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  1. tier x is not fun. ergo i do not play tier x normally. so when i play tier x in ranked, i am bad at it. also the only tier x ships i have are monty with a wrong spec 19 pt captain, that i was going to reset but missed window, and gk with a 3 pt captain. i'm also bad because i do not partake in the conceal/fire/camp meta. i shoot stuff while everyone else on my team hides. and half the enemy team hides, in smoke. the winrate for an afk bot ship is 39%, but somehow i manage to limbo under even that bar. obviously posting on an alt because my main account is banned from the forums for complaining of unfair mechanics, and disagreeing with a mod.
  2. i think wg should bring back the missouri. then some people would stay because grinding silver wouldn't crush your soul ps and don't even mention that farce of a charity auction debacle
  3. throwawayforumalt

    Game is Unplayable

    padding hit rate is not helpful. sure there are situations when it's better to stay dark until you have a really good shot, or if you get spotted anyway. but not taking hail mary shots doesn't help win. to pad hit rate like that, you are either shooting bb's exclusively, or shooting cruisers from short range, and probably not even trying to shoot dd's. last I checked my hit rate was around 26% iirc. and i'm fine with that. i aim at dd's if any are spotted. shooting at dd's is not conducive to 20% hit rate, unless you only do it from under 5 km. which i do because i like to knife fight dd's. any potato can land 40% or better by only shooting at fat bb's.
  4. throwawayforumalt

    Why Ranked Fails

    That's what i'm saying! cruisers can dodge bullets from over 10 km. if it wasn't for dispersion, they'd never get hit at all. unless they're sailing in a straight line at constant speed to dodge, then maybe. otherwise, if you hit a cruiser from beyond 10k, it's the cruiser's fault.
  5. throwawayforumalt

    The worst thing to hear in WOW

    Try not hiding behind an island all the while your team is fighting. if nothing else, you won't be the last ship floating. cowardly cruiser captain i'd bet.
  6. throwawayforumalt

    Suggestion: New Game Modes and Modern Era equipment

    ships could sail any direction given any wind at all. the only problem is calm weather. then sailboats can't move.
  7. throwawayforumalt

    I bet WG wishes they could roll back Smolensk entry

    i don't see smolensk in battles any more. of course, i don't see it any less either. i bounced between rank 12 and rank 10 for a week. now i'm back to not playing tier 10.
  8. throwawayforumalt

    Does anyone else like round numbers?

    5 isn't a very good number either. it has straight lines and a corner.
  9. throwawayforumalt

    ranked 1x1

    yes, nerf cruisers
  10. throwawayforumalt

    pr grind

    i play free, so i won't even be grinding the ohio. and i kind of want the ohio because it has non-useless guns. but without premium time and a limited supply of flags that i got from just playing, it would take months just to get ohio. and pr is like grinding the ohio 6 times or so. so no. i get that the game is grindy and tedious to incentivize premium time.
  11. throwawayforumalt

    WG still giving FREE 3 port slots

    I have no idea what you just said. I don't know how to see what combat missions are I don't know where it says what reward one gets from combat missions you'll have to spell it out maybe i'll get them just by playing the game. that's what I usually do.
  12. throwawayforumalt

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    I got much better at ramming with the small maps, I didn't try to survive cv eternal bombing. try to get cap as I sail past, and ram the cv. yolo torp isn't always a death sentence only ship I don't remember ever beating is prinz eugen. HE spam is a much better tactic than most bb players give it credit for. had some salvoes of AP get 2 overpens. or 5 bounces off a cruiser bow. switched back to HE and stayed there. the islands are much closer together than they look from the minimap dd's that sit in their own smoke are blind :) no one expects you to run TAM stock hull syndrome is quite serious 10 point captain hurts more than wrong ship type was almost as much fun as twilight battles. nah, those were great. huge map, sparse islands, ships that actually worked. nothing is as much fun as hitting what you aim at.
  13. I plan to let it blow up along with the drydock and hope they stay gone forever
  14. throwawayforumalt

    Gifted ships block account?

    when they offer you the dubs back, make them cough up cash instead. tell them doubloons aren't legal tender for the satisfaction of debts in the U.S of A.
  15. throwawayforumalt

    Ranked Sprint 1v1 battles! Season X

    I just finished ranking out again, in rich. at first it wasn't upgraded, and it wouldn't work. after I got upgrades it got better. then I think I learned the maps better too. from rank 4 to rank 1 I barely lost a battle. I beat a le terrible that yolo torped me. idk how to check stats, but I now think rich is a much better ship than I thought it was. half the maps, just speed boost, cap, ram, done.