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  1. WaifuMateriaI

    match maker

    the only reason you are losing is because the enemy is cheating
  2. WaifuMateriaI

    Skill-Based Matchmaking, I beg of you Wargaming.

    Because I love winning, and SBMM would make me lose more; thus punishing me for improving...
  3. WaifuMateriaI

    Skill-Based Matchmaking, I beg of you Wargaming.

    Skill based MM in Randoms would ruin any fun for me, it would force me to have 50% WR... Like yeah I agree, steamrolls are no fun, but there are ways to get 60%+ WR by improving your own play... skill based MM would just make Randoms unfun for above average players imo...
  4. WaifuMateriaI

    Ranked is an awful experience

    Game is pretty healthy it's just that a significant portion of the better players have quit... Like NA competitive is pretty weak nowadays, as seen in KOTS... sadly... But yeah a lot of the player base doesn't care to improve at all while the ones who do represent a very minor portion of the player base.
  5. WaifuMateriaI

    Ranked is an awful experience

    Just disable chat, bad players will always try to blame other players instead of looking at themselves... lol
  6. WaifuMateriaI

    CV's should not be in ranked

    In ranked you can que dodge CV's relatively easy... just do that lol Also unless ranked becomes an actual competitive mode there should be no ship bans/restrictions
  7. WaifuMateriaI

    About Winrate And Scores

    I feel like this is a personal attack on me.
  8. WaifuMateriaI

    WG laziness when it comes to MM

    Playing more doesn't automatically make you a better player though? I could hypothetically put a lower level captain on a premium ship... doesn't mean the enemy player is automatically better because he has a higher level captain... (Not saying I am better than every player either...) This whole idea is just not well thought of to me and seems pointless/waste of time... would change nothing lol Would also just increase que time by a lot since it'd try to match you against the same tier, ship, and captain points to add onto that.... yikes...
  9. WaifuMateriaI

    WG laziness when it comes to MM

    I dislike fighting people even two tiers higher than me, you are suggesting an MM based off commander levels, not ship tiers. This is very different.
  10. WaifuMateriaI

    WG laziness when it comes to MM

    I can play better than a significant portion of the player base with a 0 point captain, that wouldn't really fix anything... lol Most bad players just... make a lot of mistakes... the level of their commander isn't going to change that.
  11. WaifuMateriaI

    WG laziness when it comes to MM

    Yes steamrolls are not fun, but what solution is there? It's pretty common for any game with random MM to have complete stomps... it's probably more noticeable in this game because you have one life and the game is just overall harder than many PVP games... I'd rather have complete random MM than a skill based MM that forces my WR to 50%... just saying...
  12. WaifuMateriaI

    The "Weekend Warrior" philosophy?

    Just another excuse average/below average players make to justify their loses. Unlucky streaks happen but I have found they are not really associated with the weekend, I found they are most common during patch days/weeks. - But not random weekends throughout the year... Best thing to do is see how you can improve every match - but most people don't care anyways...
  13. WaifuMateriaI


    Every time there is some kind of dockyard, update, or event there will be an increase of players resulting in the quality of matches decreasing. (As player count increases, match quality decreases.) You can still play in these times with a positive WR but you'll have to carry harder - I recommend div's with at least semi competent players. I've decided to pretty much only play in div's at this point and it has improved my stats substantially. :)
  14. +2/-2 is a garbage system. That is all.