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  1. One sure sign that there is just too much crap is the time it takes to upgrade: like 4 hours where my computer and internet are too maxed to use. That's nuts. And very suspicious too: why is there so much net traffic going OUT from my machine? There is more data flowing out tahn coming in. That does NOT inspire confidence.
  2. Recently a problem has arisen where I am in battle and suddenly the screen freezes and all my controls stop working. It seems to be related to the mouse and somehow mouse clicks, meant to fire at an enemy, are interpreted by the OS to select and start another program, presumably from the shortcuts on the Desktop. Once the errant program starts, it may popup in front of the WoWs screen or it may be behind it. I have to close that window in order to get back to the game, which is a huge inconvenience. Please advise.
  3. Okay, tried to sign up for twitch, it was too picky about my login stuff so NO THANKS.
  4. I'm having the same problem and nothing in this thread has helped. I want to research the USA South Carolina, the first BB but I can't because it seems I have to research something else first. But it is the first BB in the list and I have researched all the other ships (CC and DDs) to the same level. I cannot figure out what it wants and I can't find any instructions, apparently mind reading is required. Obviously this "game" is not designed for player enjoyment, merely a cash cow to be milked. Oh well.
  5. N90N

    Replay of broken team kill mechanic

    About situational awareness: How many people are involved in the real-world operation of a ship? One? No way. All the skills of steering, aiming, dodging needed in the combat situations have to be learned by experience. And, face it, some ppl learn faster than others. And some will probably never learn. Is that their fault? Being stupid or unsklilled is not a choice. You criticisms are not helpful. They are negative and condescending. Think about that and see if you can't find some useful advice for your next msg.
  6. N90N

    Replay of broken team kill mechanic

    Hello I'm a NOOB, an angry NOOB. I can't go to a Co-Op without getting punished. How do I learn to play if everytime I try to play I get pinked? About friendly fire: It happens, it is real and trying to ban it is ludacris. Further, the bots seem to be programmed to get in the way of missed torps. I can shoot away from any friendly and yet a bot cruiser finds a way to get in the way. I am trying to learn, I am experimenting, but I can easily end up with 6-8 warning just because I get in there and fight. Another stupid thing about pinks (why pink, too close to red) is the pink bots. Obviously bots lack mens rea so how is punishment just? To me, punishment for accidents is pedantic and autocratic. The ppl who deserve punishment are the ones who cooked it up.