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  1. GameProdigy_TTV

    Pumpkin Disappointment

    I know me and Mr Bucket did over 100 games each. I'm seeing people saying they did 60-70 so this means people really dropped the ball here. When WGing actually gives us the ability to give stuff away I'm of the mentality that I want to get as much out to the people as I can. For those without an excuse for playing so few games - do us all a favor and don't volunteer again.
  2. GameProdigy_TTV

    Salty Player shoots me

    So I actually watched the replay and I do have some feedback for you. I main DD's so if you're looking for honest and constructive feedback - I'd be happy to provide it. To begin his actions were stupid and unnecessary - however you misinterpreted the reason he was mad. If you look at the information available at the time, the Atlanta was an unknown (likely believed to be the Cleveland originally spotted). He was wanting you to charge the Mahan as you had a 3 v 2 situation. The Mahan was the ship spotting him - not the Atlanta and you had a 2 v 3 advantage in that situation (based on the known information). In such case you should have gotten close enough to the Mahan to detect him allowing your superior numbers to kill a DD using the left side of the map (maximizing your protection from being shot by the cruisers to the east). You stayed near the middle of the cap moving east allowing the mountains to obscure your spotting ability until you were less than 4 KMs from an Atlanta (this is a mistake any way you look at it). Once you knew the Atlanta was there you should have never gone past that island - that was a mistake on your part which you could have avoided. Also, you're overaggressive with some of your open water shots. Any cruiser could delete you in 2 salvos (you're spotted for 20 seconds after shooting so that's 2-3 salvos any competent cruiser will be firing at you once spotted). You were a tier 6 in a tier 8 game. Immediately you need to go into the game with a defensive mindset. When you first engaged the Mahan you stopped full broad, and smoked. Had the Cleveland been remotely paying attention you should have been radared and killed. That was his mistake. Also notice how you were at risk of being radared by 2 ships and didn't even realize that one of them was a threat? Part of being a good DD is figuring out where all the radar cruisers are positioned before making an offensive move. Even if he didn't shoot you - you died 7:00 into a 20:00 game in a situation where your team had the advantage. Remember you can't do amazing things for your team if you're dead. Lastly, firing single racks of torps on the white line isn't an efficient way to torp. Based on the ship's movement you need set up a wall of torps allowing for them to be slightly ahead and behind the target. If they just came out of a turn and are about to straight line you need to aim ahead of them with both sets as they've lost speed in the turn and will quickly regain it for example. Remember torps have a cool-down timer and every good shot you have with them that you don't fire them, you're losing potential damage. Even when you were 4km from the Atlanta and going to die you held a rack of torps. I hope this helps and if you've like more help getting better as a DD let me know. To be fair and honest here your comments in chat were also pretty toxic, I understand you're pissed but don't add to a bad situation. -GameProdigy
  3. GameProdigy_TTV

    3v3 captures the essence of WoWS

    This sums up the Wooky Clan experience in 3v3's. We had a blast.
  4. GameProdigy_TTV

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    I really enjoyed tier 7 ranked as it's a welcome change from tier 10 everything. I will say that I started at rank 12 from previous seasons so the majority of my matches until ranked 5 were against highly skilled players. It's the kind of games where a single mistake got you killed and people made very few of them. Lots of nail biters and everyone worked as a team doing their roles. I got to rank 5 early and the wait times were very long so I ended up waiting a couple days. I regret taking my time as the skill level started dropping and you saw more people with "questionable choices" and more team killing. All-in-all it was a great experience minus a couple games. I do wish people didn't instantly switch to "star saving" as I've been apart of several teams that turned around a 5 v7. Hope to see more non tier 10 in the future.
  5. GameProdigy_TTV

    These Teams I swear.....

    I can tell you who carried on the other side :P ::hint hint::
  6. GameProdigy_TTV

    Such a Loser

    As a DD main I can tell you the easiest way to get a DD willing to spend time helping you. Focus on the things most threatening to him when spotted. IE radar cruisers until enemy DD's are spotted. A DD wants the following conditions: enemy DD's and radar cruisers dead. If they're not, expect them to spot for you. You're helping them get to that game-state and in return they'll be more willing to spot. Most importantly ASK them. If I know I have someone actively engaging targets I spot, I'm more willing to do it. I can't tell you how many times I've spotted juicy targets for minutes at a time only to have my team tunneling on farming some BB. Hope that helps
  7. GameProdigy_TTV

    When You Just Have to Wonder At Your Team

    Did you get 0'ed out in this game? I'm more impressed by the ones that are still alive with those scores.
  8. GameProdigy_TTV

    Your most heartbreaking loss?

    Luckily I was in a multi-stream contest for most damage done while still losing.