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  1. HeidiAngel

    Sorry to sound Negative but WOW!

    Various ships. I ranked out once in My Abruzzi. I forgot about him. Gonna try him
  2. HeidiAngel

    Sorry to sound Negative but WOW!

    You made me cry. I will try hard to live up to your words.
  3. Hello fellow Captains! I really hope it isn't just me but this ranked has been a horrible disaster for me. It has been a long time since I was on teams this bad. Players with no conception at teamwork or knowing the pros and cons of their own ships let alone the enemy ships. No one wants to cap leaving us down from the start. It looks like they just want others to carry them. That's kind of hard when only 1 or 2 players are trying hard and the others are just sailing around in one cap ignoring your calls for help. No one is communicating in chat, other than to call you terrible things and such. I am very sorry to be complaining but darn rotten bananas do I feel helpless out there. As I said I don't wish this on any of you and hope your having a better time of it. I am not a quitter though and will keep taking the hits and moving forward. Best of luck to you all from a Sad Angel.
  4. HeidiAngel

    Please fix Bismarck vs. Hood cinematic opening

    Being a historic ship lover I was always annoyed by that also. Thanks for pointing it out!
  5. HeidiAngel

    Battleships for people who like the Giulio Cesare

    The German tier 5 Konig is fun. She can stand up to a GC very well and if your a decent Capt, Defeat a GC. Some like the Izmail but I had issues with it. The Russian tier 5 BB is very good as a brawler and she is fast. HMS Warspite is fun. I didn't care for IJN Fuso. French Normandy is a good DD and cruiser Killer but Sir, please watch your broadside as she can't brawl well at all. Italian Andrea Doria looks great is fast and turns quick but her guns are just whako! The shells hit everything but what your aiming at.
  6. Hello Admirals, Captains, Commanders etc! I have seen many posts and read many complaints about the Ammunition of the Italian BB line. When the line came out I was super excited because Dad has a Giulio Cesare while I don't but I could get the tier 6 Andrea Doria which is in fact extremely similar to the GC. [Face turns to sad frown] Needless to say she is a fine looking ship with good speed and turns rather quickly but her guns are horrible no matter which ammo you use. Yes once in a great while rng smiles at you and you land a decent hit but it very far between salvos. The range does not matter I have found. Far away, up close it's the same. The shells all just fly out of the gun and each yolo's on it's merry way towards only the Lord knows where. I aimed and fired at a BB at 14k, all of my shells missed by a wide Margene but to my surprise 1 hit the other BB sailing BEHIND the BB i was shooting at! That's just crazzzyy! So I was doing some research about Italian ammo in ww2 and found the range finding of the Italians was good. The Guns were solid. The Shells however due to initial high velocity were inconstant as far as dispersion goes. Also it seems some quality control personal at Ansaldo were asleep on the job and the weight of the 12.6 and 15 inch shells were not consistent. They tried to compensate for wide dispersion by reducing shell velocity but only with a slight improvement noticed when tested. I have read about the Second Battle of Sirte in which after adjustments were made to Battleship ammo BB Littorio damaged several British Warships as her Long Range accuracy improved quite a bit. Another question I have for Wargaming is if that's your reasoning for the Italian BB line to have poor dispersion then why does the Italian Cruiser ammo { 6 and 8 inch } have darn good accuracy as they were made in the same factory and also have a high velocity rate? Also the guns in the cruisers turrets were placed very close to each other and when fired together that closeness caused dispersion issues. I read the Italians were forced to stagger their fire from 1 gun from A turret and 1 gun from B turret then fire the other gun from A and B turrets so as not to cause severe dispersion. Point being to me is that your being inconsistent in your thinking about historical accuracy when talking about Italian BB's and Cruisers. You give a pass to one and severely punish the other. Now, I am no expert on ammunition, range finding etc etc and do not want to give an impression I know everything about the subject because I sure don't. They don't teach this stuff in my History class. Lol. But I am reading about it and learning all I can. Tons of info to absorb. I can't ask my Favorite Captain [Cap], He has trouble deciding to use HE or AP...hahahaha. Anyway those are my thoughts and I think the suggestion Dad had about adjusting the sigma to 1.7 on Italian BB's is fair. It won't make them op but it will give them some more ability to be competitive. I don't have the tier 9 or 10 so I cannot comment on them with any knowledge but the tier 5, 6 and 7 need some some help please. Hope your all safe and healthy. Good Luck and Good Smooshing!
  7. HeidiAngel

    PT 0.10.3, balance changes.

