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    As I was part of the situation on NA I think I might be able to explain. My clan and TNG were to play a bo3 to see who would move on to the round of 16. The training room was created around 4:20 or so pm EDT. All XPN's team was in the room when it was created, but only 2 of TNG's team was able to join it. When the deadline for when the game should've started came and went, they were given more time to try and field members. They finally got enough around 5:30-5:45pm, a long time later. The Problem was, that at this point, if we lost to TNG, many members of my team wouldn't have enough time left to play the Bo3 against the losing bracket winners. We were stuck in a situation where either we win, or we had to forfeit right after. Not wanting to do this, our team had been accorded a while before a one game forfeit from TNG. After being given an ultimatum that we either play or forfeit, my team ended up playing and won the game, which won us the series. It was a very unfortunate situation for both teams, and no matter how it went, it was gonna suck for one of us. I will admit that if things had gone as planned, I would say that TNG is a more experienced team than ours, and even had we ended up losing, I would've rathered it end that way instead of what happened.
  2. I'm just wondering what tier 10 battleship can accelerate to full speed the fastest.(Not including speed boost).
  3. Big_Boy69

    What do your stats say about you?

    Could you take a look at my stats maybe?
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    What research bureau ship should I get?

    Thanks for the responses! I mainly play cruisers and destroyers, and my only BB above T7 is Thunderer. I do want to get a t10 first tho i am thinking about getting Siegfried later. The problem i am having with choosing is that most of the ships are battleships, which i am not as comfortable in and don't think i can do justice with my current skill level. What would you guys say the skill floor of the Colbert is? I do really want to pick a ship that i can do well in with some practice.
  5. I currently need to regrind one more line to get a research bureau ship. I was planning to get Colbert but it seems to me it’s not as strong as I thought it was. Should I get Slava or Ohio instead? I’m really not sure what would match my playstyle.