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  1. tun4boat

    Lutjens or Pommern?

    Having one of the special commanders is like getting extra skills for free. So maybe they only come with 10 points but then you have the additional special skills already unlocked. I play about 40 games a month with Lutjens. I play about 4 games a month with Pommern.
  2. tun4boat

    The Weekly Review: Gneisenau

    I think the G-wagon excels in any situation where there are few enemies on the map. I.E. late game, ranked, 1 vs 1etc.
  3. tun4boat

    Santa Crates

    This was my experience as well. I bought about 60 to 80 crates last year and got over a year of premium time and a ton of coal as well as the ships I got. I got enough coal to buy the Smolensk and still have 50 k left over
  4. tun4boat

    Are any of these SHIPS any good??

    I have enjoyed the Hill The Ochakov is IMO underrated. A pleasant surprise. Sets fires like crazy. Great concealment
  5. Thanks everyone for your info. I have a couple thousand games on console so I know the basics. Just need to adapt to the controls and bigger teams I plan on unlocking and and equipping every ship till tier 5 so hopefully that will give me some nice experience
  6. I'm new and it seems like the most real players I've battled against has been 3 on each team. When can I expect full teams of players?