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  1. The Pomern is required to complete combat missions too?! STRONG ARM NAZI TACTICS if you ask me. Who on earth pays $$ 140.00 for a pixel ship any way??? lmbo,,,,,,,NEVER!
  2. Massachusetts was a FUN SHIP ;)
  3. The Massachusetts is a fun tuff ship :) Who'd a thunk it?!
  4. JimBone86

    Armada: Erich Loewenhardt

    How about making it possible to use our existing German tokens for the Iron cross perm camo for my new Z-52,, I have 525 German tokens left I was saving just for the Z-52 iron cross camo, before I realized I couldn't meet the requirements needed to get the last 75 tokens :/ Make it so I can use gold or, credits to get it PLZ!
  5. I'm a Prime member, I got NOTHING but a few flags and a 3 day ship rental? they hate us all equally ;)
  6. OK, so that's a nice thing to give people some goody's,helps keep there interest right ;) A ship to rent for a few days,,,ok?! 5 containers with a few flags and ooh collectibles,,,that could possibly lead to something right?? WRONG! -- Literally every one of them a DUPLICATE ?! You have now just insulted me & your delivery :/ wth.
  7. JimBone86

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    Pathetic 2nd phase on German Carriers,gotten nothing but a few flags from all the German containers 10+ so far . Collections have ALL been duplicates but 1 ,WTH?! Is there any way to get WG to drop Iron Cross perm Camo from phase 1 to 500 tokens, so I can use them for something useful? Perimeters in: Combat Missions cannot be met by average players?? Get 500 main gun hits in one round, SERIOUSLY?! I Can barely get 350 in co-op with my Worcester shooting and,hitting the entire time. Get 2500 XP/HP in one round in Random Battle only,,,,,,Really?! YOU MUST buy ship Pomern or others to complete combat missions?! Get REAL! :/
  8. JimBone86

    CAPTAIN Theodore Chandler

    He arrived with my Montana,,Ribbon included?? BUT,,, No rank at all???
  9. JimBone86

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    I like the flag,only 15 Perths were given out which means I guess there were 30'000 + participants?? I'm discouraged I didn't get one,It's not like it's a T-10 ship??? Everyone who was able to attain the flag should be given one.
  10. JimBone86

    Could not load system resources

    As it turns out , I needed to upgrade my GPU- I bumped up to GTX 1660 Super ,then I also bumped up my RAM to 16 gigs from 8 and, finally added a 1 tb SSD to run OS & games on. I haven't had a problem since,,,Oh and I also upgraded from a 24" Dell monitor to a 32" Westinghouse 144 hz gaming monitor, WOW,BIGLY differences in my gaming now :)
  11. JimBone86

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    SUBJECT CHANGE - So why is this being calculated as a team effort when too many don't care and wipe out chances of WIN, scoring should be calculated on personal effort somehow.
  12. JimBone86

    Could not load system resources

    I'm having this same exact problem,I'v reinstalled several times,dropped my firewall,turned off Gforce experience,turned off everything in background,used WOW system tools,checked stability of hard drive,ran as administrator and checked my hardware,ram, etc. WTH?