    Wow, WG really hates the German Ships. Period.
  8. HeidiAngel

    Sigma For Italian BB's

    I agree as the damage on a DD is capped when using SAP rounds. I don't use it much.
  9. HeidiAngel

    If MM doesnt like you.

    I do think MM has SOME effects on your teams because no matter how good you are sometimes your stuck with a team that is full of "the causal player" who runs around yolo and laughing up a storm not caring about winning or team play. But most of the time YOU can control parts of the game by the decisions you make and your communication skills. MM is not perfect but us humans are not either so the more YOU know about your ship, the enemies ships and how you communicate with your team will result in better outcomes for you. Try Hard and Die Hard! I wish you good Smooshing Sir.
  10. HeidiAngel

    Thank goodness for kids!!

    I can see the resemblance! Godzilla is cute though!
  11. HeidiAngel

    Taking Randoms Too Serious

    Sir. I am sorry but I disagree with you. The last thing I want when I am trying my hardest to be a good team mate, avoid enemy fire and damage/kill enemy ships or cap [ The Object of the game ] is a bunch of silly hoo haa players on my team out for a Sunday sail not worrying about how their attitude and play effects MY game. Clan Battles are for serious Players from a Clan. Ranked Battles are same unless it's some type of 1 on 1. Random is for players who don't usually have division mates and who are trying to grind ships upward at a faster rate than co op. CO-OP is for the casual hoo haa I don't care silly types that just want to sail around laughing and joking etc. You can have fun and yet it does not really effect the other players as much as a Random game would. IMHO I think a lot of players don't realize how much they effect another player if they don't care, let alone if they are terrible at the game. I know random is free for all to play and no one can take that away but please, the next time you decide to think of yourself and run up the middle on Two Brothers in the teams only DD because you want to have fun, pause and think of what your FUN can do to the rest of the TEAM after your Squid Food. Consider CO-OP. I was not trying to be offensive to anyone or take your enjoyment of the game away, I am just asking players to consider others before making a rash decision in the name of Fun. Fun for me is holding a flank along with a few determined team mates, communicating and watching each others back. We are out numbered but yet prevail and the Victory belongs to us after sinking 4 or 5 enemy ships and all of us are burning hulks or dead. Then come the compliments on having played well and given everything you had. Your fingers hurt from mashing the keys so hard. Your breathing hard, and your brain is exhausted. You look at you have 2 or 3 kills, 110,000 HP scored, 7 Fires, 5 Citadels, 4 Defend ribbons, 10 planes shot down, 3 incapacitations, 2 torpedo hits and 1 flooding ribbon and your ship is a Krasny Krym. NOW That is Fun! Have a good Day, and Good Smooshing!
  12. HeidiAngel

    Noticed a cool difference

  13. WG, I know we come on here to vent and talk about negatives in the ships lines and game play a lot but I have to give you and the graphics people big credit. Each new up date I have seen better graphics be it small or big. It makes me want to pay attention to the skyline, the sea, the little villages and buildings etc. Today I noticed My AA Guns pew pewing away at planes! That was so cool! The 20mm Bofors blazing away. I was sailing along being annoyed by CV planes and suddenly I see flickers of light coming from different parts of my ship, I zoom in and the AA guns are puffing away! Loved. I was so entertained by it I forgot to turn and Boomers dropped bombs down my smoke stack! Not cool WG..Lol. I noticed the torps tracks have changed and the shell tracks look different. I knew about the fires and repair party being updated but the rest is pretty cool. Thank you. Now a suggestion or 2 to make the game even better. When a ship is capsizing because of flooding, show the torpedoes' damage to the hull. Allow the villages on the enemies side of the map to be shelled and the buildings blown up. Lol When enemy ships sinks, show lifeboats and Men in the water. Give us XP for strafing lifeboats and Men in the water. Have forts on islands with shore batteries on each side of map with Men manning the guns Allow Men manning the guns to be strafed and blown up. Yes Captains I am kidding about these suggestions. Lol. All except torp damage to hulls. Anyway, good job WG.
  14. HeidiAngel

    Night Battles

    That's why I like you. Always smart.
  15. HeidiAngel

    The Italian BB Line is T-R-A-S-H

    I beg to differ. Was in this game today. The Italian tier 7 BB was solid as heck!