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  1. Arcus_Aesopi

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    Early morning luck... all alone with fully flagged and buffed Schlieffen (doing Puerto Rico dockyard missions). 1063 BXP. With all bot team, was behind in score until the end ;-)
  2. Arcus_Aesopi

    The cat on the Cossack...

    It's a function of the "Historical - Bismarck" permanent camoflage. It must be equipped. Also works with "Unsinkable Sam - Bismarck" permanent camo. Same with Cossack or Ark Royal camos if you have them.
  3. Arcus_Aesopi

    The cat on the Cossack...

    Cossack is a great ship... there are doubloon refunds if you have some parts of the package. Doesn't really help you, but the cat is fun. I got the package and got 13K dubs back since I had over half of the items, including all the ships and the normal and historical camos. YMMV
  4. Arcus_Aesopi

    The cat on the Cossack...

    Found Unsinkable Sam on the Cossack with the eponymous camo. He pops out of the forward gun turret on the starboard side, plays around a bit and then chases "something" under the deck between the two crates. Pretty cute. Thanks to @Nevermore135 for pointing out his habit on the Bismarck :)
  5. Arcus_Aesopi

    Strongest RB Ships? Input Sought

    I look at things like this... Also, when KOTS happens, look and see what everyone is banning. Ohio seems to be the Research Bureau ship that needs a limit. Fortunately, there's no hint of Russian Bias :D Good luck. KOTS Key Rules Format: Tier X ships; 9 vs. 9 Restrictions: Each team can field a maximum of two battleships; aircraft carriers and submarines aren’t permitted A team may only take a maximum of the following ships: Total combined limit of X Kremlin and X Ohio: One (1) E.g., 1 Kremlin or 1 Ohio per team Total combined limit of X Petropavlovsk and X Napoli: One (1) E.g., 1 Petropavlovsk or 1 Napoli per team Total combined limit of X Moskva and X Alexander Nevsky: Two (2) E.g., 2 Moskva, or 2 A. Nevsky, or 1 Moskva + 1 A. Nevsky Total combined limit of X Kléber, X Marceau, and X Ragnar: Three (3) Plus the below limits on individual ships: Maximum number of X Kléber: Two (2) Maximum number of X Marceau: Two (2) Maximum number of X Ragnar: Two (2) E.g., 1 Kléber + 1 Marceau + 1 Ragnar, or 2 Kléber + 1 Marceau, or 2 Kléber + 1 Ragnar, or 2 Marceau + 1 Kléber, etc. Bans: Before each series of matches between two teams, each team can vote to ban one ship from being playable by both teams throughout all matches of the series. Note: This applies only to select matches. For more details, check the Rules or contact the tournament officials on Discord.
  6. Arcus_Aesopi

    The cat on the Cossack...

    As it turns out, I earned the Bismarck historical camo from somewhere so I got to see the cat at play on that ship. It remains amusing. You can see the animation in the premium shop if you look at the camo in the large Unsinkable Sam pack. I don't have the Ark Royal Historical camo, so was fun to catch the cat there :) BTW: I did NOT see the cat on the "Unsinkable Sam" Camo's... he's painted on the side of the ship :D Since I have most of the stuff in that package already, I think it would cost me about 15K dubs for the rest of the pack with the refunds... hmmmmm. Enjoy 'em if you got 'em :)
  7. Arcus_Aesopi

    The cat on the Cossack...

    Started laughing when I saw the cat run from the aft gun mount to the center of the Cossack (Starboard side) while in port. I didn't realize they'd coded that in... (had the "historical" camo on if it matters). Is that part of the Unsinkable Sam thing? Does the Bismarck also have a cat running around it in port? Amusing and nice detail. Fun stuff.
  8. Arcus_Aesopi

    Best Secondary Cruiser?

    Thanks for the comments! I did end up just cycling through the German cruisers until I finished the Fire missions... one round of Schlieffen to finish off the secondaries. Napoli was the secondary king for cruisers but the fires just were inadequate to progress the two disparate missions the way I wanted. Fair winds and following seas!
  9. Arcus_Aesopi

    First Random Op: Raptor Rescue

    We had a Tier VI Carrier... Bots had 2 Tier VIII Carriers. We were annihilated in short order. Not even a contest and decidedly un-fun. @Ahskance @Boggzy
  10. Arcus_Aesopi

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

    Thank you for all the good and honorable content. You’re one of the good ones! Best regards and see you on the digital seas!
  11. Arcus_Aesopi

    Best Secondary Cruiser?

    Thank you!
  12. Arcus_Aesopi

    Best Secondary Cruiser?

    I have the Dockyard firestarter mission for cruisers and a secondary hits mission for the White Swan (Rio de Janero) chain at the same time... done with the Dockyard BB mission or I'd just do Schlieffen... Napoli? 24 secondary guns with good range and you can smoke fire them if you want to get close. Just averaged 175 secondary hits over 2 missions but I'm curious if I'm missing a better secondary cruiser since the Napoli secondaries aren't firestarters (SAP shells). Relying on the mains only yielded 1 fire on one battle and one flooding from torps :) German Cruisers seem pretty solid, but not as many guns... although they will start fires... Ideas and opinions? Thanks. Shoulda posted in PvE since this is a Co-op type mission pair.
  13. Arcus_Aesopi

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Today seems to be my day :) Over 2k bxp in a 5 star Narai in the "old king": Atlanta (B).
  14. Arcus_Aesopi

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best and only (so far) 1000+ Co-op game. Thank you red and green bots!
  15. Arcus_Aesopi

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    First one ever over 1000 bxp for me. I was surprised but pleased. Please WG, give us a 3 max human mode for PvE. And... please line up the red guys perfectly for me again... :D