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  1. HeidiAngel


    Thank you. Hope you are also!
  2. HeidiAngel


    Yep, Adjust, adapt, overcome, patience. I will prevail!
  3. Hello Fellow Captains. Hope you are all feeling good and getting many smoosh kills. I have been very busy with my music class [ doing a lot of singing and learning Piano ] I expect to be number 1 on the charts soon. Lol. Glad to be back as I have much catching up to do. Got my tier 5 Italian DD and played him in co op until I upgraded him fully. Took him out tonight and got 4 smoosh kills including BOTH enemy CV's. I tried to feel sorry for them but those emotions just wouldn't come. Much thanks to all the YouTube people who reviewed this DD and explained how to play it. Much fun when it works. Here are my screenshots from the game. Dad say's I should send in the replay to someone and maybe they will think highly enough to post it on YouTube. Dad is bias you see...Lol. I have to admit I was a little to smarty pants at the end and got myself killed just before game ended. Not good. Take care Captains! Sincerely, HeidiAngel. Queen of the Smoosh!
  4. Handling them is not hard at all. Simply go on with your game. It's simple. A word is just a word. WE give power to words ONLY when we LET them effect us. if you simply play on, words have no power what so ever. If you let words effect you, you may to worried about trivial and harmless things.
  5. I don't agree at all. I love mine so far. I have not had one bac game in mine. Their is a style difference but once you figure it out, They are a blast. Pick your spots in which to engage. Contest caps at first but above all stay alive. Then find a target like a big BB that is not surrounded by cruisers. Rush in full speed at it and just before you get spotted, use smoke and hit your engine boost. Then do a drive by and Torp smoosh the thing! Works very well for me.
  6. HeidiAngel

    Abruzzi Ranked

    Yes, it can be. You play the Zara much like the Abruzzi.
  7. HeidiAngel

    Abruzzi Ranked

    Ahoy Ship Captains! Have not been posting much nor playing because I am in our music class band [ Takes up much time ]. I sincerely hope you are all healthy and safe in these crazy times. I have never been one to try and play a lot of ranked games but the one season I did and ranked out was in my tier 7 LIGHT cruiser Abruzzi. Well I dusted her off and took her out again and am ranked 8 after a couple of battles. Will try more Sunday. I found her controls very quickly and just spammed away and max range with HE and torps. The Abruzzi is so sweet steering wise. She dodges incoming shells and torps with ease[ If your far enough back ]. Of course when you rush in she can't as much. Later in the game a Scharnhorst rushed into our cap and I held fire. He beached on an Island so I rushed in, hit hydro and angled. He hit me with first salvo and it hurt a but but I sank him with torps. I had over 70,000 points and two kills. We won the game. My whole point is I think this very fine Italian tier 7 cruiser gets over looked but most players. Yes, her HE is weak and torps are slow but use her range and spotter plane. Never sail, when spotted, in a straight line. Find a good position and get your points by shear number of hits. Her AP will hurt cruisers and her HE is good enough to kill DD's. AA is Meh. But she turns tight and fast, has a good reload and is a forgiving ship. Very fun to play. I have always wanted Mr. Jingles to show a good game of mine on his channel but I know he get so many sent in the odds are next to none and this game was not outstanding from a numbers point of view but I think I used her to her best ability and helped win the game which is more satisfying to me than scoring 150,000, getting a Kraken and losing. Anyway I figured I'd post the replay here and any of you can watch and tell me what you think. Good Luck, and Good Shmooshing 20220326_213344_PISC507-Duca-degli-Abruzzi_05_Ring.wowsreplay
  8. HeidiAngel

    Aww man! , Bummer!!

    I would consider it an honor to be defeated by such a Gentleman as yourself. [ Never happen though ] Lol...
  9. HeidiAngel

    Lapanto a Struggle?

    My Dad! Great Job! Am always proud of you and your a good teacher. Well except for your advice in my tier 10 Petro [ which I hate ] Lol. Love you!
  10. HeidiAngel

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    Well said Sir. Thank you.
  11. HeidiAngel

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    Again as I said, I played TWO tier 10 games today. I have played more than just 2 games in tier 10. I also played Shimmy in tier 10 clan battles along with Petro.
  12. HeidiAngel

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    I played 2 tier 10 games today. I have played more than that and even tier 10 clan battles in my Petro and a couple in a Shimmy. Same thing. Did not like 1 game in tier 10
  13. HeidiAngel

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    I have 1 tier 10 ship, The Petro. I divisioned up with my Clan Leader and had 2 terrible games in random. I can't get the hang of it or tier 10 play. Everyone just layed back and hid behind islands which I find to be extremely boring. On top of that each side had the New CV USS United States. My AA was Meh against the panes and they hit Hard! I don't think tier 10 is for me. The style of play is just so boring! I understand other players will feel just the opposite and that is fine. I hope you have tons of fun playing tier 10 ships but it is not for me. I guess given enough practice I could have some good games but it just does not seem worth it. Why practice at a style of play that is not to my likening.? Plus as I don't work yet, except babysitting, I cannot afford most premium tier 9 and ten ships. Their may be many out there who feel as I do so I will happily see you in lower tiers having fun. I shall Smoosh thee! You all have a terrific weekend!
  14. Hello. As most of you know I love old Warships. I have done a lot of reading on the 4 BB's that Italy reconstructed in the 1930's that included Andrea Doria. From a historical point of view the shell dispersion is very accurate. The quality of the gun powder was below average and the accuracy suffered because of it. Her 90mm secondaries were useless in most ways. Italian AA was never know to be that good also. So WG got this ship correctly from a historical standpoint. She was laid down in 1911. While some upgrades were made during her rebuild she still had a WW1 armor scheme but then so did many of the British BB's that were serving in the Med during WW2. During many battles were Italian and British BB's The Italians had little problem finding the range of the British ships even at extreme distances but the shells landed so far apart getting hits was almost impossible. My issue is if Italy had fixed the powder issues with tier 9 and 10 ships, as they very well could have if they had not been knocked out of the war in 1943, the accuracy of their guns would have greatly improved. WG gives Soviet era high tier ships the benifit of the doubt that the ships and guns would have been great if built. They should also give that same courtesy to Italian AND German ships. But in MY humble opinion, according to history, they got Andrea Doria right.