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  1. SasserWorm

    SOS Game Won't Start

    i had to whitelist some russian ip's to continue the process
  2. SasserWorm

    For those who spend here...

    Yeah... we'll buy it, and then it gets nerfed. I'm finally realizing after 10,000+ games how this works.
  3. SasserWorm

    Stalingrad radar

    radar nerfed by 5 seconds.... seems a little extreme as it can already get burned down quickly.
  4. SasserWorm

    Loggin In......

    It's been loggin in for a few hours..... I'm on a fast connection. Any ideas?
  5. So I’ve done about 9000 battles this year... my first 4500 were about 40% and and my last few thousand I’ve finally figured it out and the charts go in one direction now.... sure is hard getting back to 50% after playing that bad for so long. Anyways, I’m loving the Stalingrad... fits my play style..... looking for something at t9 that would most replicate that ship for clan battles.