by myself but sometimes I live or I don't. You have to know when to push and attack and when it happens it's amazing. Good luck and have fun with your new acquisition.
  8. AdmiralTogo1928

    Pan Asian Ships

    Feng Yang was the japanese destroyer Yoizuki and was transfer to China in 1947. Was scrapped in 1963. The model of the ship in the game is a clone of Akizuki because the real ships was disarmed and use as a transport, but the ship itself is real. Only an aclaration.
  9. AdmiralTogo1928

    Which T10 Ship Works Best in Dirigible Derby?

    Napoli and Schlieffen have been my two main options. While Schlieffen has a combination of hydro, secondaries and torpedoes, you can win fights against anyone who is distracted or without torpedoes. And Napoli because the armor is pretty ridiculous and bounces off anything being angled correctly. Also the smoke is very useful to escape from the enemy and get some salvos and the cannons, although somewhat inconsistent, are capable of doing great things, such as removing half the hp of a Stalingrad or a Yoshino. Those would be my main recommendations, I also have Des Moines but I still need to learn how to use it.
  10. AdmiralTogo1928

    Fakeblog #2 | New Ships

    Interesting, but i don't know why the japanese use single gun turrets. Apart from that looks good.
  11. AdmiralTogo1928

    Bronze Ranked Recommendations!

    Some say they are against Colorado and I understand them, speed and armor are not the best, but the range and accuracy of their guns are. I managed to get through the past seasons mostly playing with Colorado. It was luck, I don't know but for me it is a good boat.
  12. AdmiralTogo1928

    Turbine Gun Range

    The torpedoes, although they are long range, are as slow as the second line of German destroyers, in addition to the fact that their damage is quite low. They are more useful as you said, close range fighters.
  13. AdmiralTogo1928

    Early Access ship special advantages

    As they said, it also comes with all the modules researched and free to assemble (if the ship in question has one).
  14. AdmiralTogo1928

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Probably my best game and my dmg record. I know it was a match full of bots and I still didn't get over 1000 bxp, but it was really fun.
  15. AdmiralTogo1928

    What ships are you using in Brawls?

    I started with Jaguar, and then alternated between Nicholas and Emerald which already gave me wins most of the time. Sometimes Oklahoma too.