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  1. buglips

    So, Superships...

    That's because it isn't a game, it's a data metrics simulator. "play our game, please." "no, not like that"
  2. buglips

    Pay ships

    @1973_Z1 I don't know why anyone would care, but even co-op has its weirdos. Anyway, I've seen you in a few matches and the only reason I remember your username is because I've given you karma a few times. So whatever you're doing, keep doing it.
  3. Yeah... I just noticed it in the game and came back to fess up to being a stoopid. But, thanks for clarifying it for me in any case, m8. Good hunting.
  4. I also just noticed Montana is, in fact, in the carousel twice (and this is even in the attached pics )and that the rental is an extra Montana. That's what I get for switching to drinking this cheap stuff: So... uh... thanks for reading my blog, I guess. And don't skimp on your caffeine, it's not worth it.
  5. Apparently a clan mate tells me this is normal, but I didn't think it would give you a rental for a ship you already own. If it is normal, I guess this is just the first time I've noticed it (does seem an odd way to do things, though). Anyway, that's why it's posted here first instead of straight to bugs. So if anyone knows if this is a bug, let me know and I'll send it through the appropriate channel. And if it's normal, I suppose I'll just start paying better attention.
  6. I've had Montana for a while, since maybe September 2021 when I finished grinding up all my BB lines. Was getting going in NB today and saw this: But she's in the tech tree as purchased still: And even has xp and a commander already (despite telling me I need one in the port screen):
  7. I'd do it right this minute, yes. I have enough specials and premiums, I'd happily sacrifice a new one I don't need in order to save grinding FdG and moving on. Edit to add: This is, of course, contingent on this particular example. This is why I'd like a choice, not one way or the other. In this case, I would never miss GK and would happily just make the trade. But in some hypothetical future, it might be a Venezia in question and maybe a supercontainer puked out 50,000 fxp. Those parameters would be different, and under those parameters I might instead choose to take the Venezia special and grind/fxp whatever its replacement. That's the beauty of having the choice, you can choose whichever one is best for you when it happens. No worries, mate, I didn't take it personally. I couldn't have been too salty about it if I offered to buy you ships, after all.
  8. I'd like to add two things: First, that for players who do not have many lines done to Tier 10 if the German line is one of them it's a more significant setback for them. And even more so if the person primarily plays co-op. It's a lot of credits and xp to make up. Second, I am fully aware that with 50k in doubs sitting around I'm willing to walk away from, I can easily just purchase the necessary fxp. But that's not the point. The point is that if WG wants to do this, then they should do it in the way that's most fair to everyone who plays their game. And giving people a choice, at present, would seem the most fair way to do it.
  9. Yes, exactly. But I figured that before such an event, it was as well to make the case made herein. All options of which either make no difference to the people who reacted negatively, or would actually have given them stuff for free. That's why the reaction was so bizarre to me. If people don't think it's a big deal, fine, nothing would change for them in either case. But for the people who don't like the way it's done (whatever value of them there may be, but at least I know now it's a value greater than one), the change would matter. And if there's any kind of case that leads to more gain for no cost, why would it be a bad thing for anyone?
  10. I've already left this game twice. I've given my clan notice already that I'm taking a break of indeterminate length, and if that turns very long or permanent I'll let them know so they don't have a dead player eating a roster space. They're a good crew, and they've been good to me. So if I can gift things to them, then certainly they have earned them. I want to say that I fully understand why people don't think this is a big deal, but for some of us the question of player agency in this game is a big deal and I'm, frankly, very tired of this game telling me what to do without any choice (or giving me "choices" that really aren't). The choice is the salient part, that's really what I want. I want the freedom to decide at least one or two things for myself instead of WG making the decision for me. This may not matter to you, or others, as much as it matters to me. But it matters to me quite a lot, and I'm more than willing to put my money (well, doubloons) where my mouth is.
  11. On that particular point, we are in 100% agreement. I've got 50k doubloons I'm willing to walk away from. Everyone likes to say "can I have your stuff?" but, sadly, it seems there's no way to gift ships or doubs directly from my inventory. But, if you like, I will 100% buy you a gift ship of your choice with these doubs before I leave. PM me which one you want, and instructions on how to do it, and it's yours. I have few regrets in my life, but finding this game is one of them. It's turned into work, and I'm tired of being worked over by it. I would consider this a small price to pay for my freedom. edit: looking into it, it seems gifting ships might be cash-only. If that's so, then clearly there's no point in spending more money. But i'm a goblin of my word, so if you do know how this can be done using doubs then the offer still stands. And, as a bonus, 50k is enough for two Tier 9s.
  12. Well, fair enough. But all of that should stand as a firm answer the next time anybody wonders why this company treats them like crap. The players deserve it.
  13. Yes. I knew there was another one, but couldn't remember which. I'm not that far up any DD tech tree yet. But, for people who are and are also finished the German line, they will have two lines rendered incomplete that will cost them 500,000 xp and 36,000,000 credits. With Moskva added in, the tally so far is 750,000 xp and 54,000,000 credits. Which is fine if that's what people want to do, but the longterm cost of these will add up as more get swapped out. One more and we're up to a million extra xp to grind to get lines back to Tier X. The special ships are pretty nice, and better than nothing, but if this sort of thing is going to get habitual then it's better for WG to give people a choice than to force everyone into it. Even if most people are going to choose to take the special ships, having the choice at all is something that should be given. Not least of which because it allows people to optimize their choice based on what in-game currency they happen to be flush with. Some people might have the coal to spare and would rather spend that than the time or the FXP, others might prefer to spend the time or FXP than the coal. I'm not entirely sure why this suggestion would provoke a negative response, since it would benefit everyone who could choose whichever route made most sense for them, but I've long since given up trying to make sense of either the game or the people who play it.
  14. When it was just Moskva and a one-off, maybe. But now it's more. And that means there may be yet more in the future. If that should be the case, then this would be the time to air gripes about how the process is conducted to see if there is a better, less disruptive, process that could achieve the same end. One that gives WG the freedom to alter the game as they see necessary, one that gives people the free special ship upgrade if they want it, and one that doesn't artificially add more tech tree grind for the people who don't want to go back and do it. That's a situation that would make everyone happy, so what's the problem with doing it?
  15. That's why I said in option 1 that I would accept being given the choice to swap GK for Preussen in the tech tree. Meaning I would have to buy GK with coal later if I wanted it, I'm just swapping in the new one for the one I already unlocked. Those who wanted it as is could choose as-is, get the free special GK and grind/leave/fxp Preussen as they chose. My gripe is, in whole, that I feel compelled to backtrack progress and I don't have a choice in the matter. I don't care about getting anything for "free" and I don't have a "sense of entitlement", I just think the decent thing to do is give people a choice in which way they want to go with it. I don't want a special GK, I couldn't care less about it. I just want to leave the completed line behind and work on a new one.