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  1. WaifuMateriaI

    I Did The Thing

    Sell it.
  2. WaifuMateriaI

    Since we're whaling on removed ships...

    As much as I'd love to own an Enterprise the ship is still overpowered and I would not like to face more Enterprises in game... Because Enterprise is the most overpowered t8 CV... It's pretty much a Kaga without the weaknesses (and with AP bombs instead of HE.) The plane regen and the planes themselves are what make Enterprise so powerful.
  3. No it is not low skill... if your target is actively dodging your shells you have to predict their movements which involves a reasonable skill ceiling. (Btw I say this as a CV main...) Are you including IJN rockets, GZ rockets, and t4-6 CV rockets? Because to me those seem a bit too easy to dodge for any semi-competent DD. (Due to the delay being too long.) They are quite easy to dodge and even if you predict properly the damage you get from the strike is quite low on average. (Due to the delay) Also you generally see the planes a few seconds before they even spot you... that gives you time to dodge planes...
  4. WaifuMateriaI

    Rockets need another Nerf (Proof)

    Also to add we get like 1-3 seconds to 1. Properly align the strike 2. Lead the Target 3. Stabilize the reticle Otherwise we will fly past the target which results in a complete miss/0 damage. It's kind of odd to compare planes to surface ship armaments imo.
  5. WaifuMateriaI

    Problem Solving

    https://clips.twitch.tv/ShySpunkyUdonVoteNay--yZMiv2WAxFGL7ki I'm assuming from this.
  6. WaifuMateriaI

    Are you for real bro

    This excuse is kinda cringe... They could've just removed detonations - It's literally one of the worst features in the game as you can randomly lose your entire health pool to an unlucky torp/salvo (granted that you are below 75% HP.) I think I can say this with confidence... the majority of the community wants achievement rewards back and if it means the removal of the detonation mechanic I'm completely confident that there were would be few to complain.
  7. WaifuMateriaI

    World of Destroyers

    Despite being easier to use torps will deal a LOT more damage than rockets. (As a result of the rocket nerf) I believe the thing that's easier to use should result in a smaller reward (I will consider damage a "reward.") Instead we have the system where rockets are the same/harder to use than torps yet significantly less rewarding... For more context Hakuryu torps go 50~ knots and the rockets have a 4 second firing delay.
  8. WaifuMateriaI

    World of Destroyers

    haku torps shouldnt be easier to use against DD's than haku rockets, but this is the situation we are in...
  9. WaifuMateriaI

    It's gone Jim (and now it's dead Jim)

    True! You mean the overpriced signals you can get from the armory? WG has robbed us of our income from achievements... can't believe people support that...
  10. Yep not "lost" but instead locked behind an overpriced paywall :)
  11. WaifuMateriaI

    New Dev Blog for Captain Skills

    Aren't they still worse than pre-rework? Or am I missing something?
  12. But Kaga rockets were always trash tier... I think it'd be more appropriate to point out how t4-6 CV's are significantly harder to use the rockets (due to a low volume of rockets and spread) and how certain CV's rockets are now useless against DD's (such as IJN, and GZ.) We now have a system where hakuryu torps have similar lead times to the rockets while the rockets are significantly less rewarding. This should not be the case as the rockets should be easier to use than the torps but at the same time be less rewarding. (As in less damage than torps.) Tho I'd still be fine with the option to replace rockets with more torpedo reserves...
  13. WaifuMateriaI

    Ranked Battles just a Crap Shoot?

    I think the first week of gold league is the best... then it goes downhill each week (as more potato's catch up) Sometimes there's not much you can do and I find taking a break can help but sometimes you cannot escape the "curse" of bad teams. But it is true suffering especially when you're just trying to complete the rewards. It's especially harder to carry in ranked because well- you have to carry while attempting to outplay potential unicum players on the enemy team. So... having even 1 bad player can cost a match... Also hey- our clans fought in CB's yesterday (I played like a complete potato that match lol) gg...
  14. WaifuMateriaI

    Outnumbered Skill. Do you like it?

    Useless skill... should be replaced with fire prevention for super cruisers since they need it.