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  1. Agreed, but nothing we can really do about those types of people :/
  2. WaifuMateriaI

    Dear WG: Add Subs to API Data and fix it

    Sorry but some of us like to win more than we lose :) Apparently that offends you...
  3. It's going to be the first REAL clan battle season in a long time :)
  4. WaifuMateriaI

    2 Wins and 12 Losses in Convoy Tonight

    Stats are not tracked in convoys... But ok buddy. Anyways... actual stat/PR farmers tend to be better than the average convoy player... lol The problem is many of the people in the convoy mode simply play poorly and due to matches being a lot smaller in terms of engagement ranges stomps are more frequent as it pretty much comes down to which team can click and angle better...
  5. WaifuMateriaI

    The bots are better than most players now

    (This is my stats.)
  6. WaifuMateriaI

    2 Wins and 12 Losses in Convoy Tonight

    This was my winrate in randoms one day, the playerbase really ruins this game sometimes :)
  7. WaifuMateriaI

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    For me it's every OP ship that was pulled as I want to seal club at t8/9 with enterprises and musashis...
  8. WaifuMateriaI

    Coal ship to get: Pommern vs. Carnot?

    I consider: Carnot: Average Pommern: Garbage But ultimately they are two very different ships and it comes down to if you want a brawling focused BB or a French Battlecruiser.
  9. I don't play this game to "grind" or to have "fun." I play this game to suffer.
  10. WaifuMateriaI

    I miss dead eye

    Or perhaps those "so-so" ships should get a dispersion buff instead... Tho I want dead eye too because inconsistency with guns can be frustrating in any BB.
  11. WaifuMateriaI

    Detonation is Bad, Get Rid of this garbage mechanic.

    This logic can be applied to a lot of things that frustrate the player's... including CV's. Reminds me of this:
  12. WaifuMateriaI

    Detonation is Bad, Get Rid of this garbage mechanic.

    Ma'am. This is a video game and detonations are a frustrating RNG mechanic where you can be dev struck randomly regardless of your own skill (or the enemies.) Detonation flags also cost credits and the possibility to run out of them is real. Very odd mechanic to be able to lose 75% of your HP from a pure RNG mechanic in a video game...
  13. Also keep in mind you have a certain list of premiums you can get, and most of them are considered mediocre at best. :) (This is from the t9 container:)
  14. WaifuMateriaI

    Unicom Players

    They will play whatever they feel comfortable in/enjoy playing usually. (Unless their trying to fix stats in a certain ship?) This part is just too diverse to matter. But if you mean what do they play in a high competitive environment then I'd suggest checking the line ups of the latest King of the Sea. (But keep in mind there's no CV's.) Well this isn't really true... the best ships to "stat pad" with are USN or IJN as they have been in the game the longest and tend to have poor stats on average. The majority of unicums/skilled players (I assume) enjoy improving their play. Fun is subjective and people having fun improving in a game isn't unheard of. Stat shaming isn't allowed on the forums so I'm unsure what you're talking about on that part. You need to remember this is a video game and in the video game world competitive players usually don't offer "encouragement" to bad plays... this is just an unrealistic expectation.