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  1. Thanks Wolf! Hoping to learn and play CVs at higher tiers later on.
  2. I just started CV play in T4 and T6 recently after the new update so don't know how powerful the CVs before were. But there aren't many tutorials to teach new players the ins and outs of CV play. So I'm sure while playing at T4 you'll see plenty of noobs like me trying to sink a ship. That could be the reason you see so many T4 CVs.
  3. CmdrWesley

    Euro Part II - Missions

    Thanks, normally complete most of the event missions. I think my best random was around 128k damage. A 160K will be an awesome day indeed. Enjoy.
  4. LOL so true, tried WOT and got blown out by the good players. Thought maybe a better premium tank would help, but only played with higher level better players. Since this is a F2P game you will always have noobs buying up to higher tiers thinking its better play only to be disappointed. And this is true for the good players who actually want a good match but find a NOOB like me in WOT killing the match. Will be dropping WOT, it requires massive grinding to get anywhere.
  5. Agreed, was frustrated for a while with MM, but realize its better to compete with your own skillset than to wish you had a good team. Still getting better every day and learning new boats.
  6. LOL does anyone else feel as though there are some tasks in the Part two of the Euro Destroyer event missions that are far beyond the scope of an average player? Don't think anyone but the top players will complete the new mission set. Maybe a waste of time...
  7. Just started playing CVs this week. Awesome insights and hoping to progress with this update since I have no prior use of the RTS model. Any good pages on CV controls that I should look into?
  8. CmdrWesley

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Appreciate the reply :)
  9. CmdrWesley

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    WOW its amazing how many ships people own. Just hit the 50 mark :) Hoping to collect more VIII, IX and Xs. Wishing everyone a great 2020. Just added the Alabama to my port. As good as No Carolina?