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  1. Bot01010101

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Commander skill rework is nothing more or less than mixing things up for the player base. WG clearly wants to freshen things up and does so often - new (premium) ships, "balance tweaks" in bi-weekly releases, new commander skills, new ship types (CVs, subs), etc. It's all fine, but they need to get this stuff right, and they haven't gotten much right for the last 2 years or so. It's beginning to look like a grift, more and more.
  2. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    Just for the record, the tier IV cvs on both teams were in div with tier V bbs. Yeah, we do see tier IV cvs in tier VI games from time to time but that's not the point of my original post. It's about the 6v6 with 2 cvs per team - that's an abomination I don't wish upon any player of this game. For fun, I think WG should go ahead with a full week of 12 v 12 games with nothing but CVs on both sides - even cv players would probably then realize what a disaster cvs really are for this game. Anyway.... already got warned for using a 2 character acronym that a mod found after carefully looking through a previous post LoL. At least this is getting some eyeballs which is a good thing IMHO! Bot01010101 out!
  3. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    It's not the point of my post - it was not about "Fail Divisions." The point of my post was: 2 CVs on a 6 ship team is beyond absurdity, especially with such a massive audience of players queued and ready to play at a peak gaming time. This match was rolled out in less than 60 seconds - no waiting time. I would have gladly waited 4 minutes or longer to have a normal/decent game. The fact that there was also a crazy disparity in the ship tiers is an added "bonus" in this Wargaming Matchmaking FU/anomaly. This was a truly spectacular fail in all respects. Thanks, Wargaming/WoWS! Own it boyz & girlz.
  4. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    Yes, WG had done its utmost to ruin mid-tier games, IMHO. Despite that, tiers 5-6-7 are still far more fun than 8-10 for players of average to good ability. Who the hell wants to devote their lives to playing tiers 8-10 in this game? I certainly do not. There arent many Flamus or Flambass quality players in this game, so the players are not the hazard. The hazard has been, more and more, the matchmaking. Tier 9/10 ships are so OP that good play in any tier below is seldom consequential in a game unless you are yourself a unicum or better player. I'm a good/average player. I relish good competition in this and all games. WoWS is utterly failing in this regard, AFAIK. Won't pay to play this for that reason. WG, you always ask me to fill player surveys, so here it is. Contact me directly, In-person if you have further interest in discussing this. You have my email.
  5. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    And who doesn't like being in a game description that includes the words "fail" and "dump." Thanks, Wargaming! LoL
  6. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    You obviously don't understand what Matchmaking Monitor is.
  7. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    @warhaeart1992. Yes. All I said was it was crap. End of story, except that with this many players online, I expect better than this crap.
  8. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    The post that I responded to was, "There is no subscription to play this game." That is accurate in so far as it goes, but not complete. I completed the picture for reference. I also added this above: These are the facts. If you wish to discuss them further, give me a holler.
  9. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    Correctomundo in your analysis, IMHO.
  10. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    There were 2 tier IV CVs and 2 tier VI CVs (evenly divided per team) and it was tier 6 battle matchmaking. So there were 2 "fail divisions" in the same game which is in some way equal. Worse than that is that the number of CVs and ratio of CVs (33% of ships per team) is the very definition of unbalanced and anomalous matchmaking in the WG system. There were 2 CVs per team in a 6v6 game. That is complete [edited] matchmaking. I don't know how much clearer it could be that this was very F'd up.
  11. Bot01010101

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    If you play to play this game, as I have done over the last year or so, that is the very definition of a subscription. 30 days - 60 days - 90 days - etc. If you haven't visited the Premium Shop for WoWS, you'll see this very clearly.
  12. 6v6 with 2 cvs per team? wth? I guess this is why I no longer pay a subscription to play this game. It's not worth it to me.
  13. Bot01010101

    How is this possible?

    So - on the NA server - all of North America mind you... there are only 4 people available to play a random game over the course of a 5+ minute wait? 2 games in a row? Does no one play this game anymore?