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  1. I'm in favour of even tighter restrictions. Only ships currently available for sale, or even better - only ships currently available for "Free" (Cred, FXP, Coal, Steel, RBP, etc, no Dub/Cash only). Or best option...only TT* ships. *and exact duplicates ex. ARP/AL/HSF variants.
  2. London is an Ambush predator, more closely related to the RN CLs than CAs. Also, mid-tier cruiser, so kinda explodey. I'm currently grinding Bismarck, and I do enjoy it, particularly if some foolhardy DD gets spotted within 10km. Those secondaries are no joke. Higher tier German BBs/BCs are definitely secondary monsters, build for it.
  3. I voted for the Canucks, Kiwi and Ajax(as a place holder for HMS Achilles, giving all ship at Plate). Go-go Commonwealth.
  4. darqsyde242

    Strange Aegis, a glitch???

    Just had a similar match, first group travelling west to east(turn to engage), Fletch & Schors grounding, the 3rd BB and 2 CAs(wave 2) grounding up north. Still a loss, but a helluva lot closer. I think WeeGee is trying to address our concerns about Aegis being....uh...."overtuned".
  5. darqsyde242


    I've had days where I blast through the dailies in Randoms, 6-7 matches, done and dusted. Log-off, go play something else. I've also had days where it's a stuggle to just get the first 2-3 daily missions done. Yesterday for instance, 5 matches to get the first 3 dailies done...4 of which were losses. Try not to smash Keyboard/Mouse/Desk/Monitor. Sometimes you are the predator, sometimes you are the prey. Learn it, live it, love it. And remember, its just a game.
  6. darqsyde242

    What to do with the bunny tokens?

    I bought the Containers, got 7-8-8-2xcamos. So...worth it. Now have full boosts on both RN cruiser lines (5-9), and with a planned French or German cruiser line grind soonish, the 7 and 8 will help. Since I have all the Santas, I'll let the rest convert to creds.
  7. You mean a breakdown like this? https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Collections
  8. When playing Kongo, one must remember she is a Fast Battlecruiser (it's hilarious seeing her beside a Tiger, virtually the same), not a tanking BB(despite all that HP). You've got speed in Kongo, use it, and the 21km guns are excellent for punishing in the opening minutes of the game.
  9. Don't forget Kongo. Probably actually OP for T5(once fully upgraded). Look at the frequency Kongo(and all it's sisters) pop up in T5 Ranked.
  10. Second that Gneis(Nice!) is a mid/late game workhorse. In the early game your job, mostly, is providing support, picking on cruisers, and helping to screen out over-enthusiastic DDs. The speed is deceptive, and will get you in trouble. The problem(as always) is surviving with enough HP until the mid/late game. This is particularly hard when you are bottom-tiered. And as for range, somewhere between secondary and torp range. Although it is hilarious when you get a DD with a torp. And I found the mains on Gneis to be feast or (mostly)famine. If they hit, they generally slap. Thats a big IF though.
  11. darqsyde242

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    Schonberg. Not something I was looking for, but it was free, so...thanks WeeGee? (better than the Bearn I also got from the Treasure Hunt, but...also...free. So. Yeah.)
  12. darqsyde242

    Detonations Still Exist?

    Welcome to Cyberpunk 2020. Roll of 1 on a D10, hit in head. Unless you have some sort of armour(helmet) on, you are dead. (8 Damage to lose a "limb", Head hits double damage, 9mm does 2d6+1. slim chance of living). Care to roll up a new character?
  13. darqsyde242

    4k anyone?

    I run 4k, 31.5". no problems. just play with the UI scale bar to find what level works for you.
  14. I would run Check and Repair. Also check the settings in Radeon software. I get (capped) 60fps solid at 4k with a Vega 64, so probably some setting is borked.
  15. darqsyde242

    USS Wyoming Retrofit premium?

    How about a dual-hull version? One the '31 conversion(3x2 12"), the other the '44 conversion(all the 5").