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    Nada nuevo para mi, la mayoría de los juegos que he tenido en los últimos días han sido derrotas, y no es por echarme flores como dicen, pero casi siempre quedaba en segundo o tercer lugar casi cerca del primero, y lo peor es que luego están los que se molestan y te dicen que eres un inútil y no se que tanto, y al final son los que quedan al ultimo, en fin, espero que la situación mejore, buena suerte.
  2. Hi all It's my first time posting something so I thought this is where I should go. So the story is this: Yesterday I sent a ticket with the intention of recovering one of the premium boats that I sold, for various reasons, but that is not important. The problem is that when you enter the recovery cost table, the boat I am looking for is missing, the California, and although I already sent them another ticket reporting the problem, they respond with the same, although I already know that it is an automated service, and I am sure I will write to them again they will answer me the same. So I would like to know if anyone knows what is the amount of credits needed to validate the recovery or something else. Greetings.