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  1. Hello Captains! Heidi here hoping you are all doing well and smooshing the enemy on a regular basis. Played the Lovely Miss California and enjoy her good AA protection. Had a good game but trying to keep up and trying to avoid showing broadside and torps is a tedious task! I had my Lady Clan Friend Marhiesh in her Gneisenau and we went into battle. Chose the right side of the map that looks like two brothers except this one has no canal through it. Sorry, I don't remember the names of the maps. A Very nice Man in his British Edinburgh was protecting our right flank from pesky dd's. My Clan friend was nice enough to stay with me as I AM SO SLOW! I found myself moving back and forth in my chair trying to coax another knot out of this thing. The Planes came,,,,,and together we dropped em all,,Hahahaha. The CV player then switched sides until the end because of our wicked AA. Mr. Edinburgh, was nice enough to kill 3 ship's I had been smooshing {AARRGGHH!} Lol. HMS Hood and I got into a one on one and as you can see, a couple of citadels later,,Nice Mr. Edinburgh comes in again and kills her. Thank you Sir.....Not! Lol Only ship left was British CV so I launched spotter,,,and fired two salvos from my front turrets,,and SMOOSH!!!! No stealing this kill! Yahoo..best score yet in California. PLease WG,,,give this ship some energy drink or something. Good day to you all Good Luck and Good Shooting!
  2. HeidiAngel

    Special Thanks!

    Hello Fellow Captains! I have not been on much lately. Personal stuff and have not been doing that well in game for a bit. So I got down and was feeling sorry for myself. I explained this to my Dad on the phone and he said go back to basics. Re learn what got you here. So I went back to watching YouTube videos and subscribed to a good player who has a cute accent...lol. Aerroon is his name. His videos teach a lot about the ship,,not just game play. This morning I watched a new video on the Pensacola, tier 6 cruiser. After video was finished I went to the game and took her out. Everything he said in the video was true. It feels like a brand new ship and as long as I'm aware of my situation I feel I will always be competitive in her. So Thanks Dad And Aerroon for the advice and help! Had a 3 smoosh game with 7 citadels!
  3. CV PLAYERS ARE rotten vermicious knids! Lol.
  4. Hi all! Hope your all healthy and happy out there! Finally got past the IJN Fuso. She and I didn't really get along. Got the tier 7 IJN Nagato and got her set up to Smoosh the Reds! Supported the right side of map and we, as my Dad says, Plowed the field with them. I was very sorry to have to help crunch and munch a beautiful Scharnhorst but he stuck his nose in the cap. Bye Nose! Yorck decided he wanted to sail down on us....Bye Yorck. I smooshed what was left of him. On to B cap with the Spaghetti BB Caesar right behind me. The British Cruiser Surrey Shows himself near B cap, and My 16 inch guns quickly to him that's a no no and blapped him. Behind him is IJN Kongo showing her side. Nice Camo btw Kongo. My 16's took offense at his impudence and one broadside made Swiss smoosh cheese of him! Caeser and I were the only two left on our team but we got it done. First game in Nagato and I love those 16 inch crunchers! Hopefully I can keep it up but I must admit their were no CV's in the game. Might be different next time. You all have fun my friends and take care of yourselves! Cap wants to come out and play so on to my Cruiser. Best regard, Heidi
  5. Lemming Trains. The illusion of safety in numbers.
  6. In my humble option Sir, I would go with Ashitaka. I have both and the IJN BC hits harder at range. Very good at a fighting retreat. Hard to citadel at close range.
  7. HeidiAngel

    seems cheating is back

  8. HeidiAngel

    Tier 7 Against Tier 9

    You are very Welcome my gracious Sir. Lol..Not good at that kind of talk.
  9. HeidiAngel

    Tier 7 Against Tier 9

    Oh My Scharnhorst! Was in My beautiful tier 7 German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst and it was nip and tuck all the way. Warriors path map A,B and C. We took A cap,,they took C cap and them met in the middle for a how do ya do smoosh match! Down south of us a Lovely Jean Bart and an Alsace where sailing up and had us broadside at 14 k away. Ok,,I turned south to show my bow and ran full speed toward them. To my surprise only Jean Bart was firing at me as Alsace was occupied with someone else. Hahaha, I saw my chance! toujour l'audace Scharnhorst was shrugging off Big Bart's shells nicely and I sailed in between him and Alsace. 2 torps in him and he ran aground trying to evade my fishes, put 3 in Jean Bart plus I had him toasting over a nice fire. He died. I was pretty shot up and burning so I turned and rammed Alsace quickly. Double Strike smoosh! I bet I could try that again 50 times and it wouldn't work but THIS time it did! VICTORY!
  10. Missing from Game? 1. Von Der Tann, German BC 2. Seydlitz, German BC 3. Schleswig Holstein, German Pre WW1 Dreadnought. Fought at Jutland and also fired the first shots of WW2 4. R class British Battleships. Long history records. Resolution, Revenge, Ramillies, Royal Oak Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign. 5. Repulse and Renown. British Battlecruisers. 6. West Virginia 1944. After Peral Harbor rebuild. 7. Saratoga, I would keep her at her 1920's configuration when she carried 8 eight inch guns in 4 turrets. These are my picks.
  11. HeidiAngel

    How Many Complaints Before Chat Ban Kicks In?

    I was chat banned once for 24hrs. I was having a great game in my Bayard and aa player I burnt down was calling me terrible names. I don't use bad language so I called him a rotten vermicious knid from Willy Wonka. So now I just be quite.
  12. HeidiAngel

    Hardest 57,000 HP I ever earned

    I have had decent games in co op with it. But have been afraid because it just rolls over and dies when hit. lol.
  13. I was playing the Russian Mikoyan in co op. I stopped to try a Submarine game with a clan friend and when I went back to the Mikoyan I forgot I was in a random game with no flags on the ship. Yes, a real airhead thing to do. The first time I got detected it seemed every enemy ship shot at me! I turned and ran as fast as I could and went stealth. Rest of game I stayed in back and used spotter. Thank God I was on a decent team who carried me. I managed to burn 1 BB down but had help. This was super tough and this ship can't smoosh anything. Reminds me of a faster firing Genova. Back to co op. Lol. I won't be playing this ship in random anytime soon again.
  14. HeidiAngel

    Getting Depressed

    Hello Sir! I played Izmail again last night and the result was 73,000 damage. A devastating strike on aa Omaha and 2 kills. We won. I feel I am getting the hang of this BB and am starting to have fun. BTW her long range is not as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you for the help Sir.
  15. HeidiAngel

    Subs do need their own mode.....randoms!

    In the immortal word of the Fire Blaster from Pixels,,,,,,,,,,,,Pass.