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  1. HeidiAngel

    Some ships just seem Hard

    Thank you. I did some kiting in that game. Against Colorado.
  2. HeidiAngel

    Some ships just seem Hard

    Sir, Thank you for your help. I was in a knife fight in that game with a USS Colorado. My speed helped a lot and I did angle. Colorado's 16 inch guns still hurt me pretty good through my bow. But at 6 k away My 15 forward guns ripped through his bow and took the last 8,000 HP he had left.
  3. Hey, Hope you all are alright out there! My best game so far in HMS Hood. I was so excited when I got her for Christmas as I have loved the way she looks ever since My Dad built a Model of her years ago. I read all about her and about her distruction Anyway some ships you seem to have a natural feel for. I am sad to say My Hood is not one of them. Did you Ladies and Gents know she is only 2 feet shorter than Yamato? Her turning is SOOOO slow it seems. I only have a 10 point Captain on her so her AA is only ok. Her guns even at 12 k are not consistent and when they do hit they don't seem to do a lot of damage. This game I waited one second longer before firing and my hits were better. So hopefully I turned a corner and can start having better games in her. Of course I am willing to listen to any of you if you can help with advice. Please take care of yourselves out there. It's crazy!
  4. HeidiAngel

    Excellent Choice!

    I got a Visby and I love it! Of course the torpedo's are not that powerful but she is a fun little boat to play. Guns are ok and speed is great! Give her a chance. I'm keeping mine!
  5. HeidiAngel

    Pointers on Fuso please?

    Sir. This was the best game I've had in the Fuso. I am glad it was a good game but bragging? No, I am not consistent in the Fuso so I come to the Forums because I know players with a lot more experience can help me. If you think otherwise well that's your opinion. But don't think you can read my intentions. I want to learn.
  6. HeidiAngel

    Earned a Dreadnought in a DD!

    As I said to another person here, Early today I played my 2nd game in it and it took 10 torp hits to sink a Konig. But it sure was fun!
  7. HeidiAngel

    Earned a Dreadnought in a DD!

    Early today it took 10 torps to sink a Konig! But I still love it!
  8. HeidiAngel

    Earned a Dreadnought in a DD!

    Ive got a tier 4 French DD,,It's fun also. Better torps
  9. This Visby is a blast! 8pt Captain and still it's great. I have never earned a Dreadnought in a DD before. Lol! What a cute little guy it is and man can it run!
  10. HeidiAngel

    Pointers on Fuso please?

    Thank you for the advice.
  11. HeidiAngel

    Pointers on Fuso please?

    Thank you sir. But when I do push to 12 to 15 k I get focused ALOT and burnt down. I just got the 10 point Captain level and still the concealment is 16.8 with camo. So basically I'm going to take hits while trying to get hits. Kid of a bad exchange but I have to live with it. I can, as you see have good games with her but not consistent.
  12. HeidiAngel

    Pointers on Fuso please?

    Thanks Mr. Jack. I wasn't really helping my team until the Izmail and I closed within 12 k. That's when my guns began to hurt her. Maybe I should have used HE? The angle of the guns shows your whole broadside so I really had to watch the mini map close. I did a lot of damage because of that to some other ships, Killing a dd for one.
  13. Hello, Hope all of you are safe out there! I have the tier 6 Fuso BB and I am struggling to be consistent with her. Due to her concealment being so bad I'm forced to lay further back than I want to and breaking my habit of Pushing to much is hard. She is kind of slow, turn even slower and has weak AA. I stayed back in this game and flanked trying to catch some broadsides but enemy team had a good Izmail player who kept me from moving up. We were on the Northern waters map. The good thing was several enemy ships came to help the Izmail and as the game went on my team capped the center. I killed a dd with my rear turrets as I battled Izmail bow on. Is there anyway to player her so it doesn't seem like your struggling as much? That game was hard work! Is it me or the ship?
  14. HeidiAngel

    Scuttlebutt #46 (featuring Abruzzi)

    Likewise, My Dad got me the Abruzzi for Christmas. I need my Capt points to get stealth but she is a fun and usefull cruiser! AP is weak but I just burn stuff and torp. I call her CL Turn and Burn! Lol
  15. HeidiAngel


    I love my Visby! 39 knots without speed boost at tier 5! Fast torps! Decent guns. But Wow! it took 10 torp hits to sink a konig this morning. What did they pack them with, Firecrackers?