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  1. I don't like how Wargaming seems to try to sell some 1940's dame in their videos. It's obvious with the runway catwalk, which no woman naturally just walks around like that. It's as if they told her to act like one of the models on the price is right. It's just so artificial. The girl is fine, she didn't do anything wrong, she's just doing what she's told. Should just let her do her thing her way.
  2. Yeah, this didn't fix anything, just broke more. Now my team blames me for not dealing with DD's and just creates toxicity among the team, since half or more of them don't have a clue how the new rocket planes actually function and how bad of a nerf this was. Honestly, this was murder, not just a nerf. SMH wargaming. This is single handedly the worst update I have ever seen from WG. I will not spend another dollar on premium or doubloons until you fix this train wreck of an update. I spend AT LEAST a couple hundred a year so maybe if it hits your wallets you'll listen? Not even a CV main but this speaks volumes to the lack of forethought put into these updates.
  3. XKELX90

    They really screwed up CV's

    Completely disagree. Halland, Petro, Stalin, just to name a few can easily 1 shot an entire squadron
  4. XKELX90

    They really screwed up CV's

    Complains about CV's, then tells others to adapt. That's rich. Still whining about a class years after its release is not adapting.
  5. XKELX90

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    You can't tell what angle you're about to be rocketed from? The angle the planes are coming from. How is that a mystery?
  6. XKELX90

    They really screwed up CV's

    Except here's the problem. It's easy for most DD's to kite and turn away/into planes to avoid rockets. I can always tell when a DD knows how to handle rocket planes, then there's the other DD potato's who just love to show me their side right as im about to attack, because, well...they're a potato. A shima for example is now virtually untouchable with rockets, unless spotted by a ship for the CV (which is [edited]backwards) because of the time it takes for the rockets to fire and your aim is already pass the shima the second it becomes visible. Agreed. Enough with the training wheels. Fighter's are now pretty much worthless for DD's, and since Torp planes and most bomb's aren't good against them either, that leaves us with no real ability to make a DD think twice. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED FAST. There was nothing wrong with the rocket planes, why has wargaming tried to fix what wasn't broken!?!?!? Now it's broken
  7. XKELX90

    New round of ST

    Still never received a response to my app. Wonder if it was even received at this point.
  8. There's just few players that high up. The current Ranked structure is too....what's the word....annoying? Hard? Tedious? It's already annoying enough to get to rank 1, with teammates that do stupid things that cost you battles, and it seems to always be when you're just a battle or two from hitting rank 1. Then you hope that you were the top player on your team, just to see that someone else on your team got 3 more xp points than you, so you get boned, and then you get 2 more losses, and just start to hate the game and stop trying, because no matter how good you play, you just can't always carry a team to victory, and it's just not worth the frustration when this is supposed to be something enjoyable. But then when you actually manage to get rank 1, are you done? Oh, no. You get to fight an uphill battle again with qualifications. I guess hitting rank 1 isn't qualification enough. I understand wanting to make it challenging, but I think it's been taken just a bit too far. I guess maybe it's because I don't have an Alaska to just muscle my way through it?
  9. Wargaming does some things that frustrate me, and I'm sure we can all relate to that, but from my experience, WG has very reliable servers, to the point where I have actually wished other games had consistent performance like WG's, and thats with approx 3.3k battles under my belt. However, tonight in just one battle there were several lag spikes. But these happened right when the other team used radar. It happened 3 times, all when they used radar. I feel like they were using a lag switch, but I'm just not familiar enough with lag switches to know. I have never felt so suspicious of wrong doing like I was with that battle however. My latency is usually around 30-35ms, but would spike to over 600ms briefly. I have 1 gigabit fiber optic internet and my apartment is wired with Cat 6, so I have a wired 1Gbps connection from my PC to Modem. So unless something happened server side, I'm extremely confident that it was not my internet. How can I tell? I watched the replay, but the latency in the top left corner just says -35 the entire time with absolutely no fluctuation whatsoever and I did WGcheck and loaded the replay into it, but I can't figure out what the report means lol. Help me Obi-Wargaming Kenobi, you're my only hope.
  10. You seem to think that your opinions are the most popular opinions and represent the majority. Also, you use this general term "game quality" as if there are defining and/or measurable metrics that dictate what is and is not a quality game, but then when asked for supporting evidence, your response is to tell us that we don't need them, but if you did have them they would support your claims. It's the Trump mentality
  11. XKELX90

    New round of ST

    Awe man :( I applied and likewise haven't gotten a response yet. I check every day, but sounds like it's not likely.
  12. So this isn't gameplay feedback really, but there isn't a forums feedback area that I could see. But when using a dark theme, it is often times very hard to read post because they are in a dark color font. Given that the dark theme is a feature of the website itself and not just a browser mod, would be nice if it would automatically make dark fonts light when using a dark theme. It does sometimes, but sometimes not. NA Community time with Karmat1ka and Hapa_Fodder - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum This post for example
  13. Yeah, where did the reserves list go?!? It's very tedious having to go to a ship of each nation just to pull up the reserves of that nations ships.
  14. XKELX90

    Clan brawl, what's the point anymore?

    I like the 3v3, just really hate epiccenter on 2 brothers
  15. XKELX90

    Clan brawl, what's the point anymore?

    I don't understand why Clan Battle seasons have such a long break in between.